Because our fans are absolutely incredible, WE are bringing you some extra content for last week’s episode of “Braxtons Family Values.” Towanda takes Trina and Traci to lunch to share the exciting news about “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” but before the girls even get their drinks TrinaQuote: “I really gotta go kee-kee. Don’t talk about me while I’m gone.” Traci Quote: “Don’t worry, we will.” The girls kept their promise! Towanda tells Traci all about when Trina peed in her pants during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. TowandaQuote: “Just close your eyes and imagine someone pouring water on the carpet.” TMI Towanda! Towanda Quote: “Girl… I called everybody and told everybody she’s pissing on herself.”


Tamar and Toni hit the pavement trying to find comfortable yet fashionable shoes to fit Tamar’s expanding pregnancy feet.  BFVQuote: “She’s a very grumpy, pregnant diva.”  Tamar refuses to wear flats (at least at this point of the pregnancy) and Toni is trying her hardest to convince Tamar otherwise.  BFVQuote: “This beat does not go with a flat.”  No matter what option Toni presents to Tamar, her answer is a big, fat no.  BFVQuote: “I’m not cooking rice, Toni!”  Tamar won’t even listen to the saleswoman who presented a great compromise.  Tamar finally finds a pair of short, wedge boots that they can both agree on.  Tamar loves them so much she breaks out into the “Baby Dance.”  This spectacle is some kind of ridiculousness, but WE can’t say we aren’t completely amused.  BFVQuote: “Thank you, girl cuz my feet hurt like hell.”

Traci and Trina are in Charlotte for the CIAA Tournament where they will both be performing solo.  Trina is super nervous to perform, especially since it got cut from Toni’s show recently.  BFVQuote: “Now that I’m getting a second chance I can finally put all of that behind me.”  Traci will be singing the Black National Anthem and this is really a great chance for Traci to “come out of her shell.”  BFVQuote: “My little mollusk.”

Towanda is helping a sister out by hooking Tamar up with a personal assistant from her Secret Squirrel School.  BFVQuote: “He’s kinda like the gay version of Tamar.” However, we know Tamar would sit her butt down on the couch even without being properly asked.  But, James is serving up some fabulous purse game that catches Tay Tay’s eye immediately.  BFVQuote: “I became a squirrel.  And I’m just running up the tree.”  Their personalities are so similar it is frightening.  Between the one liners, the quick wit and the comical sayings, WE are dying.  Tamar agrees on a test run shopping trip to see if James is really assistant material.

Back in Charleston, Traci is having her last sound check before her big solo performance at CIAA.  Traci is really nervous, but since Trina won’t be performing until tomorrow she can look to her to calm her down.  BFVQuote: “Sister magic.  TING!”  Being fearful of someone taking her black card, Traci knows she needs to get all the words right and nail this performance.  BFVQuote: “For real though, somebody please help me!”  Even though Traci may look calm to Trina, she is a wreck.  BFVQuote: “I don’t have to keekee.  You know how many times I sat down and it’s not coming?”  There is a lot of pressure on Traci to do well after walking off stage at Toni’s performance and dancing to her own beat during Trina’s recent performance.  BFVQuote: “I know if I want to be a singer I have to go out there and do the right thing.”  Luckily, Traci does a great job!  BFVQuote: “It is Traci season, honey!  Yesss!”

Back in L.A., Towanda and Tamar take James on his official interview.  James must pour Tamar some fro yo, hold her purse, and taste whatever Tamar wants him to taste.  BFVQuote: “His taste buds right now… they go together.  They are like boyfriend and girlfriend.”  Tamar does not want to put on any extra weight, so having James eat everything in the store and describe it to her is the next best thing.  However, this goes downhill for James once he starts to taste some funky stuff.

It is now Trina’s turn to rock center court!  However, there is a small problem… you can only wear white soled shoes on the basketball court.  Looks like someone is going shopping!  BFVQuote: “I’m gonna look really stupid performing a dance song by myself.”

It is time for Tamar to make a decision about James, but first she will complain some more about being pregnant.  BFVQuote: “How do fat people do it?”  With that, Towanda uses up all her self control to not say a smart comment.  It also looks like James must restrain himself too.  BFVQuote: “My husband is not fat.  He is just tubs of lovin’, ok?”  James’ fate depends on whether or not he could get along with Vince, but with pregnant Tamar being even more EXTRA, it may be too much for poor Vince to bear.  BFVQuote: “I don’t need two queens in the house right now.”

It’s almost “Game Time” for Trina, and it looks like her dancers have found appropriate center court shoe game.  BFVQuote: “Thank God for Jesus!”  The first thing Traci notices as she comes backstage to wish Trina luck is Trina’s “ample” bust.  BFVQuote: “I thought I was gonna play bongos.”  This is Trina’s largest audience so she is right to be nervous… plus, she is going to have to stomp out in those thigh high hooker heels!  BFVQuote: “I am shaking in my sparkly boots!”  It looks like the crowd is really enjoying Trina’s song and performance, and Traci is definitely her sister’s biggest fan.  This is a big performance for Trina where she feels she will earn respect for singing “her kind of music.”  BFVQuote: “I felt like one of my ootie booties was gonna come out.”  Traci even reinforces the fact that the pom poms really worked with the routine.

Back home in the ATL Towanda and Traci take Mommy shopping to get her mind off of finalizing the move.  Evelyn would love Tamar to embrace her pregnancy, but the sisters can’t help but remember how Tamar was with all their pregnancies.  BFVQuote: “You don’t know until you go through it.”  It seems like Evelyn is trying her hardest to defend Baby Tay Tay, but all that’s doing is annoying the sisters.  Apparently Evelyn has a much different memory of each of their pregnancies, including the girls’ attitudes.

Trina just got the video of her CIAA performance, and the two biggest critics, Tamar and Toni have come over to sample.  Immediately, these two are hung up on the sex of the dancers, the use of pom poms, and everything else about the performance.  The faces on these ladies says it all.  I’m just surprised they are being this silent so far, but you know that all is about to change.  BFVQuote: “Toni, don’t you want dried up packets of food lookin’ at them boots?”  At least the sisters think Trina sounded good!  BFVQuotes: “I think Toni is hard on me because she wants to see me succeed.”  At the end of the day, at least Trina can take two things from this performance… leave the boots and the pom poms at home.

Next week, Evelyn looks like she has had just about enough complaining from Tamar, Evelyn goes out on a date and it’s not with Doc (gasp!), and Toni does press for her movie!


