Debbie, a kindergarten teacher and Daniel, a high school teacher save their money all year to travel during the summer.  Travel is life to the couple!  The only snag is that David finds this theme to be BORING, and with the couple not being as adventurous as David would hope, WE’re not sure how he will pull this one off.  Get to know this couple a little bit better by checking out some fun facts and stats below:

Erika and her fiancé, James, have been engaged for 11 months and are looking forward to their wedding. But between a traditional Samoan money dance (headpiece and all) and an overwhelmed bride, this wedding is starting to scare David.  Get to know this couple a little bit better by checking out some fun facts and stats below:

James’ family doesn’t like spicy Mexican food, which Erika wants for the wedding

Regina is one of the brides of all past and current seasons that has touched my heart. She and I had a really strong relationship from the moment I met her at her front door. She reminds me of why I love what I do and why I love the show so much. And the show, in this season specifically, isn’t necessarily about weddings, but it’s really about the girl–the woman–and her struggles and sometimes the pain, which Regina had, and how it’s important to work past it to get to a happier place… which we did together.

Overall, I loved watching Regina watch the things happening. She was one of the few brides that I could spend time with, saying nothing, but simply step back and bask in seeing how happy she was made by the things being done for her.

She was a girl who truly had a Pygmalion moment. She completely blossomed. “Dragonflies” was the overall theme for her wedding, and I think of dragonflies as sort of these little whimsical creatures that are a surprise that they actually exist when you stop and look at them. And they’re just like Regina: whimsical and playful, but young and serious. Working and spending time with her was like a breath of fresh air. I saw Regina as being such a beautiful woman when I met her, and the most important thing is that after our time together, she too realized how beautiful a person she is.