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Melissa on Episode 4: Pill Popper

There’s only one thing worse than seeing my mother hurting  – and that’s seeing my son hurting. That’s what happened this week, and it really hurt me."

Melissa on Episode 3: Dog Days of Fashion Week

Remember the classic Seinfeld episode with the close-talker? That’s what this week was like for me – EVERYTHING was in-your-face. Some of it was good, some of it was bad, but all of it was THIS CLOSE, all the time.
The worst thing was my Mom having to put her dog, Max, down.  Max was…

Joan on Episode 3: Dog Days of Fashion Week

"Not only did working turn out to be a great distraction from my grief, but nothing puts a smile on my face more than than watching a super-skinny runway model try to finish an entire grape."

Joan on Episode 2: Extreme Make Under

"This week was rough! EVERYONE in the house had drama. I went from one mess to another to another - I started to feel like Betty White’s caregiver. "

Melissa on Episode 1: The Sex Tape

"I think I’m a nice person. I’m a good mother. I’m a good daughter. I’m a good friend. So why is so much crazy stuff happening to me?  I’ll explain."