Tamar is in Atlanta to see Dr. Jackie (yes, THE Dr. Jackie from “Married to Medicine”) and see how her pregnancy is progressing.  BFVQuote: “You know, Toni, Towanda and Trina walked away with no scars, no stretch marks, and they didn’t get super fat, and that’s very important to me.”  Despite what even Dr. Jackie said, He clearly had other plans for Tamar whether she was ready or not.  BFVQuote: “I have four kids in the freezer and I can find an old scallywag to carry our babies.”  Dr. Jackie and Vince look less than impressed with Tamar’s bright idea, however her mood perks right up when Dr. Jackie mentions the word “induce”.  Seeing the ultrasound of the baby improves Tamar’s mood even more, and you can definitely tell that even though she talks a big game, she is super excited to be a mom.

OMG it’s Poundcake!  Move over, Miracle.  Trina and Gabe take Poundcake on a walk (even though Poundcake never leaves Gabe’s arms) as they await a call from Caleb’s school regarding an incident that occurred that day.  BFVQuote: “He’s been having a little bit of problems with bullying at school.”  After a child at school knocked food out of Caleb’s hands, Caleb and the other student got into a physical altercation.  There seems to be a huge disconnect with how the school is handling the incident and reprimanding those who are truly at fault.  Good thing Caleb has parents like Trina and Gabe because these two are going to bat HARD for their son.  BFVQuote: “As a mom, it really makes me feel helpless especially since I can’t go to school with him and walk him to all of his classes.”  Gabe suggests signing Caleb up for a martial arts class so Caleb can build his self esteem.

Donned in all black, the Braxton family comes together to pay respect to a beloved family member who recently passed away… Jackson, Mama E’s cherished Yorkie.  And, Tamar cannot stop rolling her eyes at this grand memorial service complete with invitations, pamphlets and an oil painting.  BFVQuote: “It’s over the top so now I cannot hold the title for being over the top.  It would have to be my mama.”  Trina even shares a poem to the group in honor of Jackson.  Yes, all of this can seem ridiculous but at least you have Diezel’s speech to add some comic relief and Tamar to bring it all together with a random song.  Even Vince is hanging his head at this spectacle as everyone joins in including the keyboardist in the corner.

After all that mourning, Mama E makes a huge announcement which will give three of the sisters something additional to mourn about.  Mama E is finally moving to L.A. and will be moving in with Tamar and Vince.  Toni and Tamar are extremely excited, and Trina reveals plans on possibly moving to L.A. if Eric gets into USC.  BFVQuotes: “Trina’s gonna do what Trina wants to do regardless of what anybody says.”  At least Traci knows she is “not going to no California.”  D.M.V. for life!

Because of what has been going on at school, Trina takes Caleb to his first martial arts class.  BFVQuote: “I decided to learn some moves myself because you never know when someone’s gonna try it!”  Caleb is really getting out his frustrations… this actually seems like it may be a great release for him.  However, Trina is not adapting as easily to these surroundings.  BFVQuote: “I’m more like Kung Fu Panda… the early years!”  Keep up the good work, Caleb.  Trina, don’t quit your day job!

Towanda and fam hit up the ballet store to get Brooke a new outfit to perform at Evelyn’s birthday, but Andre thinks that it is a good time to bring up Towanda’s stage mom habits.  BFVQuote: “It won’t mess up her joints?  She’ll be able to reproduce and stuff?”  Andre, just buy a dress, allow this lady to make a sale, and go about your day.

Because the house would be mighty lonely without Jackson, Tamar has taken Evelyn back to L.A. so they can start making plans for her big move. BFVQuote: “I need to start over again.”  Mama E wants a fresh start in L.A. and a new man, but Tamar is not looking to play matchmaker.  BFVQuote: “You’re too picky.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.”  Even though she attempts to argue with Tamar, Mama E does have an extensive list of must-haves for her future mate: he must have integrity, not be a “hip hop” man, tall, etc.  BFVQuote: “Pretty much my dad.  I tried it, but it’s true.”

Towanda and Traci are with Brooke at the dance studio trying to perfect the little ballerina’s craft in time for Mommy’s birthday party.  BFVQuote: “Smile or we’re gonna start over.”  Between the pointing of the toes, the elongating of the arms, staying on your toes when you turn, putting your head up and shoulders back, and whatever else this poor child is being told to do, WE are even too exhausted to continue.  BFVQuote: “I know exactly what that baby is going through.”  And who knew Traci was the prima ballerina?!  Go on, girl!  Don’t let Towanda stifle your shine.

Today, Gabe is going to Caleb’s martial arts class to check up on his progress.  Caleb knows exactly whose face he will be picturing when he starts his exercises with his instructor.  BFVQuote: “I don’t mind if Caleb thinks he’s punching my face.  As long as he’s feeling better about himself that’s fine by me.”  Gabe puts on pads and gives Caleb the opportunity to have at him for real.  And that is exactly what Caleb does!  He goes at Gabe with all the energy and emotion he has bottled up.  Gabe is really proud of Caleb and everything he has learned.

It’s time for Mommy’s big birthday bash and the girls are so excited to celebrate another year! Brooke immediately changes into her purple tutu to perform for her grandmother’s special day.  Brooke is a little frozen and has a hard time warming up, but the family is very supportive and cheers her on.  The performance is a little short lived, but she did a great job!  Eric talks about his college picks, but is hesitant to go to school in California for fear that his mama will always be one step behind him.  BFVQuote: “You think I will mess up your groove?”  Even though Trina gets emotional, Eric makes sure to give his mama a huge hug and let her know that he loves her.  BFVQuote: “He’s my baby… my oldest baby.”  To stay in line with Braxton family traditions, the girls will perform a special birthday song for Mama E, but Trina is still visibly upset about the idea of Eric going away to school.

The girls sit down together for lunch before everyone goes back home, but Traci seems to be MIA.  When Towanda tries to track her down, Traci urges all the ladies to make their way outside.  WE have a feeling there is a grand reveal about to occur.  BFVQuote: “I ain’t leaving my soup.  Y’all tell me what she says.”  Begrudgingly all the ladies hustle outside to see what the fuss is about as Traci pulls up on her hog.  The sisters go crazy at the sight of Traci, but Toni wishes it was just a little more ladylike in appearance.  BFVQuote: “Somebody said she’s like a little dike on a bike, but I ain’t gonna say that about my sister.  I love her.”  Once the Braxtons head back inside, the sisters ask Traci about possibly changing the fashion of a “biker.”  But all in all, the sisters are super excited for Traci’s new adventure.  BFVQuote: “To Traci ridin’ dirty.”


