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Levi on Episode 5: Fend For Yourself

Levi explains the effect his decision to sleep inside the house rather than out in the tent had on him and whether he thought this was an important lesson to learn.
Levi Bruce

Levi Bruce on Episode 8 – Kansas City Blues

More About Levi BruceDad leaving for the job in Missouri isn’t too bad because he can make two times what he’s making here. Even though I wouldn’t prefer him to go to Missouri because I would rather him stay here and be able to make good money but if he has to leave he has…
Levi Bruce

Levi Bruce on Episode 7 – Call Me Dad

More About Levi Bruce Well Whitney calling my dad dad is no big deal to me its just a name and I think if she feels that way to him then its all good with me. Some people don’t like it because it’s not really her dad so they think she shouldn’t do it but…