Last Saturday on David Tutera: Unveiled: David plans an anniversary party for reality TV star Shayne Lamas & husband Nik Richie, but concerns around his daughter’s birth may cause him to miss the party. A private plane brings David’s baby Cielo home.

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My experience with David as my party planner was an absolute dream come true! I have always been a fan of David’s work and feel privileged to have had his magical mind plan my party! Nik and I wanted to give our family and friends something we never got to give them, as we eloped in Las Vegas. This is not just a party, it’s our family finally uniting as one. I wanted every detail of our party to be glamorous and have an unforgettable ambience. The moment I met David, I knew this was like winning the party planning lotto. Every woman should have David on party speed dial. I not only took home an amazing time with family and friends, I took home a new friend in David, as when he works with his clients, he is personal with YOU, and that’s what makes a wonderful planner in life! I owe him a lifetime of sparkles because he made our night shine like a fairy Godmother!


My daughter Jazz is turning 17 and I wanted her to have an amazing party because she has never actually had a birthday party. She tried to sell me on a quinceanera and a sweet 16, but financially, I wasn’t prepared to give her the party I felt she would enjoy. Now that she is turning 17, I am ready to do it big! I decided to seek David Tutera’s help since he is the man when it comes to major events and creating memorable moments.

Here’s the problem…I had no idea that David was so darn stubborn, opinionated and a total control freak. He’s basically the male version of ME! Naturally we would butt heads when he would not allow me to be involved in any way and wanted me to relinquish full control of my daughter’s special moment. I wanted to help and be involved to ensure that my daughter’s party was everything she imagined and David wasn’t having it. I am super protective of my daughters, so when we disagreed on everything from wardrobe to theme, I really didn’t know how this party was going to come out.

On party night, I was a little worried because we had no involvement in the planning of Jazz’s Super 16+1, but I must say that David pulled it all together. The venue was very reminiscent of the theme we suggested. Jazz was able to perform and he even brought an old school hip-hop performer to be a part of Jazz’s special night. I wanted Jazz to have this moment be remembered forever and I believe that David achieved that for us.

Last Saturday on David Tutera: Unveiled: David plans a Super 17 bash for Basketball Wive’s Tami Roman’s daughter, Jazz while planning his baby shower. Tami thinks David can’t pull off a hip hop party, but David has a big surprise: rap artist DaBrat.
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WE have all seen Tami Roman go off on Dave Edwards on Real World Los Angeles for the infamous “it wasn’t not funny” blanket incident, and more recently lay into every basketball wife to grace the TV screen. However, it seems like David Tutera hasn’t! He must have been in for quite a surprise when he went toe to toe with the likes of this well known reality star. Lucky for you, the #WEtvInsider caught up with David to get some intel on what you can expect from this Saturday’s “Super Sweet 17” episode with Tami and her daughter, Jazz. You won’t want to miss it, especially since Tami and Jazz will be chatting LIVE on Twitter Saturday night at 9p.


On Last Saturday’s David Tutera: Unveiled, David’s bride has bizarre requests, from a black bridal gown to a life-sized T-Rex. David makes a bet with the bride when he hears her brother wants to be a bridesmaid & wants to wear a dress to the wedding.

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Zack and I met when we were both RAs at Florida State. We ended up hanging out in the same group of friends in college, but never dated until senior year. We actually found each other rather annoying for the majority of those first years, but time has a weird way of changing things.

We came to David with a million scattered ideas for creating our wonderland. In the end, David thought our ideas were insane, but was still able to understand the vision and add his personal touch to it. There were some requests that were too off the wall, so I had to strike a deal with David: my brother Greg had to wear a bridesmaid dress in order to have the T-Rex prop I was dying to have.  David went beyond the call of duty by sorting out all of the bizarre requests and making the whole thing beautiful and cohesive. Zack and I had some major disagreements about fashion choices, but of course, the wedding wizard, formally known as David, found a great balance that truly made our wonderland a dream come true. The only regrets we have are not making all of the men wear dresses, and not riding the T-Rex.

The wedding shocked a lot of our friends and family, in the best and worst way possible. There was not a middle ground for people’s reactions. People were either extremely excited or nervous about it. Rest assured, we knew that once the wedding day came, everyone would see how amazing it was.

At one point, all of the groomsmen made a huge dance circle around my Nana. Nana had five gentlemen’s numbers by the end of the night.  The cake was so beautiful that no one wanted to eat it at first! Like most brides and grooms, we barely had time to eat, we were so busy. If it were up to us, time would have really stopped that night, and everyone would live in that wonderland forever celebrating.



David Tutera arrives at Grand Central Station slightly late for an event but in remarkably good spirits. He begins greeting his fans – some who waited for hours and drove all morning – one by one, and talks to them like they are the only person that matters in that room. He takes photos, signs autographs and even chats on the cellphones of his fans to OTHER fans. But there is something different about him. The normally type-A David has an ease that many of his viewers haven’t seen. He is calm, gentle and has the glow of a new parent.

“I had a ton of fun taping this season,” David said, noting that he learned a lot about watching himself on camera. “I always knew I was a little bit of a mess, but I’m a train wreck. I pretended for so long that I had it to together, but I don’t have it together. It makes me just as normal as the person watching this show,” he said.

But it’s not everyday that someone is able to capture a life changing moment on camera, let alone letting that camera capture it for a nationwide audience. “My favorite moment of the entire season is the last 20 seconds of the last episode of the season and that is when my daughter comes home. I couldn’t prepare for it because I never did it before. My life was completely changed and that was my favorite moment ever on television,” David gushes.

When the baby, Cielo, is mentioned, the party planner’s face and body language automatically change. He smiles wide and seems both excited and at ease at the same time. Like any new parent, he can’t wait to talk about his beautiful little girl and the love he has for her can be felt across the table.

“Cielo is a little more than three months old now. Her name means ‘Heaven’ and ‘sky’ and I swear to you that name couldn’t get any more perfect because she is a little angel from Heaven. She is this breath of life and love and positivity and kindness and calmness. All the things that our lives should be filled with is what she is, ” he says.

As he continues, he says that he is grateful for everything he has to endure as a single dad and that the only real struggle is when he has to leave her to go to work. “She has been the easiest thing I have ever done,” David explains.

And his daughter, he says, has brought him a totally new outlook on life and has put everything in perspective for him. “Her ability to calm me down as I calm her down is what is the magical part of this relationship.”

The bond between a daughter and a father is a special one, and the bond between David and Cielo is no exception. While he is looking forward to seeing how things change – he can’t wait to hear her speak and watch her walk – the duo is taking it one step at a time.

“I made her a promise when she was in the NICU. I promised her that we would be a team, we’re partners. She’ll make mistakes, I’ll make mistakes but we’ll talk out together. I’m a single dad and this is it. It’s me and her against the world and you know what? We’re going to win.”

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Last Saturday on David Tutera: Unveiled, Bride Lisette acts like a little girl and wishes her mom were here to make her wedding dress. David is distracted by his daughter’s upcoming birth and blames it on pregnancy brain.

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Last Saturday on David Tutera: Unveiled, David goes back to his Bat Mitzvah roots, and throws a fabulous Beverly Hills party. This family of Persian princesses push David and his team to their limit. David decorates his baby’s nursery in style.

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