Sometimes in life you find yourself just going through the motions. Everyone has a choice to either roll with the punches or walk away. I applaud Andre on his attempt to reconnect us and bringing us back to the basics of love, fun and laughter. Dancing is a sure way to encourage affection.  Some may look at me and wonder, ‘Towanda, does he have a job?’ I simply reply, ‘Yes.’ But understand that even though he hasn’t been working a job according to society for two years, he was certainly working on his craft of being a writer and a wonderful father to our beautiful children. If you’re in a committed relationship, your only expectation should be to know undoubtedly the emotional roller coaster of the good, the bad and the ugly. The individuals in the relationship have to be willing to compromise. Andre is a college educated man who decided to choose family and allowed me to expand on my career.  Let me make myself perfectly clear, men don’t deserve a ‘cookie’ for doing what they are supposed to do however, it is important to commend those who are being an active parent. Who knows what lies ahead for Andre and I? I’m just enjoying the ‘dance’.

The sisters meet for a little sisterly lunch (sans Toni), and begin to discuss the format of Papa Braxton’s big birthday bash.  Despite Michael’s desires for a buffet style affair, Tamar has offered to pay for waiters to avoid a) getting up to get her own plate and b) to avoid some of the nasty side of the family.  BFVQuote: “My ratchet Aunt Bev and her ratchet daughter are ratchet!”  Tamar and the sisters have good reason to be beefing with Papa B’s side of the family after some nasty comments about #BFV, people’s marriages, careers, etc.  BFVQuote: “I ain’t gonna be nothing but a background singer… prove wrong!”  They even hope that Vince divorces Tamar!  Aren’t these people family?  BFVQuote: “I don’t care what my crazy relatives think because they’re crazy!”  As if this lunch hasn’t raised everyone’s blood pressure enough, Traci brings up the fact that she wants to buy a gun for protection from crazies.  BFVQuote: “Either you move… Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! Or you get a security guard.”  The sisters think Traci’s hot temper is certainly not conducive to owning a gun, and they are not giving their blessing on this.  Regardless, Traci is still going to get a hand gun.

The sisters arrive at Papa Braxton’s 65th birthday bash, and the sisters are really happy to see some of the Braxton family.  Especially Pat Sajak… WE mean Gabe.  The set up definitely leaves some finer palettes wanting something more.  BFVQuote: “We aren’t even at ghetto fabulous yet.  We are still in the ghetto.”  These ladies are popping mini bottles from their purses while sitting on some church folding chairs.  To liven up this affair, Papa Braxton arrives in his pimp attire while making it rain fake money.  BFVQuote: “I came there passing out big money because I was Big Daddy, and Big Daddy always gives big money.”  However, this liveliness is quickly killed by the mention of Evelyn as the “baby mama” in Aunt Beverly’s birthday speech.  BFVQuote: “She is nobody’s baby mama, she is my father’s ex-wife.”  BFVQuote: “There is no such thing as being a baby mama for 35 years.”  BFVQuote: “One of the definitions of ‘ratchet’ is when you’re in your 60’s and you’re still being ratchet.”  Aunt Bev, I think your joke just flopped!  Tamar’s right… have several!  To make matters worse, Aunt Bev attempts to chat it up with Trina right afterwards and Trina is not having it.  How would it look if Trina is all smiles with a woman that just insulted her mother?  Then Aunt Bev decides to be even more dramatic and leave.  BFVQuote: “She can kiss my entire ass.”  Let the party continue with some “Party or Go Home” and some good times!  BFVQuote: “I’m gonna party all night long, and if you didn’t come to party then you better go home.”

Before the sisters go their separate ways, they must make a stop for some Maryland crab and recap with Daddy on Aunt Bev’s terrible speech.  BFVQuote: “Ya’ll know that my baby sister is wacked.”  It seems like no one understood the relevance of the story, the term “baby mama”, or what Aunt Bev was even talking about.  The girls are leaving in a few hours to visit Mama E. in the hospital in Atlanta.  What is even nicer than the concern the girls have for their mother is the concern Papa B. has for Evelyn.  Things really are coming full circle this season!  WE love it!

Mama Ev is surprised to see her girls at the hospital.  BFVQuote: “Thank God for Jesus.  It could have been worse.”  But who knew Tamar was such a germaphobe!  She is putting on latex gloves, covering her arms, etc… she must have left her hazmat suit at home.  The doctors think Evelyn has diverticulitis, so this will mean another diet change for Ms. E.  BFVQuote: “You don’t want to lose your life over no nuts!”  The doctor also tells Evelyn she should be “a lot lighter”, so we may be seeing a slimmer and trimmer Evelyn in the near future.

Back in L.A., Toni gets a surprise visit from Babyface because Mama E. isn’t the only one that needs to get some stuff in order.  Babyface has already gotten the back story from Towanda, but Toni fills him in on why she is seriously thinking of leaving the music industry.  BFVQuote: “Are you happy right now just in your life?”  Toni has happy moments, but she is still dealing with the divorce.  Babyface thinks the original appeal of Toni’s music was that she let her fans into her pain and her feelings through song, and she no longer does that.  BFVQuote: “You don’t do a record just for the success of it.”  Toni can’t handle anymore “failure” in her career, but it seems like Babyface may be getting through to her by making her realize that she still belongs in the studio.  BFVQuote: “I’m not gonna give up on you.”

Traci, Trina, and Tamar go with Evelyn to see a nutritionist because she needs to get her health and diet on track.  BFVQuote: “Managing her diabetes is no joke.”  Evelyn admits she has had tingling and loss of sensitivity to your hands and feet a few months ago, but she kept it from the girls so they wouldn’t worry.  BFVQuote: “We should not assume that your insulin is the only thing that needs to be done to make you healthy.”  #Boom!  Mama E seems to be really taking this in and WE think she is really going to start making a change.

Traci heads to a gun safety class to learn the rules and regulations before actually purchasing a hand gun.  Traci explains to the safety instructor, Robert, that this will be purely for protection.  BFVQuote: “If I knew how to handle a firearm I would feel so much safer.”  Luckily, Robert will teach Traci the proper way to shoot, instead of the “kill shot” method Traci has obviously picked up from watching way to many episodes of NCIS.  Papa Braxton and Kevin are here to support Traci as she tries her hand at shooting, but Papa Braxton is still unsure about this whole gun nonsense.  BFVQuote: “Traci needs to understand guns are not cute.”

