Shooting this episode was probably the hardest episode to shoot all season because we had to figure out our decision on whether or not to put little Hank in Hollywood. We were the most protective we have ever been over him while shooting this, and you’ll get to see our decision on whether to put him in Hollywood or not by the end of the episode. The photo shoot was his first shoot on his own and all about him which was special. He’s been in plenty of photo shoots before but this was so special because it was all about him.  We always want to introduce him to new things to see what he likes but we will be happy and proud of him no matter what he chooses.

Kendra shops for sex toys for her Love Candy kit, while Hank auditions for a role in an independent film.

Kendra is up and ready to head to Playboy Radio for Jessica’s morning show.  She will be talking about her Love Candy kit, and what else… SEX!  KOTQuote: “Don’t tune in please.  It’s all S-E-X-R-A-D-I-O.”  Kendra receives a call from Kira with warnings of what Kendra should and shouldn’t say on air.  KOTQuote: “Don’t get too crazy.”  WE agree with Kendra.  It is her ability to speak her mind that makes us love her and respect her that much more!  KOTQuote: “I love how you say freedom of speech.”  Kendra begs Kira not to listen to the show, but we have a suspicion Kira is definitely tuning in.  Kira asks to talk to Hank about an audition for an independent film.  KOTQuote: “That’s big time, Big Time.”

At Playboy Radio, things look like they are going to heat up.  KOTQuote: “It looks like a strip club in here”.  Kendra talks about how her Love Candy kit is all about celebrating love, sex, and being married.  WE love the message behind this kit, and agree women should celebrate themselves and be comfortable with who they are.  These phone calls are hysterical!  KOTQuote: “Hank used to call that my jackhammer!”

Hank’s work out regiment definitely is proof that he is still an athlete at heart.  Even though Hank is no longer playing in the NFL, he still keeps up a very rigorous workout routine.  While he is working on his fitness, he talks about the upcoming audition for the movie role, and how supportive Kendra is through this process.  KOTQuote: “That’s what my life is right now; reinventing myself on my terms.”  Hank explains how it does not matter who is making the most at any specific time, because at the end of the day it all is for Little Hank.

As Kendra makes her way back to Casa Baskett, Kira calls to discuss Kendra’s interview on Playboy Radio. KOTQuote: “What you did today was fine for Playboy Radio, but you have to be careful and you can’t do that with other shows.”  WE agree with Kendra.  This was definitely the right time and place to talk about sex, and to break the typical mom stereotype.  KOTQuote: “I’m uncontrollable.  I’m unstoppable.  I am Kendra, and that’s the way it’s gonna be.”

Hank is a little nervous going for his first audition.  He starts off his audition pretty strong, but gets a bit tongue tied toward the middle.  At other’s advisement, Hank tries to loosen himself up with a little hip action.  Once Hank takes a minute or two to get back in the zone, he rocks the audition!  KOTQuote: “This is Hollywood.  I’m pretty sure a lot of people like a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting the part.”

Kendra goes to the Pleasure Chest with Jessica and Bethany to do some “research” for her Love Candy additions.  Bethany is a very conservative person, and has never used any of the toys they are being shown.  KOTQuote: “It helps you feel good on the inside and the outside.”  It is hysterical watching the girls look at all the items the Pleasure Chest has to offer.  If anything, they are at least having a good laugh!  The girls all leave with bags of goodies, and a new found inspiration.

Erin, the casting assistant from Hank’s audition calls with some news.  Looks like everyone loved Hank’s audition as much as we did, and he’s got the job!  KOTQuote: “Hell yeah!  I definitely didn’t expect that.”  Hank let’s Kendra know the good news, and she is shocked.  Kendra had her doubts about Hank getting this far in his career.  KOTQuote: “I’m a realist.  I’m a real bitch.”  As a congratulatory gesture, Kendra thinks it’s the perfect time to test out some of her goodies from the Pleasure Chest.  Poor Travelle gets scared, and bolts out of the room.  KOTQuote: “It was business, than pleasure.  You can’t beat that.”

