Viewers are always asking me, “Are the couples for real–are they really in to their concept or are they doing it for the show?” Sometimes I ask that myself. I’ve never met a more dedicated couple than this one. John literally wears clothes, styles his hair and speaks like he’s from the ’40s. When I met him, I knew this was someone who enjoys pretending, so to have a vintage ’40s idea was great.

Now Joelle, I wasn’t sold on. She wanted her wedding to have mermaids in it and I didn’t quite understand it. I battled the more juvenile Disney Ariel direction, so I kind of closed that book. I didn’t want mermaids at a vintage wedding, but as I did more homework into the idea, I fell in love with it. It wasn’t until I went back to my house on the east coast and saw mermaids everywhere in clothes, stores; it’s very New England. That was the final icing on the cake that sold me on it.

So when you watch the episode you’ll see that I took both of their concepts and fell in love with them as they were doing ’40s vintage and mermaid with or without me and I was happy to be along for the ride.

I hope they have a wonderful life together. They’re amazingly kind, cute and great people.