After hearing about Evelyn’s meeting with the nutritionist, Towanda decides to accompany Mama E. to her exercise class.  BFVQuote: “I call it ‘za-nasty’!”  This exercise class looks like the poor man’s version of Zumba where the instructor heard Zumba was like dancing mixed with aerobics, but has never actually seen or learned any Zumba dance moves.  This is just awkward!

Tamar and Toni talk over tea about Evelyn’s health, next steps, and a possible push for her to move to L.A.  BFVQuote: “I think at this point my mom really needs to be monitored.”  Tamar also fills in Toni on Traci’s desire to buy a gun, and Toni is definitely not on #TeamTraci.  BFVQuote: “I remember I wanted a water gun to soak the hell out of Trina and Mommy would not buy it for me.”  Toni thinks she needs to tell Evelyn about this, but Tamar thinks she is just gossiping.  BFVQuote: “Every family has a newspaper reporter and that is you.”

Traci and Evelyn hit the store for some shopping, and for Traci to finally tell her about wanting a gun.  Among the tank tops and “booty cutters” Mama E. looks shocked as hell that Traci wants a gun.  BFVQuote: “Tell me you’re playin’.”  Traci doesn’t like the alternatives Evelyn is coming up with to ward off crazy fans like looking though the peep hole, but Evelyn is extremely concerned.  BFVQuote: “I don’t think nothing you can say will make me feel better or like it.”

Who is Mama Braxton dating?! Will Gabe’s desire to be part of the boutique ruin this sister venture?  WE want to hear from you!



WE feel like kids on Christmas morning!  The Braxtons are back ya’ll!

We left off with the sisters having some major beef in season two, and it looks like not much has changed.  BFVQuote: “Since that time, we haven’t talked a whole lot.”

Toni has invited Tamar over to talk about a special sister trip she is planning since everyone has been too busy to get together lately.  Unfortunately, it looks like Tamar attending this sister trip is not an option with three and a half weeks of press and studio time already planned.  BFVQuote: “But don’t talk about me like a dog because I can’t go.”  Kudos to Toni for keeping it real though and admitting the sisters will definitely be talking about Tamar a little bit.  Let’s face it… someone is always talking about someone, but WE understand that at this point the sisters are at a very sensitive place so anything can be hurtful.  On top of not being able to actually attend the sister trip, Tamar doesn’t even know if her presence is wanted since she hasn’t seen or spoken to her other sisters in a long time.

The sisters (sans Tamar) arrive in Italy and as Toni goes out to buy Towanda’s birthday cake, Trina and Traci distract her with some sightseeing.  BFVQuote: “Everything looks like a penis to me.  Like even that big tree looks like a penis to me.  That looks like a long, uncircumcised penis.”  The girls take a carriage ride down the 5th Avenue of Rome near the Spanish Steps, and as they ogle the fine designer names the subject turns to Tamar.  As Traci tries to explain Tamar’s side of the story, Trina is having a difficult time believing it.  BFVQuote: “I’m gonna get her a shirt that says velcro.”

Toni attempts to buy Towanda’s birthday cake while working on her Italian.  Luckily, the person helping her in the store speaks perfect English, but this doesn’t stop Toni from whipping out her Spanish (mixed with English) and passing it off as Italian.

While the sisters are in “Rome with love”, Tamar is hitting the pavement in New York for “Love and War” press.  BFVQuote: “I hate that I’m missing the Italy trip with the girls, but she could never turn down Wendy.”  While back stage, Tamar and Vince get their flirt on with each other and it is completely adorbs!  BFVQuote: “I don’t come second to no heffer.”  After some cute conversation, Tamar thinks how nice it would have been to vacation in Italy with the sisters, but then realizes it is super important for her to do whatever it takes to continue the success of “Love and War.”  Performing live on “Wendy Williams” is a huge deal, and Tamar rocks it.

Back in Rome, Towanda’s distraction is coming to an end so she can enjoy a great birthday lunch with her sisters.  However, a day in the life of a Braxton is not complete without some drama.  An Italian stud can’t help but get himself a taste of Traci.  BFVQuote: “Ohh, you pinched-a my ass-a!”  And of course, Trina is extremely jealous Traci got all the attention.  BFVQuote: “I’m looking super cute.  My jeans are basically painted on.  I mean, what do I have to do to get some pincherization?”  A day in the life of a Braxton is also never complete without a random song, and today’s song is dedicated to Toni finally being on time.  But the sisters focus on the real reason they are at lunch, and celebrate Towanda’s birthday with a cake meant for some other Spanish woman named, “Conalingus” that is as hard as a rock.

Vince and Tamar are out for a romantic, celebratory lunch and it is obvious how proud Vince is of his wife.  Even with all the success, Tamar is still upset about what is going on with her sisters and regrets always giving them a hard time about ignoring “sister time” when they were juggling careers and their family.  BFVQuote: “It’s not easy for me to give up my family time but I should get a little credit for thinking about my business.”

The sisters leave Rome and head to Revello on the Amaffi Coast for some more R&R.  Of course the Braxtons brings the antics with them as the beautiful scenery is interrupted by a pesky bee wanting a nibble of another queen… Queen Boom Boom!  BFVQuote: “Just river dance, Trina.  It will go away.”

Tamar is hosting the red carpet at the Soul Train Awards, and with this being all about fashion and music you know she is going to kill it.  Tamar is even running into celeb fans of her own, including Erica Hubbard, Ginuwine, and John Legend.  BFVQuote: “It’s just like Tamartians are taking over the world.  They’re everywhere.”

The ladies head to a winery to learn about the process, stomp some grapes, and have a little taste.  Like Lucy and Ethel before them, Toni and her sisters create their own memorable grape stomping moments with a lot of laughter and a lot of clumsiness.  Our favorite grape stomper is of course Traci who does it with a lot of man power and a lot of f bombs.  BFVQuote: “I beat ya til your butt turns red.”  However, when the owner of the winery takes a sip of the feet-tastic sludge, the girls are set over the edge.

After getting a bit dirty, the girls charter a boat to the island of Capri that may be the grand finale to Towanda’s birthday celebration.  What may also act as a finale is Trina’s desire to go topless, and Towanda’s echoing support of the act.  BFVQuote: “We’re in Italy.  When in Rome!”  It will be difficult to top that, but Toni has one more surprise as a old fashion convertible limo picks the girls up and takes them to a beautiful restaurant overlooking the Amaffi Coast.  Unfortunately, the girls miss Tamar but feel like she didn’t come because she would not want to be apart from Vince.  BFVQuote: “However comma one or two days are not going to hurt you, Tamar Braxton.  If you can pull yourself away from the Velcro, perhaps you can have fun with your sisters.”  Trina asks the sisters to all have a line in her boutique, and Toni invites everyone to visit her in Canada while she films her movie.  Toni makes the sisters promise to bring Tamar, and it seems like everyone is supportive of that idea… for now.