A special guest comes to visit Kendra and Hank’s Calabasas pad!

Kendra calls Mary at the mansion to invite Hef over.  MMQuote: “Getting him past the tennis court or past the swimming pool is a major issue, especially as far out as Calabasas.”  Kendra is well aware Hef does not leave the mansion for such social calls, especially after living there for five years.  However, Mary is going to try her best to convince Hef to pay a visit to see Kendra and the family.  KOTQuote: “I’m crossing my fingers, Mary.”  Kendra thinks it is a long shot, and is worried that Hef won’t come.  Hank is more optimistic though.  KOTQuote: “Hef loves you too much.”  Mary calls and says Hef would love to come out to see the house and Little Hank.  All Kendra needs to do is find a place for the helicopter to land.  KOTQuote: “Where the hell are we gonna find a helicopter pad?”  Next stop… Google and a grocery store!

Looks like Hank is in charge of arranging the helipad, but at least Mary gave him the name of someone who may help.  KOTQuote: “What the hell does catching a football have to do with finding a helicopter landing?”  Unfortunately, Anthony let’s Hank know there are a lot of permits involved with using the helicopter pad as well.  Looks like this is a little more work than Hank thought!

At the grocery store, Hank and Kendra try and find all the staples for a “Hef approved” shindig.  The first order of business is perfectly rounded, non-broken, Lay’s potato chips.  Make sure you shake them to assure they are all intact.  Unfortunately, like a kid in a candy store Kendra gets distracted by all the other items in the aisles (cake, cheese, hot sauce, etc).  At the end of the trip, this couple is $300 in the hole and the owners of 2 crushed bags of Lay’s potato chips.  KOTQuote: “$300 for a quick visit?”

Patti and Colin arrive for the festivities while Kendra and Hank are getting things in order.  “The women in the Wilkinson family do not cook.  But, what we do know how to do is ‘boss.’”  Kendra quickly puts Colin on chip duty and Patti in charge of corn.  Jessica and Bethany arrive just in time to help set up outside. KOTQuote: “Thank God I had people around to help me because I have no idea what I’m doing.”  With Hef 15 minutes away, chaos ensues.  Luckily, Hank is calm and collect and leaves to pick up Hef with Little Hank in his tricked out car.  The ladies stay back with Colin to prepare all the other goodies, including finishing the fried chicken and making mashed potatoes.

Hef arrives at Casa Baskett, and Kendra is so excited to see Hef.  Hef is impressed with the tidiness Kendra has adopted in her new home.  KOTQuote: “This is grown up Kendra.”  Kendra takes Hef on a tour of the house, but when Hef asks to go upstairs Hank scrambles to make their room is presentable.  Luckily, they start off with Little Hank’s room… Nice diversion.  KOTQuote: “Hef did see some of my mess, but at least it wasn’t like my mess at the mansion.”

Hef is excited to see Patti and the rest of the family, and is very delighted to eat his non-broken potato chips and fried chicken.  KOTQuote: “He wasn’t eating any chicken, he was eating MY chicken!”  Hef is so great with Little Hank.  KOTQuote: “How amazing is that?  How crazy is that?”  Kendra talks about her Love Candy kit with Hef, and gets very embarrassed when the girls urge her to talk about the extra “toys” that will be added.  Hef and Kendra agree that there is more of a push back on sex in current society, and that people should be able to explore and discuss sex freely.  KOTQuote: “I will forever be Hugh Hefner’s friend.”  Hef truly is an inspiration to Kendra, and it’s amazing to see how much Hef has influenced Kendra’s life.  KOTQuote: “I want to live my life honest, pure and happy just like Hugh Hefner does.”

Is Hank ready to start his new acting career or will he give in to nerves?  Will Kendra wow the teachers at Little Hank’s potential preschool?  WE want to know what you think!