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Cyndi Lauper on No Voice, No Choice

Why did Cyndi agree to participate in a reality show? And what does she have to say about her husband David, son Declyn and preparing for her performance on The Voice. Read her first blog now.

WE Tells All: Mary Mary, Season 1 Recap

This season has had its share of ups and downs, love and drama, and wonderful, tear-jerking moments. Below is a list of my top 10 favorite moments from this season.

WE Tells All: Mary Mary, Singing the Blues

The sisters enter a very rocky part of their relationship, and struggle to agree on anything. In the meantime, Warryn works on the sisters’ new track, and Mama Campbell plans Erica’s baby shower.

WE Tells All: Mary Mary, Oh Baby!

With Tina breaking the pregnancy news to all the VIPs in her life, the fate of Mary Mary and their demanding schedule hang in the balance. Goo introduces Justin to Erica and Tina, and Warryn takes Erica on a baby-moon.

WE Tells All: Braxton Family Values, Wedding Daze

As Evelyn’s pending nuptials creep closer and closer, the girls start to become a bit skeptical about whether Mommy and Doc will actually tie the knot. In non-wedding news, Traci tries to convince her dad to be an investor in her Baltimore hair salon.

We Are So Thankful

The last episode of filming was very memorable for both Bryan and I. It was the first filming in Florida that we really felt like we were home. The kids were loving it, the weather was warming up so we were able to make it to the beach, and Bryan and I were really starting…