Unfortunately the Italian love affair has come to an end, and Toni is paying Tamar a visit to discuss some of the issues that arouse in Italy.  BFVQuote: “I call all of my siblings.  I damn near begged them to come and hang out with me and the answer is always no, or there is no answer.”  Tamar insists she is not mad at anyone, and had no idea anyone had beef.  BFVQuote: “Girl, have several.”  This looks like a job for Ms. E.  BFVQuote: “Life it too short for this foolishness.”  If this drama doesn’t get cleared up, Toni is seriously worried about the state of the sisterhood in Canada.

Will the sisters be able to put their issues aside and enjoy sister time in Canada?  Will Tamar take Ms. E’s advice and fix the problem with Towanda?  What are you looking forward to this season?  WE want to hear from you!


The sisters follow Toni to St. Lucia for a little fun in the sun and a little performing.  What they don’t factor into the itinerary is Gabe’s secret proposal.

Trina, Traci and Tamar pay Dr. Ho a visit in hopes on straightening out Trina’s confusion about Gabe.  BFVQuote: “He’s trying to worm his way back in Trina’s heart, her head, and her drawers!”  Trina allows Tamar to fill Dr. Ho in on her bumpy relationship with Gabe, but considering everyone has their own version of the truth, this is turning into ham-tastic conversation.  WE do have to agree with Tamar on one point.  BFVQuote: “He didn’t value her the way she’s supposed to be valued as a woman and as a mother.”  But Trina is in a rock and a hard place, and having both of your family units at opposite ends of the spectrum is TOUGHBFVQuote: “I just need you guys to respect my choice.”  The sisters agree to disagree, and no matter now Dr. Ho tries the sisters will never see eye to eye with Trina on this subject.  BFVQuote: “The only thing I can do is give her my opinion, give her my love, and give her my support.  That’s all I can do.”

Welcome to St. Lucia!  You know shiz is going to hit the fan as soon as Gabe rolls up with his weekender suitcase as Trina’s “secret guest”.  But, we’re proud that Trina doesn’t care what her sisters think anymore.  It’s time Trina thinks for herself (and her family) without worrying what the sisters are going to say.  BFVQuote: “At the end of the day, it’s about my happiness and my life.”  Trina is not only warming up to the idea of her and Gabe, but she is also warming up to Gabe 2.0.  BFVQuote: “Gabe seems to be doing a complete 180, and I say 180 as opposed to a 360 because he’s not going full circle back to the man he was.  I see him almost transforming before my eyes.”  The couple goes for a romantic walk along the beach, and you can tell Gabe 2.0 is up to something.  There is reminiscing, there are a few pauses and distractions, and then BAM, there is a proposal.  WE can’t say we didn’t see this coming, but you have to give Gabe some props.  It’s quite ambitious to propose to someone when you have about 85% of her family trying to get rid of you.  BFVQuote: “We gave each other a second chance.  I didn’t just give him one, he gave me one.”

It is go-time for Toni’s St. Lucia performance and she is barking orders to get rid of her nerves.  BFVQuote: “She acts like ‘I’m Toni Braxton, bitch!  I have 40 thousand million records sold and I got a 100 thousand Grammys’ but she always scurred.  Why you scurred?”   When Toni hits that stage, we agree with Trina; she is a STAR! BFVQuote: “I am so thankful that Trina and Towanda are my backup singers again.”  Toni calls Tamar and Traci to the stage to mix things up a bit and perform an impromptu gospel song.  BFVQuote: “This is why we were all born.  This is what we were supposed to do.”  It is clear the sisters belong on stage, and WE think Towanda says it best, BFVQuote: “It’s almost as if we’re on stage by ourselves and no one’s around us.  It’s like we’re having fun at home.”

The sisters attempt to have a few cocktails, enjoy St. Lucia and have some sister time… fail!  The conversation quickly turns to Gabe.  BFVQuote: “She has a good 72 hours before he has sex with something else; a bird, a dog, a cat, the ear, nostril, whatever has a hole.”  Trina still has love for Gabe and is prepared to forgive him and move on.  The sisters are really having a hard time believing Trina should trust Gabe, but finally Toni throws some light on the situation.  BFVQuote: “You have to do what makes you happy, and if he makes you happy go for it.”  Trina tries explaining that Gabe and her have a true connection, but all Tamar wants to talk about is how he gives it to her and the “dingaling talk”.  BFVQuote: “I think she is cock-blinded.  I think she is dick-wildered.”  Oh lord, leave it to Traci to put it out there with no filter!  And on that note, Trina keeps her mouth shut about the vow renewal.

The family gathers to go sailing, and if Trina doesn’t break the news to them soon she will be at her renewal with no one but her and Gabe.  Finally, Trina announces she has had an epiphany, BFVQuote: “I’m in love with my husband”… which is noted by Tamar’s stank look and Towanda’s confusion.  Toni recommends a 12-month, 12 step program like they do at AA and NA, but Trina has seen a change in Gabe and thinks this is the right decision.  Despite Tamar’s disbelief, Mama E stands by Trina’s decision to renew her vows with Gabe.  BFVQuote: “She’s real grown.  I can’t tell her what to do.”  Trina doesn’t think Tamar and Toni respect her choice, and she is extremely hurt.  BFVQuote: “While I regard them and their opinions, they aren’t regarding me.”  Trina just wants some respect, people!  Even though she still disagrees, Toni steps in and finds Trina something old/new/borrowed/blue to wear during the ceremony.  BFVQuote: “I think that when any woman gets married, she has to feel some type of hope and I don’t want to take that moment away from her.”

As the sisters walk into the ceremony, this is the first time they are seeing Gabe 2.0.  BFVQuote: “He no longer looks like Jesus! He looks like a Mexican James Bond!”  As soon and Trina starts walking down the aisle, you can see how happy she is.  BFVQuote: “I do believe I am falling back in love with my husband.”  Between Gabe 2.0 and Michael Braxton finally walking his daughter down the aisle, you can tell this is a very special moment for Trina.  BFVQuote: “Like Gabe had a second chance, I had a second chance.”  As the couple says “I do” (again), Tamar is squirming in her seat, taking pictures, and making comments.  WE know Tamar can be stubborn and stuck in her ways, but this is your sister’s decision… support it or just hush!  BFVQuote: “I’m gonna need you to personally have several seats.”  Mama E. gives the couple just a little bit of advice after the ceremony has ended, BFVQuote: “Work at it.  Be faithful and fair.”  Even Mr. Braxton gets in on the warm wishes, although it seems he may have threatened Gabe prior to the renewal.  WE just hope (along with Trina) the sisters can find the same sentiments somewhere, deep down in their hearts by next season!  BFVQuote: “Right now it’s about Gabe and I mending our family and our relationship.”

