Have you ever met someone who you’re just not really interested in? You try to talk to them and within seconds you just want to walk away? That’s how I felt about Michelle. Out of the many Bridezillas I’ve seen Michelle had to be the quietest, but also one of the most annoying. She was angry, yet she never had an explanation for her emotions. Why was she mad at her bridesmaids for not making flower bouquets the correct way when she didn’t give direction? Why did she want to make her own wedding cake from a box? Why was she mad at Bridezilla producers? If you’re angry at someone, try to resolve the issue instead of having people feel bitter. Although I did enjoy watching her groom Greg throw out the home made “wedding cake” they were supposed to make together.

I would have thrown the cake away too. Not only because she rearranged plans to make it without me, but if I served cake at my own wedding it wouldn’t be out-of-the-box cake. It would probably be a cookies and cream flavored ice cream cake that could be topped with your own personalized frozen yogurt from Yogurt Land. Anyways…Greg threw out the cake and must have thought, “What were we thinking?” Hopefully this wedding was a once in a lifetime occasion for them. I’m just saying that baking a cake from out of boxed ingredients is like inviting family over for dinner and serving everyone Hot Pockets. It just ain’t right!

I must express that I am excited to see how Tasha and Jeff’s wedding turns out if it actually happens. I don’t understand why they are getting married because it seems like they have no interest in each other. They are complete opposites, but they are fun to watch. Tasha has Jeff looking like Carrot Top, she is trying to perform a dance routine with a man who has no rhythm and she has no sense of style. She questions herself why she is getting married to him and I love it! I can’t wait to see how this will turn out and I hope you feel the same.

Jeremi Dudu is an intern in the Digital Media department at WE tv. He enjoys writing about health, wellness and relationships. Jeremi received his degree in Communication from the University of Southern California.