Mama E. has touched down in L.A.!  Tamar is glad Mommy has come to live in L.A. because not only can Mama E help out when Tamar gives birth, but Tamar can also watch what Evelyn eats.  BFVQuote: “I am your food angel.”  If Tamar continues to treat Evelyn like the child in the relationship, Mama E might just pack up her stuff and head back to Atlanta.  But, WE agree with Tamar… Evelyn must make sure she is eating right!  Mama E is excited to put on her apron and show Tamar a thing or two about how to make your man happy.  BFVQuote: “Let me tell you something… ain’t nobody got time for that!”  And just like that, Tamar heads to a meeting and leaves Mama E to tend to some defrosted chicken.  BFVQuote: “Go to s-t-o-v-e first.”

Back in Atlanta, Trina and Towanda are meeting with Jonathan to work on some steps for Trina’s new single, “Game Time.”  BFVQuote: “I just need a little workerization.”  Toni has invited Trina to perform at her upcoming show, but Towanda is concerned about the actual performance after seeing the rehearsal and finding out one of the dancers had to go to China.  Then Jonathan drops a bomb and says he won’t be able to make the performance either!  BFVQuote: “I think I got my dates confused.”  Trina definitely had a vision for her “Game Time” performance including dancers and silver pom poms, but she may need to rethink this.  BFVQuote: “Pom poms are the perfect adorable accessory.  Plus, they’re kinda sexy.”  Towanda’s solution is for her and Traci to fill in as backup singers and dancers, but Trina looks less than convinced.  BFVQuote: “It’s still Toni Braxton’s show.”

Traci has agreed to help out Trina for her performance, but first she must go shopping with Tamar.  BFVQuote: “All she does is shop and eat.”  While sniffing candles, Mama E suggests for Tamar to attend a parenting class to just learn someone else’s point of view on parenting.  BFVQuote: “It ain’t really that hard.”  Even Traci thinks it’s a good idea for Tamar to get a little schooling in how to be a mama.  BFVQuote: “Once that baby comes out your coody poo poo, honey child you are in a different mode.”  Of course Traci doesn’t stop there… she goes into full birthing details including the possibility of crapping all over the place and details about after birth!  BFVQuote: “I think that’s absolutely disgusting that I have to give birth to a sack after I give birth to my baby.”

Trina and Toni are at Center Staging in L.A. rehearsing for their upcoming performances.  Toni is concerned about Traci and Towanda still not knowing the choreography a day before the performance.  BFVQuote: “Nobody knows the choreography?”  Poor Traci and Towanda can’t get through 10 seconds of choreography before Toni yells “cut” and tries to direct this cluster.  BFVQuote: “I have six hours to get this shit right.  Really?”  Traci really has a lot to prove, but she is willing to put in the time to make sure it is on point.  Toni isn’t even convinced when the group performs “Party or Go Home” based on Trina’s too high heels complicating her strut.  BFVQuote: “If you’re in your 30’s you should not be using pom poms unless you are with your guy in private.”

In between the rehearsing, the ladies take Tamar to her first parenting class.  BFVQuote: “I haven’t seen my purse in a few months.  I can’t look down and see my purse!”  And yes… that purse.”  To build up Tamar’s endurance to pain the instructor makes everyone hold an ice cube in their hand for as long as possible.  BFVQuote: “Is my cooch gonna feel like my hand?  Because it hurts.”  After that, the instructor shows Tamar what her cervix will look like using what looks like an old sock.  WE are scarred and so is she, me, her!  BFVQuote: “It’s not like I can go out and buy a new python bag.  It’s my purse for life.”  Then the conversation turns to inverted nipples.  WE don’t know what is going on, but WE definitely don’t like it!  BFVQuote: “They’re gonna hang like somebody’s b*lls and I don’t want my t*ts looking like b*lls.”  Tamar only seems to perk up when the teacher, Lauren mentions that she can drink while physically breastfeeding since it won’t have time to make it through the body.  BFVQuote: “That’s fabulous, but that is so hood rat though.”

Trina and Tamar meet for lunch and Trina has taken this opportunity to wear her “fashion forward pants.”  BFVQuote: “They are very ‘I Dream of Geenie’ ish.”  Trina fills Towanda in on her L.A. moving plans, mainly with “opportunity” being the top reason.  It looks like the only thing standing in her way is the possibility of Eric going to school in Atlanta.  Trina accuses Towanda of being a stick in the mud, but it seems like Towanda is just trying to look at the bigger picture and try and voice her concerns.  BFVQuote: “You are being very unfun.”  Trina rats out her sisters and tells Towanda this was all Toni and Tamar’s idea.  Towanda does NOT seem happy, but it still not an option for her to follow everyone and move to L.A.