Trina shows her video to Tamar and Toni, Traci and her cigar get cut out of the “Party or Go Home” video, and Gabe undergoes a makeover to prove himself to Trina.

The girls meet at Toni’s house for some sister bounding time, and for Toni to ask them a big favor.  BFVQuote: “I’m just going to have to eat crow, and bow down… and ask them to help me.”  Trina has to think on this request a little bit.  It was only a few weeks ago Toni gave them both the boot, and now she wants them back!  BFVQuote: “I wasn’t gonna make her sweat that long about it.  I mean, it’s a free trip to St. Lucia.”  Trina also tells her sister she is no longer in the band, and Toni doesn’t even try and hide her happiness.  BFVQuote: “You can’t be the quarterback handing out the Gatorade.”  Traci is a little disappointed she wasn’t pick, but knows Toni has legitimate reasons.  BFVQuote: “I was looking ratchet and ridiculous.”

Gabe goes to visit Ms. E to get her advice on wooing Trina back.  BFVQuote: “I think she can point me in the right direction on how to make my marriage a success.”  Gabe knows he wants his marriage to work, and Mama E is ready to help Trina and Gabe.  All Gabe wants is another chance, and to prove to Trina he is making positive changes.  BFVQuote: “Sometimes we go through these things so we can learn, so we can grow.”  Ms. E wants to see Gabe’s commitment, and it looks like he is receptive to change his appearance as well.

Towanda has the idea for all the sisters to participate in booty clapping class to get right and tight for St. Lucia.  BFVQuote: “Clap it. Wiggle. Wobble. Shake. Skank-a-vitch.”  Their instructor, Firestarter gets right to business, making the girls saltshaker and then get “dirty and filthy”.  Toni arrives with her assistant in tow, and a spray bottle filled with what we can only imagine to be 1 part bleach to 2 parts water.  Tamar is working on her title of Queen Booty Clap. BFVQuote: “Boom!”  Meanwhile, Traci may be putting her to shame.  BFVQuote: “She know what to do when it’s time to get filthy and dirty.”  Tamar just can’t believe Towanda has the “undercover hoe thing” going on.  WE agree… where have you been hiding those skills, Towanda?!

Trina and Traci go to Derek’s study to get a sneak peek of the POGH footage.  The video footage looks fierce, no doubt because of Gabe’s coaching with the male lead.  BFVQuote: “Gabe was trying to give people instructions on how to hold me and how to grab me.”  Traci also notices that she is barely in the footage.  Because she was standing behind Trina, there unfortunately aren’t many shots of her (or her cigar).  BFVQuote: “How am I not gonna have my cigar up in the video?  That’s the hottest thing.  Come on now!”  Trina insists they have saved the best for last, as the footage zooms in on Traci doing the robot.  BFVQuote: “Thank you for that cheeseburger.”

Mama and Gabe go to the salon for a complete makeover.  BFVQuote: “For God’s sake, we’re going to get rid of this thing… that’s hanging down from his head.”  Poor Gabe thinks he’s in the chair for a trim… WRONG.  This is a makeover, Gabe! It is time for a drastic cut and some color, boo.  BFVQuote: “And when you cut that, I need it for me weave.”  Gabe even gets his goatee shaved off.  BFVQuote: “Wow Gabe! You look like a fine motor scooter.”  Let’s all bow our heads in moment of silence for Gabe’s ponytail, grays, and goatee…

Trina meets Gabe out for dinner at a fancy restaurant, and she knows this must be a special occasion.  As Gabe 2.0 walks in, Trina breaks into hysterical laughter.  Trina, that is not the right reaction to have.  The main just lost about 20 lbs of hair to prove himself to you!  BFVQuote: “You look like Pat Sajak.”  Poor Gabe!  He explains that changing his personal appearance is to show Trina that he is ready to be a good person and a good husband.  BFVQuote: “I’m going to continue to work on our marriage.”  Trina feels that Mama E. helping Gabe proved that she accepted his apology.  Trina is unsure about this “new Gabe”, and wants him to realize it is going to take more than a fresh cut and a new suit to prove to Trina he is a changed man.  BFVQuote: “That makes me look vulnerable and weak and dumb.”

Trina confides in her sisters at lunch about what is going on with Gabe, and Tamar is the first one to object.  BFVQuote: “Can’t you ever be a listening ear instead of an open mouth?”  Tamar reminds Trina that she has already given Gabe two chances, and he blew it.  She needs to make sure everything is on her terms.  BFVQuote: “Don’t go back without knowing that you can’t live without him.”  Trina appreciates the sisters’ advice, but knows it is ultimately her decision.

While attending St. Lucia rehearsals in L.A., Trina and Tamar go out for drinks.  This decision about Gabe is really weighing heavily on Trina, and she is getting stressed out.  BFVQuote: “It’s just ratchet.”  The kids are acting out, and Tamar sees a similarity with the way she used to act when Mama E split from Mr. Braxton.  Tamar is concerned for Trina, and just wants her to be happy.  BFVQuote: “I have to change my life for the comfort of my children.”

Trina screens her video with Toni and Tamar (Eek!), and thankfully they think it looks good.  BFVQuote: “It looked like Ke$ha took a shower.”  The ultimate feedback is that the video footage is great, but it needs to be edited a little differently.  Trina is concerned about getting money for the extra editing costs caused by the sisters’ suggestions.  BFVQuote: “I already drained my bank account and Gabe’s, so where do they think this money is going to come from?”  The last bit of criticism is for Trina to lose the DJ.  You can’t have a model in your video taking away five seconds of your face time!  BFVQuote: “There will be no light skinned caramel chicks in her video.

In true Braxton’s fashion, we wrap up this week’s episode with an original song by Mr. Tamar Braxton-Herbert.  Use the lyrics below to sing along.

He has a dingaling of steel
He must
because there ain’t no way
on God’s green earth
I would ever
take him back, no
He must have a dingaling of gold
of gold
of gold
of gold
cause he must have a dingaling of gold
a dingaling of gold

With Trina filming her video and Traci celebrating her birthday, the entire family gathers in the ATL for support, laughter, and of course, DRAMA!

