It is human nature for men to do whatever they can to win over a woman’s heart. On first dates we will open car doors, take women on dates we can’t afford and spend time with her friends that we might honestly think are bad influences. We will do whatever it takes to feel like the man of your dreams. But eventually the time comes where we realize the jackasses that we have become who spent half the rent money on a Louis Vuitton purse that she only wore once.

In the last episode of Bridezillas we found out that Bobby, Brittany’s groom, is paying for the entire wedding. After this episode I think Brittany said it best when she confessed that she “wore the pants.” Bobby is still in the phase of trying to be “the man” instead of being a man. Bobby shouldn’t need to impress Brittany anymore by not acting his “wage.” If she doesn’t understand that being able to buy groceries is more important than trips to propose in New York, a man should realize she needs to get dropped off at the nearest bus stop cuz she ain’t ready for the ride of her life. Why should she ride in the rosy red Charger when she couldn’t even handle the Prius?

Did you see when he tried to defend Brittany after she started crying when Bobby’s friends were joking around? I could not take him seriously. “Guys come on…the drama starts when everyone starts talking.” He reminded me of a little choo- choo train who hasn’t yet reached the top of the hill. I just know it won’t take long for Bobby to get over the hill when he is loaded with piles of debt racked up by Brittany. Next stop…Brokeville!

Jeremi Dudu is an intern in the Digital Media department at WE tv. He enjoys writing about health, wellness and relationships. Jeremi received his degree in Communication from the University of Southern California.

I’ve heard of a lot of unique wedding themes but I think couple Michelle and Josh may have taken the cake (no pun intended!) when it comes to the most unexpected theme for a beautiful blonde from Malibu: Mini Trucks.

When I was first introduced to the term “mini truck”, I immediately went right to Google. And even then, it took me awhile to figure out what the term meant and why in the world it was this couple’s wedding theme! Apparently, Michelle and Josh’s relationship began around the idea of trucks so, as a symbol of love between them, they wanted to incorporate trucks into their wedding.

I love that Michelle and Josh wanted their “story” of them as a couple to remain consistent from the day they met one another, to falling in love, through their wedding day. However, as much as I’m sure Michelle loves trucks, I’ve never encountered a bride who didn’t want a beautiful, romantic wedding. If Michelle’s wedding became all about trucks and masculinity, would it really be a reflection of Michelle and her innate dreamfor her wedding day?

Michelle was able to indulge in a fabulous, feminine day thanks to Bridal Guide and the Rex Agency. Wearing three of my David Tutera by Faviana bridal gowns, Michelle wore three different looks and did a photo shoot to be featured in Bridal Guide magazine’s March issue! There were veils, bridal accessories, diamonds, hair stylists, makeup artists, the whole package! It is of the utmost importance to me that my brides feel beautiful, confident, and feminine on their wedding day. This day of indulgence for Michelle reminded her just how important it was that her day was a reflection of her fiancé and herself.

The best part about this wedding was that Michelle was able to let go a bit and allow me to give her the wedding (not truck show) that she truly wanted. Do you remember my bride Chrissy who chose Alice in Wonderland for her wedding? Her black wedding dress was a crucial element to her wedding and I would have never taken that away from her. With Michelle, I knew she wanted to honor her and Josh’s love of mini trucks in her wedding. You can absolutely incorporate a theme or unique idea for your event as long as you do it subtly and with great taste!

The moment I presented the reception area to Michelle and Josh, I could feel a slight tinge of disappointment from them when they realized there were no mini trucks at their wedding. Fair enough, the wedding’s initial theme was, in fact, mini trucks. Little did Michelle know, I ended up placing mini trucks around the perimeter of the reception space. Creatively downplayed by sheer white drapery in front of the trucks, her theme was incorporated into her wedding reception but not overwhelmed by it. Even the most outlandish event ideas can become an integrated element at any event as long as it’s done with style!