Rachel and Brendon. Wow is all I can say. It was a roller coaster ride from the moment I met Rachel and Brendon to the moment I said goodbye…well, it was actually really hard to say goodbye to my bride under a bar, passed out…I knew I was in for a crazy ride since they were reality stars, and for me it was challenging because I never quite knew if my bride and groom were real, or if they were just real reality stars–that’s different. Someone who is so used to be on reality television, they’re going to know what to turn on what they need to do for the cameras and that’s what made it hard to get to know who they were as a bride and groom. But as time went on and I got a chance to see a little bit more of Brendon and Rachel, they weren’t that bad. They were fun, they were real, they were honest, emotional, over-the-top, dramatic and everything you’d expect them to be, but for me it was kind of interesting because Rachel did bug me. She pushed me to do things I really didn’t want to do; some of the decisions that were made for her wedding were ones that I would never normally do for my bride. For example, putting her in an Aerial Lyra (a circular suspended hoop), floating overhead as the guests walked into her reception–a bit comical and not as elegant as I typically like my bride to be. Even the first dance as bride and groom was over-choreographed. They were trying to overachieve a retrospective dance throughout history. It was something I would highly recommend my bride and groom not to do, but there was no telling the two of them no. They were always going for shock value which is how they won Big Brother and how they tried to win Amazing Race. I did remind my bride and groom that there were rules to this game on My Fair Wedding and if they didn’t want to play by them, they were not going to get a David Tutera My Fair Wedding.

Ultimately, great wedding, great TV, lots of drama. But boy, did Rachel pull a fast one on me the night of the wedding: hiding under the bar, drunk, in a puddle of water in a multi-thousand dollar gown. I was upset but I came to find out as someone who doesn’t watch Big Brother, Rachel Reilly is known for hiding. She hid in the ocean, under furniture, in rooms…and ultimately, on My Fair Wedding, she hid under the bar. So Rachel Reilly is definitely good at being a reality TV star.

Amber and Patrick

Crazy concept: Bollywood meets barbeque: Groom is from Texas and bride is from Los Angeles. She has this vision that she is from a past life of royalty and is obsessed with Indian culture; I didn’t quite understand that because to me you’re either Indian…or you’re not–and she’s not. BUT, she really wanted to wear a sari, she really wanted to have the styles and colors of India, including an elephant for her to arrive on, even though in the Indian culture it is the groom that arrives on an elephant. It’s called a Baraat, and that’s the arrival of the groom by the village to meet the bride for the ceremony.

So I had to weigh in and decide what was appropriate for this wedding. Do I go Texan, country? Indian culture? Do I combine them both? It really wasn’t clear to me what to do so I ended up mostly picking the Indian side, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t insulting or offending the Indian culture because the bride isn’t Indian. First of all, an Indian bride doesn’t arrive on an elephant so I cut that out. Bindi is a piece of jewelry that is worn on the forehead of an Indian bride and she wanted to do that too but I refused to allow this because she’s not Indian. However, I did give her the opportunity to wear a sari AFTER walking down the aisle in one of my gorgeous David Tutera for Mon Cheri bridal gowns. All of her bridesmaids did get to wear colorful saris as they walked down the aisle. What was interesting was that I realized that the bride and groom both deserved to have their ideas represented and I made it work. I had an outdoor, country setting for ceremony and it seemed like we were in the middle of Texas while having an Indian style wedding. I also had an Indian celebration in the middle of the country setting and then a country-western dessert dance party. It was all over the place but it all made sense.

For the record, I received the nicest gift I’ve ever received from a bride from Amber. She got me a star certified with my name which to me was one of the most touching things I’ve ever gotten from anybody, so this was a great experience for me. It was all around very complicated, right down to the past life readings we got from an oracle I brought in. Supposedly, my bride Amber was from royalty–she was an elephant during royal times in India in a past life. So, I guess she did deserve an Indian wedding.

The My Fair Wedding special includes lots of fun interactions between me and my brides that didn’t make it onto the shows. You’ll also experience some of my picks: my favorite and least favorite wedding dresses, my favorite transformations of brides, my favorite venues and more. It’s really a flashback of previous seasons and a sneak peek of what really happened on the last five seasons of My Fair Wedding.