Traci has come all the way from Maryland to cameo in Trina’s video for “Party or Go Home”.  It also happens to be Traci’s birthday this weekend!  BFVQuote: “That’s alright.  I had nothing but time… really, I did.”  Tri-Tri has her talons on, or as Traci calls them “letter openers” and she is reds to go.  BFVQuote: “Looks like you can scratch the hell out of someone.”  Traci is honored to be involved in Trina’s first video, especially when she hears the concept.   BFVQuote: “For one thing, there’s nothing like a sexy, foxy lady with big ASS cigar in the club!”  This video broke Trina’s piggy bank, so the return has to be worth it!

Trina, Tamar, and Towanda meet at Mama E’s to catch up and to plan a big birthday celebration for Traci.  BFVQuote: “… like surprise!”  With Traci’s birthday plans out of the way, the girls start to discuss Ms. E’s eating habits.  BFVQuote: “That carborization demon isn’t good.”  With Ms. E’s diabetes being the issue, they think she is in serious denial of the health risks.

Traci meets with the one and only, Terrence Lee Jones to brush up on her vocals.  BFVQuote: “I’m inspired by both Tamar and Trina doing their own projects.  If Tamar and Trina can do it, then Traci can do it as well.  I just need to make myself ready.”  Terrence wants Traci to practice singing while moving.  He is no joke! Poor Traci is running a marathon in place while practicing her scales.  BFVQuote: “I don’t want to be like yeah, yeah, yeah… woo… yeah ya’ll.”  Terrence is a legit drill sergeant, and definitely doesn’t take shiz from no one.  BFVQuote: “He’s hard.  I wanted to punch him in the throat!”

Reco is getting the wardrobe ready for the video, and we have to say Trina has some fierce choices to choose from.  BFVQuote: “Your boobies look delicious.”  After Reco peels Trina out of that red number, we are transformed back in time to the fabulous 80’s and our love for all things neon.  Reco, can you make me one of those?  BFVQuote: “The glow in the dark outfit is great as long as Reco can do something to alter it so my boobie-doobies don’t fall out.”  Reco has also designed a fabulously sexy dress for Towanda… and unbeknown to him, something for Traci!  BFVQuote: “I’m sure you have something in here that fits… boom!”  That’s a scary face, Reco.  Please stop before WE get nightmares.

Tamar takes Mama E out for a snack, and to no one’s surprise Mama E chooses to go to a bakery.  Ms. E chooses a delicious piece of caramel cake that is loaded in carbs and sugar.  BFVQuote: “Just cuz she wants a big piece of caramel cake doesn’t mean she can have a piece of caramel cake.”  This poor bakery worker had no idea he would be moonlighting as a referee when these two walked in.  BFVQuote: “Would you cut your mama a slice that big?”  Ms. E insists she does not eat that badly every day, but Tamar thinks she needs a chaperone to keep her on the right track.  BFVQuote: “I don’t know if insulin makes you fat, but I do know that Mommy wouldn’t even need the insulin shot if she controlled what the hell she put in her mouth.”

SURPRISE!  The Braxton brood comes together to celebrate Traci’s birthday!  The look on Traci’s face is worth a million bucks, but her celebratory dance is PRICELESS!  While Traci thinks a stripper may pop out of her birthday cake, she is shocked to see her husband, Kevin jump out instead.  BFVQuote: “Wow! What a birthday cake! Do it again, baby! Do it again!”  Traci’s son, Kevin Jr. has also been flown in for the special occasion.  BFVQuote: “I was really happy.  It was a fresh of breath air.”  Traci starts to open her gifts and Toni cannot help but put her two cents out there.  BFVQuote: “Who does that?”  Toni seems to take issue with the fact that Trina purchased a small bottle of perfume for Traci, and calls her out at the table in front of everyone!  BFVQuote: “And with that you have nerve, gall, and audacity.”  Toni, WE love you but why are you blowing up people’s spots at the table?  At least talk about her behind her back like normal families do!  Thankfully, Towanda reminds everyone why they are all there and Tamar seconds the motion.  BFVQuote: “This is not about anyone but Traci tonight.”

Trina struggles at rehearsal one she starts to do the choreography in her inch pumps.  BFVQuote: “Not easy at all.”  Victor reminds Trina that all the hard work is going to pay off.  BFVQuote: “You put it on, and this what you’re moving into… Trina the solo artist.”  Trina is absolutely right; this is not the time to hold back.  She is so close to achieving her goal, and she just has to roll with it.  BFVQuote: “This is it.  It is make it or break it time.”

Talk about a surprise intervention!  The girls sans Toni storm into Casa E to do some fridge raiding, and prove that Mama isn’t taking care of herself.  Between pickled pigs feet, cake (for the “children”), bottled frappachinos, sweet tea, and the like this is a diabetic’s worst nightmare.  BFVQuote: “She might as well just have a big ol’ vat of insulin waiting right beside the refrigerator.” Towanda even finds a Snickers hiding in the back of the freezer!  BFVQuote: “What are you? The refrigerator police?”  The girls are very concerned for their mother, especially since their aunt suffered was a double amputee.  Mama E, WE all love you… take better care of yourself!  BFVQuote: “Sweetness can’t be your weakness.”  At least Towanda made off with some groceries J

Always the awesome sister, Towanda shows up to the video shoot early BFVQuote: “She just needs to show up and be a star.”  With Trina’s dressing room being in the same location as kraft services, Towanda gives Reco the task of finding another location or at least some better lighting.  Unfortunately, Reco has some surprises for Trina in the wardrobe department.  Towanda’s outfit has been changed, and there seems to be a few missing items Trina specifically asked for.  MFVQuote: “Don’t mess with me today, Reco!”  While trying to get ready, Trina is still dealing with a bunch of mundane issues… like the fact she doesn’t like Towanda’s dress!  Luckily Victor is there to give some words of encouragement and bring calmness over Trina.  BFVQuote: “Everything you do is right because this is about you.  It’s time to bring it.”  But, you’ll have to wait until next week to see the world premiere of Trina’s video for “Party or Go Home”!

What was your favorite part of the video shoot?  Who’s on Team Gabe after seeing how down he is for Trina?  Anyone else scared to see Tamar and Toni’s reaction to the video?  WE want to know what you think…

Towanda has a blind date via Mama E, Tamar takes time out of being Vince’s bodyguard to retrieve her eggs, and Trina gets her music video together.

