I really wanted to go over to Ryan’s house and “kick his ass” because you never hit a girl and especially my sister! I wish Bailey would have let Rex and I go over to Ryan’s because now he thinks he got away with what he did but karma’s going to get him back! He’s lucky that he didn’t get into trouble for abuse.

During the financial problems that we went through our family became closer because we were always at home since we didn’t have a lot of money to go places like we used to!

Ryan seemed like an OK guy on the way up to Flagstaff but I don’t know him very well. Also Ryan drives a BMW which are kind of expensive and he also has the nicest sled out of all of them!

I called Laura to tell her what Bailey told me about what Ryan did to her. Bailey told me she had bruises that were from Ryan hitting her and she said they were just playing around but when you leave bruises like that, that’s not going to fly around here! Laura, Rex and I got in Dad’s truck to go confront Ryan about what he had done to Bailey because all three of us were really mad about the situation!

When I found out the tranny went out on the van it was a bad feeling because we need the van all the time! Dad uses the van for work and the family uses it to get all of us around. If the van goes down and we have to buy a tranny it’s not going to be cheap, especially because the parents are paying for Rex’s medical bills.

When I saw the truck dad bought it looked really nice and the motor that’s in the truck generally lasts a long time. The truck will be a really good truck to pull trailers for the company and we won’t have to worry about it breaking down.

Dylan came home from his doctor’s appointment and we all find out that he has high blood pressure; which is never good news! So since we found out Dylan has high blood pressure, Laura decides that the family has to go on a raw food diet, which is a terrible idea because I hate all those vegetables. When we’re on this diet, I won’t be eating all that much! Also it’s not a good thing because going raw is going to cost a lot of money and we don’t have a whole lot of that right now.

The hypnotist was a pretty good show but when I first heard we were doing it I thought it was a dumb idea but after the show I thought differently. I still kind of don’t believe what he did was real because some people can act.

I think Laura calling/meeting Michelle was a good idea. It let her see another person who is like her and isn’t in a wheel chair, so I think it was good for her to do. Michelle seemed like she wasn’t doing too badly but with MS you can’t tell how they’re doing. Also lately with Laura I’ve been noticing that she has been losing her balance when she is doing things. Also with Laura being a school teacher, she is stressed, which is not good for her MS so that could also be affecting it. Also, with the family being low on money and trying to pay bills, that also stresses her out so all this stuff is getting piled up to make her MS worse.

In our house, it’s hard to bust just one person when something is a mess or someone left something out because there are so many of us. But if we all tried a little harder to clean up and pick up after ourselves then the house would be a lot cleaner. When Dad came up with the fend for yourself thing, it was very weird at first and it got old because we couldn’t use anything. We only got 20 dollars to spend at the store, so we had to make do with that money. When it all started to get serious it was a shock because we literally couldn’t use anything in the house because it wasn’t ours. We had to lie on the ground and pay for everything we needed or wanted to use. Dad and Laura made us stay outside in the tent and if we wanted to stay in the house we had to pay. That night I slept in my bed and had to pay for it in the morning so I went into debt. But I started to think how I could make some money and asked Dad if he had anything for me to do. Of course he did. I changed his oil and I also changed Heather’s for money so then I went from in debt to out in the matter of no time!

When Cody lived with us in Anthem we had so many good times together. He taught me stuff about cars and how to drive, things like that. I would go everywhere with him even if we were working and I didn’t have to. I would ride along just to be with my brother. I miss all the good times we had together when we were younger. Now he lives in Kansas so we don’t talk much because we are both busy.

Walking in the door seeing my big brother was awesome; I missed him a ton! So seeing him brought back a lot of memories. When I saw Cody’s tattoos they were sick and if I was old enough and didn’t hate needles so much then I would get some. If Cody moved back in that would be awesome. We could be hanging out all the time again and doing some fun stuff!

When I had two D’s in school, I got grounded for it which sucked because I was trying to get them up. It was just taking awhile to get them back to good grades in my dad’s eyes. I want to do well in school but sometimes I don’t understand things as well as others so I try hard but still fail sometimes. I want to go to a trade school for something I want to major in and then get a business degree so I am well rounded and on top of my stuff when it comes time to be on my own.

When I found out that we couldn’t move into a new house I was bummed because the parents have been really working hard to get enough money to afford a house and we still couldn’t afford it. Rex thinks it’s his fault that we couldn’t move into a house but it’s not; he can’t control that he has asthma.

When Rex was in the hospital I was nervous for him.  I hate needles and I don’t even like going to the doctors so I couldn’t imagine how he felt having to be there for 4 days.  I guess moving dirt wasn’t the smartest thing for a kid with asthma so we won’t be doing those kinds of jobs anymore.  When Rex got home, Laura was paranoid about everything and she was being even more protective over Rex.  I think he liked having her cater to him but I guess I don’t blame her since we could have lost him.

I bought my truck a few months before my 16th birthday because my Dad and I saw it on Craiglist and knew it was a good deal.  I’m always having to work on it but it helps me learn more about motors.  It’s worth the hard work because I love old trucks and it is a 4 wheel drive.

After it was all said and done, the dirt hauling job was not that profitable because we spent money on gas just driving back and forth and because it made Rex sick.  When Rex started to cough it made me kind of worried that he might have to go to the hospital but he kept saying he was okay.