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Two teachers in love. When I first saw their video in my office I was a little bit concerned that they lacked enthusiasm and excitement. But, the more time I spent with them, I learned they were quirky, kooky and funny. They had the recipe for really enjoying life and having fun. There was an underlying story to Debbie that I always felt sort of played a little bit into the potential sadness of her wedding. Her dad committed suicide four years prior to her wedding and it was talked about but it really was never addressed. The question, “How do we honor him?” never really came up. We did do donations to two foundations (DiDi Hirsh Mental Health Services and Beyond Loss), but to me that is not a celebratory thing for a wedding.

Being teachers their theme was travel and they wanted it to be exotic, so my first meeting with them was spent eating bugs. Many people said to me, “Why are you meeting your bride and groom and eating bugs?” The answer is, “I’m crazy and I wanted to see how crazy and how outside the box they were willing to go.” Together we broke bread, and by that I mean we ate mealworms, crickets and scorpions. Yeah…uh huh… pretty gross. Which by the way, said to me: this is NO boring couple!

Some of the things that I did at the wedding included having a surprise flash mob come out during the first dance of the bride and groom, as well as turning an airport hangar into exotic lands from around the world from Bali to Africa to Spain. Nothing about that wedding was traditional. The ceremony was on the runway…literally on the runway. And then my most incredible, favorite moment of my time spent with them was the reveal of their party. We’ve never done this ever on the show. We revealed the celebration space which was inside the hangar with 130 of their guests and bride and groom all at the same time. It was done by counting to three and the hangar doors came up and it was revealed. Right before the doors went up, Debbie leaned over and thanked me. She said, “Look!” She showed me the handle of her bouquet where she attached a photo of her dad. She became a bit emotional and said, “My dad would have loved to have met you.” Then the doors went up and the room revealed tents, palm trees, flowers, tables, rugs, chairs and the list goes on. BUT what amazed me the most was, of all the things in her vision–and there were a lot–the one thing she noticed first was the smallest thing the furthest away from her. It was a sign I created and the setting was a diner. The sign said “Eat at Kenneth’s Diner’–that was the place that her and her dad went to eat when they needed alone time and she became overwhelmed. Here’s to Debbie and Daniel, may you have an A+ marriage and life.

This is one hell of a group of energy. When I first met my bride Melanie, my groom Dominic and the mother of the bride, Nadine–talk about a cast of characters. Melanie wanted heaven and earth; not heaven on earth, mind you, heaven AND earth. What did that mean? It meant heaven is for ceremony and you go to earth for the party, because not everybody is going to heaven, Melanie said. So the earth part was supposed to be earthy and granola and crunchy, sort of hippie-like; I didn’t get it, I didn’t embrace it and I changed it because I needed it to make sense.

The one big underlying theme was that Nadine wanted Melanie to wear her wedding dress, but Melanie did not think her mom’s dress was pretty and I agreed with my bride; it was in fact, ugly. It was ugly 17 years ago and even more ugly today. The mother of the bride said this dress is magical because of how great her relationship is with her husband. I come to find out a week later that the dress her mom wore that was supposedly so magical wasn’t the one she wore to her wedding to Melanie’s dad. This was the dress from Melanie’s mom’s SECOND wedding. So FYI, not so magical for Melanie, more magical for Nadine. And a relationship is not based on a dress, it’s based on the magic of the relationship and not the threads in the garment, so it was a battle back and forth.

I had a lot of fun with this couple, especially with Melanie and her two sisters. They were boisterous, opinionated, non-confrontational with their mother; all three girls were very scared of their mom, so I was the one that had to deliver the news that Melanie wasn’t going to wear Nadine’s dress for the wedding, at least not for the ceremony. However, I had the dress revamped, redone, restructured and redesigned for Melanie to wear to the party at her wedding, which made her mom very happy, me relieved, the two sisters relieved, and at the end of the day everyone got what they wanted. Heaven was all white, magical, ethereal, romantic, dramatic, and earth was all of that with trees, bark and birch elements on tops of the tables, so I guess everyone is going to heaven…at least at Melanie’s wedding.