Towanda and Mama E go out for bite to eat, and the convo quickly turns into a discussion of Towanda’s dating life and ghosts of blind dates past.  BFVQuote: “The boy had his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, and all that kind of stuff.”  But we quickly move from the 27 year old with Similac behind his ears, to the elderly drunk!  BFVQuote: “I’m just scared for you to set me up with anyone else.”  Mama E. knows Towanda has got it going on, and therefore doesn’t see any reason why she shouldn’t take her up on her blind date offer.  BFVQuote: “I just thinking Mommy is going to set me up with someone who has a kickstand and wooden teeth.”  At this point, Towanda is just looking for a man with bank so she can “put skid marks on his credit card”.  Well hey, Towanda… at least you got a plan!

Back in L.A., Tamar and Vince go out to lunch and talk about the next steps in fertility treatment.  BFVQuote: “Why are you trying me right now?”  Vince suggests possibly getting a nurse to help Tamar with her shots since he doesn’t feel comfortable taking on the job, but Tamar is a little too concerned with what this nurse may or may not look like.  Not everyone is going to be after Vince, and WE think Vince is much too in love with Ms. Tamar to ever stray!  BFVQuote: “Tamar, please.”  BFVQuote: “My name is Tamar ‘She’s always on it’ Braxton-Herbert.”  According to Vince, Tamar has outgrown her britches… the ones she used to wear when Vince took her on dates to Disneyland.  And the reason she doesn’t get to go to Disneyland anymore?  Because she’s been running her mouth too much!

In the A-T-L, Trina is getting things ready for the video for her single, “Party or Go Home”.  The one and only, Derek Blanks is directing so we know this is going to be FIERCE!  BFVQuiote: “I love the idea of being surrounded by a team of buff dancers, but with a little gay flare.”  It is clear Trina has a specific idea of how she wants her music video to be choreographed, and we are on board!  She wants to be the star diva, and if WE were starring in our own music video WE would want to be the center of attention too.  However, I’m not sure Derek is on board and Reco is acting like he is the H.B.I.C… Trina may have her hands full with this team of superstars.  BFVQuote: “Reco just needs to do the whole fashion thing, and then come down the ‘keep-your-mouth-shut-oritis’ and then let Derek do his job as the director.”

Trina and Gabe sit down to talk about Trina’s music video, and Trina asks Gabe to help her out with the budget and support her a bit… financially.  BFVQuite: “I could be a lot more friendlier to Gabe if he would cough up some cash and help me pay for my video.”  Gabe is seeing this as a chance to be together, and that seems to be the only selling point he needs to say “yes”.

Today is the day that Tamar gets her eggs harvested, and she is traveling with a huge support team consisting of Vince, Toni, and Mama E.  “Dr. Toni” seems to be giving Tamar the play by play of how they put you to sleep, but if that were us WE would not want to hear those details right before the procedure.  BFVQuote: “I can’t wait to get into surgery so I can get away from Dr. Toni’s ass right now.”  Even Michael Braxton shows up to support Tamar.  BFVQuote: “He’s not my favorite person.  Let’s keep it real.”

Trina is officially auditioning her backup dancers, and there is just something funny about this group of guys.  One of them is in a full on suit and tie, one looks like he is 12, the other one is dancing like it’s 1995, and there is a dude in a cowboy hat and a Margaritaville shirt.  BFVQuote: “They’re working it alright.”  With the ideal number of dancers being 50 people, they have a looooooooong way to go.  BFVQuote: “Besides looking for some fun background dancers, I’m also looking for a yummy little piece of man candy that I can bump and grind with as my leading man.”  Cue Gabe!  Talk about perfect timing.  The poor guy just winces in the corner like a little boy while some other guy smooches his wife!  Divorce or not, I bet that shiz still stings.  BFVQuote: “I cannot be worried about that right now.”  Apparently, that little peck makes Gabe think Trina has no right to talk about his penis anymore (ew!).  BFVQuote: “Keep it cute and put it on mute.”

Tamar’s procedure is finally done, and the whole is there to greet her as she wakes up.  After hearing the good news about harvesting six eggs, the next question to follow is, “When are you going to put the babies in?”  Luckily, Dr. Kumar is there so bring the family back to earth.  This is not a process that should be rushed.  BFVQuote: “Finally a real doctor put Dr. Toni in her place.”  The babies will be fertilized the next day and then frozen, BFVQuote: “so this means I could have my babies in year 2045 if I want to.”

BFVQuote: “Everybody knows that if I want to look dirty and sexy, I need to go to Trina’s closet because dirty and sexy is Trina’s middle name.”  Towanda’s cup size leaves something to be desired when wearing Trina’s clothes, and Trina thinks only a magician can help her.  BFVQuote: “I don’t want to buy any.”   Towanda thinks her entrance into the blind date arena is none of Andre’s business, but mainly because it is not like she is marrying someone anytime soon.  BFVQuote: “It is gonna take me a long time to get that comfortable with somebody again.”  This is just pure silliness!

Towanda (finally!) goes on her blind date and while she waits, she orders herself some liquid courage.  And who do you think walks through that door?  ANDRE!  Guess a blind date just means you have no idea who you are going out with, not that you don’t know the person.  BFVQuote: “I could have stayed home with my little bullet and some double A batteries.”  Andre is laying it on THICK, and we are not sure if Towanda is going to melt or bolt.  Andre has come with an arsenal of gifts too!  Didn’t Towanda say she wanted to be wined and dined by her date?  BFVQuote: “Are you doing this because you want to get laid?”  Andre wants to rejuvenate the marriage, but Towanda can barely muster the energy to pick up her martini glass to toast to the well wishes.  It just got a little frosty up in here!

Trina runs through her video routine with some hesitation, and of course Towanda and Derek are there to give her a hard time.  They want to see Trina put some stank on it, and right now Trina is just trying to get the steps down.  BFVQuote: “You gotta work it in.  You gotta push it out.”  WE are just a bit worried, and WE think Trina is too.  Towanda has agreed to fly Traci down so Trina can have a huge support group while filming the video.

Towanda fills Mama E and Trina in on her “blind date”.  BFVQuote: “He just took his heart out of his chest and he squeezed all the blood in a glass and just poured it all out.”  Trina wishes Towanda could just defrost a little bit and show some emotion.   BFVQuote: “You’re a stone!”  Towanda claims she has not dated anyone since ending her marriage because of her children, but Trina is not convinced.  Poor Mama E tries to break it down, but we are still fuzzy about what tongues and teeth have to do with dating and foot rubs.  Towanda just needs a little more show, and less tell.  WE got our fingers crossed, Andre.

Do you think Towanda should give Andre a second chance?  Will Trina get her dance moves together in time to work it in her video?  When is Tamar having babies?  WE want to hear from you!