Michael Braxton FINALLY makes an appearance in sunny L.A. to visit Tamar and Vince. Tamar is happy to have her two favorite men in the same house… sorry Miracle!

With Pops in town, the golf course is the first stop. Vince and Michael have a great relationship, and Vince has really grown to see him as a father figure. Apparently the golf course is where men go to shoot the shiz, so Michael take this opportunity to give Vince some advice about his baby, Tamar… during Vince’s swing. T&VQuote: “We argue because we are passionate about our relationship. What couple do you know that doesn’t argue? And if they ain’t arguing, that means someone’s cheating.” Vince affirms his commitment to Tamar, and Vince and Michael head off together for a root beer float.

Tamar heads to the studio to listen to the new track TC has written for her. Let’s hope they don’t clash heads today. T&VQuote: “I’m willing to give this another try because this song is so dope!” These two agree to work together, which in Tamar’s world means doing everything her way. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes before Tamar is adding in vibrato where she is not supposed to and refusing to do a run. She/Me/Her really needs to put a little more trust in TC. T&VQuote: “Her tennis shoes are strictly reserved for the treadmill.” These two really need to worktogether.com. Tamar finally nails the run TC has been working her on, and there is plenty praise to go around. Tamar chooses to reserve her praise until she hears her work played back. And thankfully, Tamar admits it sounds good. T&VQuote: “All that matters is TC and I are making beautiful, dope ass, difficult, hot ass music together and she wins.”

Unfortunately, it’s the last day of Michael’s visit so April and LaShawn come over for breakfast. Never straying far from his background, Michael begins to preach about the ups and downs of marriage and the expectations each sex has. T&VQuote: “We all want respect. Hell, I want Cracker Barrel every day, but I don’t get that.” Regardless of what Tamar thinks of Michael’s sermon-like breakfast conversation, LaShawn is very intrigued. April admits she hates to argue because of all the backlash that comes from it, and how unhealthy it is. Unfortunately, this conversation hits a little close to home for April and LaShawn as they have been at each others’ throats for the past few days over how LaShawn interacts with women. April thinks there should be a certain level of respect that everyone recognizes (husband and outsiders) in order to avoid certain flare ups and arguments. T&VQuote: “Nasty Jane can do whatever she wants. If you ain’t happy at home Nasty Jane is going to get an opportunity.” You know things have come full circle when Tamar and Vince are the ones giving April and LaShawn advice. Vince actually told LaShawn to listen! Is it opposite day??

Tamar and Vince head to NYC for Fashion Week, T&VQuote: “And yes, she/me/her is walking the runway this season.” Tamar’s first stop is the dermatologist, but she is also concerned about the sample sizes she will have to fit on her size six frame. T&VQuote: “Vince, my stomach sits on my lap. It’s sitting on my lap right now. It’s having several seats… and one being on my lap.” Tamar is having some blue light special that kills all the acne bacteria on her face combined with a few shots of cortisone. It is like a dermatology buffet! T&VQuote: “She’ll do anything for fashion. I mean, if someone kicked me in the face with a boot it wouldn’t really matter as long as I’m pretty.” I think Tamar’s dermatologist seemed a bit confused about her looking like Tyra because he was! What man knows who Tyra is without the Banks?

Mecca from Pynk Magazine has hooked Tamar up to walk in Rick Ross’s girlfriend’s fashion show. Tamar of course has been in starvation mode to make sure she looks perfect for her runway debut. T&VQuote: “She won’t be in Fashion Week all fat and stuff.” Tamar will be rocking a fitted latex/leather number that will hug every single curve. WE can see Vince is fan! T&VQuote: “Put some stank in it. Hit it.” Tamar seems to be holding back while practicing her walk, and she also isn’t getting the nicest feedback about her starved physique from the peanut gallery. T&VQuote: “You can’t eat and have your abs pop through leather!”

It is crunch time, so Tamar meets up with Glamo to get a crash course in catwalking. T&VQuote: “Shy? That’s what she’s not!” Tamar needs to get her Tamar back with a quickness… where did she go? She is forgetting steps and acting like she doesn’t know how to be fierce. T&VQuote: “This right here is too much to think about.” Oh, Tamar please do not be a hotmess.com!

Hello, New York Fashion Week! T&VQuote: “There is nothing left to do but get my face snatched by my glam squad.” I’m sure she also will be checking Benji off the list of possible assistants after he makes it seem like she was dying for some booze. He is also not seeing all those hints people are dropping about him being in the way. Maybe Tamar needs to employee him so she can give him some money to buy a clue! He should take that bowtie tat and skedaddle! However, Tamar is on to the next when she notices the bright red eye shadow they are putting on her and her “hump” bangs. Now, is it a good look for your day to day routine? Hell no! Is it a good look for fashion? Sure, why not? T&VQuote: “Don’t it look like Baltimore back in the day?” Thankfully, Vince shows up in the nick of time to calm her nerves and give her that support and confidence she needs. It’s time to werk! Thankfully, Tamar’s first meal in a few days is not runway soufflé. She was amazing, and Vince could not be more proud of his wife!

T&VQuote: “Yes! The fashion show is over and now I can eat like Precious!” Tamar can also now openly beef about Benji. Poor guy didn’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell. T&VQuote: “Do not pass this line!” Always the positive reinforcement, Vince raves about the great job Tamar did in Fashion Week. Although, we don’t see Tamar starving herself and wearing such out of the box makeup on the regular just to walk down the runway.

Will Tamar accomplish that look that every lady wants with her album cover image or is this going to be a disaster? Would you eat Soulshi? Has someone finally silenced Tamar? WE want to hear from you!