Viewers are always asking me, “Are the couples for real–are they really in to their concept or are they doing it for the show?” Sometimes I ask that myself. I’ve never met a more dedicated couple than this one. John literally wears clothes, styles his hair and speaks like he’s from the ’40s. When I met him, I knew this was someone who enjoys pretending, so to have a vintage ’40s idea was great.

Now Joelle, I wasn’t sold on. She wanted her wedding to have mermaids in it and I didn’t quite understand it. I battled the more juvenile Disney Ariel direction, so I kind of closed that book. I didn’t want mermaids at a vintage wedding, but as I did more homework into the idea, I fell in love with it. It wasn’t until I went back to my house on the east coast and saw mermaids everywhere in clothes, stores; it’s very New England. That was the final icing on the cake that sold me on it.

So when you watch the episode you’ll see that I took both of their concepts and fell in love with them as they were doing ’40s vintage and mermaid with or without me and I was happy to be along for the ride.

I hope they have a wonderful life together. They’re amazingly kind, cute and great people.

The wedding is not a place to have a stripper and I made a commitment and a promise to myself, all brides out there and the guests, that if Bobbie Burlesque stripped at this wedding, it was my swan song and time to retire. I clearly scared the stripper out of Bobbie. I had to take the reigns, be in control and make him see that I was not going to allow it. He was rude, ungrateful and obnoxious and I’m glad I did that because I protected not only my brand, my future brides and ensured my guests would feel comfortable at this wedding, but also Sophia and Anthony.

It’s really hard to embrace a concept you don’t believe in. Learning about burlesque and that it’s not stripping (when in reality it is) and just another fancy way of taking your clothes off, was hard for me to understand. This couple fought me every which way; Sophia liked nothing I picked; she hated all of the fashion I had her try on. She didn’t like the bridesmaids dresses I picked for the girls, she didn’t like the style of the burlesque dancers I had perform on the stage. She just was not a happy person. If it was black, it was white; if it was white, it was black. But ultimately my goal was still to give her the wedding that she wanted. The crystal chandeliers hanging from every element of the rafters of the stage at the LA Theatre was the glamour that was needed. The color of the burgundy and reds and blacks and whites added the sophistication that was necessary. To me it was still important to have the energy she wanted but the sophistication that she needed. The final moment that was my most concerning of the day was when I knew I had to present to her the dress that literally was being seamed together moments before I handed it to her which was the custom, full-length red, fitted, A-line silhouette dress with crystals (mind you, Swarovski crystals) and I didn’t know if she would like it. Turns out, she did like it, Bobbie hated it, but I didn’t care about Bobbie, I only cared about Sophia, and she walked down the aisle. Now, I have to say I don’t think a bride should wear red or as much makeup as Sophia did or that a bride should have a burlesque theme: so do I agree with what I did? I did what I did because she wanted it, but I wouldn’t do it again for somebody if they asked for it.

What was most shocking at the wedding was the heartfelt gratitude that Sophia expressed as she thanked me at the end of the night. Quite frankly, I wasn’t expecting it, but I was so glad to hear it. It showed a side I hadn’t seen and was hoping to see. This was the icing on the cake and made me so glad to have been a part of her wedding.

My Experience on My Fair Wedding
My name is Amber Sproling; I’m 25 years old and I work in Communications. I watched My Fair Wedding a couple of times and thought it would be so amazing to get my wedding done by David Tutera. I went to the website and looked if they were casting, which they were in Los Angeles – just my luck! I asked my fiance if he wanted to do it and he thought it was a great idea. We applied and waited. I went on a mini vaca with my fiance to Sedona, and while there we saw a wishing well, so we exchanged pennies and made our wishes. 10 minutes later the show called to say I’d been picked! My wish came true!
Meeting David Tutera and having the whole My Fair Wedding crew in my house was so surreal. I felt like I was in a dream! David was sitting on my couch and asking me questions, and I was thinking, “This cant be real, well here we go: cameras, lights and action!” The process was fun, scary, nerve racking, and unique. I had so many ideas for my wedding. I wanted peace signs and for each table to have a theme of its own. I wanted a photo booth so people can have a piece of my wedding and for my Dog to be the ring bearer.
I was so nervous to hang with David but he was really sweet and tried to make me at ease. David made me laugh, and also cry and open up. He is such a dynamic person. The whole My Fair Wedding crew was like a dream; they all made me feel like part of their family, made me laugh and boosted my confidence. No words can say how thankful I am to the crew for they made my experience! The hardest part of doing the show was talking into the camera. I am not an actress so I really didn’t know what to say but they told me I did great, which eased my nerves. My mom was really excited and overjoyed for Craig and I. I do wish she could have been there with me to try on my wedding dress. I know she was sad to have missed that but we were just so excited and thankful to be chosen for the show.
I didn’t show it but when David told me he was painting my dress RED, I was freaking out!!! I still had faith that David wouldn’t have me looking crazy on my wedding day, but I was still a little scared. When it came to letting go of control of the wedding, I had difficulty because its one of the most important days of my life and I was in the dark up until the day of. I didn’t know if i was going to be walking down the aisle in red or white.
I LOVE the painting! It hangs in my living room and I could never have imagined something like that. I had a wonderful time getting my make up done by Bobby Joy, she was so much fun and I loved her. After all that my wedding was beautiful and filled with RED! I loved the band; I loved my dress, and the food. I wish it was longer because I had so much fun and that’s what its all about. The memories I have of David Tutera giving me his star treatment for my wedding will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you David Tutera and My Fair Wedding giving me an amazing and unforgettable wedding!

I was mad mad mad in love with her concept! When Taylor and her fiancé came outside to greet me, I couldn’t figure out why they looked the way they looked until I went inside and found out the theme was Mad Men, because they really looked like they stepped out of the ’60s set from Mad Men.
It’s great when you meet a bride and groom and they pick a concept that’s perfect for them and honestly, not many of my brides could have pulled off a Mad Men themed wedding. I also took a chance with her.  She was my first bride ever to wear a tea-length wedding dress on the show!
Leading up to their wedding, we did a photo shoot that embraced the look and feel of the 1960s including Taylor, her fiancé, the bridesmaids and groomsmen. We shot downtown at the LA Center Studios which is where they actually film parts of Mad Men. So I put them in the experience of being on set to get them really connected to the theme. And boy, that could’ve gone a hundred different ways, but the only way it went was perfect. I mean, this entire bridal party embraced the ’60s and it looked like they were literally cast for the moment.
And that’s what I’m saying: that moment is when you know that a couple picked what theme they want for their wedding truly because they love it and it makes sense to them. They’re a perfect example of how to pick a look, or style, or concept or theme that tells the story of who they are. It was SO appropriate. Sometimes brides and grooms pick themes (which, I’m actually very reluctant on themes–ironically since everyone on the show does have a theme), but this was more of an execution of style. It was the ’60s through fashion, make-up, hair, music, props, flowers… everything you would’ve seen in the 1960s was embraced throughout, as opposed to a theme which becomes somewhat childlike and I have to work to find a way to make it more elegant.

When I met her, she wanted a Snow White, winter wonderland wedding. I know, when you hear that, you might think she’s twelve years old, but she was a girl who completely saw her groom as her prince charming. So I embraced it and was ready to bring snow to LA!

I took a sound stage and a snow machine and made it snow for when they exchanged the vows. The room was completely designed in white, with flocked white pine trees all around. The table cloths were ice blue and platinum silver–all trimmed in faux fur. When you were in the room, you literally felt the warmth of the love and the crispness of the snow.

One of the things that I thought of when I thought of the story of Snow White was that I remembered the wicked queen poisoned Snow White by making her eat an apple, which is quite frankly not a very happy fairy tale. What I decided to do was to take the apple and infuse it into each of the courses of her food that was served, as well as to her speciality drink and even the scent of the candles. I took what was bad and made it good.

The challenge with her wedding was, when you think of the story of Snow White, it’s honestly really not a great story until like the last five pages of the fairy tale! So, I wanted her to experience her own fairy tale. What I came up with was that every time I was with her, I wrote the pages of her own fairy tale based on what we did that day, and she literally lived the pages as we led up to her wedding. I found a gorgeous leather-bound book and on the first page started with “Once upon a time…” From the change of her bridesmaids dresses and her bridal gown, to the specialty drinks she tried, to even the new food she tasted…on every page I wrote about what was about to happen, then she read it out loud, and the magical story came alive right in front of her.

And in the end her fairy tale came true, and Sno E. and her prince charming lived happily ever after…