It’s the day of Toni and Trina’s show, and the crew has arrived for sound check.  BFVQuote: “I don’t know if Trina can pull it off because her nerves and lack of professionalism is getting the best of her.”  It also doesn’t help that Traci is late and is getting mic-ed while she is trying to perform the moves.  This is not the best thing for Toni to see when she already has doubts.  BFVQuote: “We look like sh*t on shingles.  I’m embarrassed.”  Toni decides to cut “Game Time” and Trina is really disappointed. On the bright side, Trina doesn’t need to worry about getting her sisters up to speed on the choreography, and instead can focus on a song they are more familiar with.  Traci even promises not to walk off the stage again.  Toni’s performance is of course flawless, but what else do we expect from Ms. Toni Braxton?  Towanda is hoping this just reminds Toni of why she loves to sing and prevents her from walking away from the industry.  It is now time for Queen Boom Boom to show the crowd (and Toni) that she is capable of putting on a great performance.  After all the stress leading up to the performance, WE think she gets it together.  It doesn’t even matter that Traci forgot her choreography because she is just doing what the song says… partyin’.  Toni and Towanda are less than convinced.  BFVQuote: “I’d give her a C+.”   It may not be Trina’s performance that has these two concerned, but rather Traci’s interpretive dance moves.  BFVQuote: “Am I surprised? No!  I’m just glad she didn’t walk off.”

Next week, Tamar hires a real assistant while Traci breaks out on her own and performs at CIAA.  Trina is there as well finally performing her new hit, “Game Time.”


When I first thought of doing the reality show it was to document all that was going on this passed year. I also thought it’d be fun to bring my family along to some of the places I was going. I don’t always get to be with them. My husband and I were supposed to be switching back and forth raising Declyn. When he worked I would stay home and when I worked he would stay home. But my job kept going and going. And David took over for me and turned down his work more and more. And I don’t know what Dec and I would do now if it weren’t for David.

I know in the back of my head what a wise friend once told me. She said that if you are truly a team, you know that sometimes one of you does well and then later on the other one may do well. She said that there are many chapters in a life. So right now we’re on this chapter.

Anyway, I was going to LA. I was going to be on The Voice. I thought Declyn, my son, would find that interesting. I thought my husband would love the hotel we were staying at, which he did. We had a suite and everything I thought would be fun. I thought we’d camp in the living room and watch TV. I forgot that maybe my guys would be exhausted after a 6 hr flight, and that maybe they just wanted to come in and collapse and not hang. It was also some finale games for the Stanley Cup. That’s a huge hockey time, which is very big time in our household, and of course they wanted to camp they just didn’t want to talk.  The next day would be important for me for work. It was better to rest.

The next day was a sound check and rehearsal for the TV show, The Voice.  I brought my gear with me to use and try to interface with the TV show’s sound system.  My gear consists of little monitors, like earplugs, but with little speakers in them that allow me to hear my voice while I’m singing. I would have to work with the show’s sound man and not my own to adjust them to be able to work within their system. Well sometimes that works out and sometimes it doesn’t. The funny thing was that before I left for LA I had a nagging thought that maybe I should have brought my sound guy along to better communicate with the show’s sound man. But I didn’t listen to that nagging little thought and got distracted with the clothes and what my look would be. And that was the biggest mistake I made because if you have a little nagging feeling that you don’t listen to, you might pay for it later… and I did.  But you’ll see that in my show on the 12th of January, on WE tv at 9|8c.

See ya there

Kendra takes advantage of a business trip to Miami, and invites her girls to come along.  However, this minor business trip turns into more than she was bargaining for.

Kendra has a book signing in Miami, and Hank would rather stay home, catch up with Travelle and have some father/son time with Lil’ Hank.  This is the perfect opportunity for Kendra to sneak in a little pleasure with all her business obligations.  Girls trip!  KOTQuote: “Do you know what happens in Miami?  Party and dance!”

Kendra and Jessica arrive in Miami.  KOTQuote: “There’s some hot ass bitches here, and we’re adding to it.”  Bethany arrives the next morning, and the girls plot to get her drunk for the first time.  The girls want to hit up the beach, the pool, and fit in a little shopping.  KOTQuote: “Time to party!”  After settling in, this crazy duo heads out to grab a bite to eat.  Leave it to Kendra to bring up interesting topics of conversation.  KOTQuote: “Why is it called buffalo mozzarella?  Is it because its from Buffalo, NY?  Or is it because the cheese comes from an actual buffalo?”  As Kendra reaches to do a quick Google search, Kira calls with some scheduling updates.  Kendra will now be doing a radio interview at Power 96 at 9:15, which means an 8 a.m. wakeup call for this former bunny!  Kendra recognizes the importance of promotion, and looks on the bright side; she can give the interview, have her book signing, and still have the rest of the day and night to live it up in Miami.  KOTQuote: “Makes sense.”

Bethany arrives early in the morning, and the girls are ready to go.  Pop the cork!  KOTQuote: “I needed a breath of fresh air to start my day.”  Kendra fills Bethany in on their master plan… to get Bethany drunk!  She promises to keep up with Kendra and Jessica, and go drink for drink with them.  This should be interesting.

Kendra does her interview at Power 96 with DJ J.P., and is excited to just be herself.  With Kendra proclaiming her love for creepy fans, caller number one dials in asking what Kendra’s book is about.  KOTQuote: “Cribs, cocktails, and getting my sexy back.  That’s all you need to know.”  Between talks of book signings, ass signings, and hairy butts it is shaping up to be an interesting interview and definitely an interesting book signing.  KOTQuote: “You need a razor, and a Sharpie.”  WE are officially grossed out!  Kira checks in between interview and book signing, and schedules an additional interview with the Miami Herald and a LIV Nightclub appearance.  KOTQuote: “I get it.  Work’s work.”

Jessica and Bethany relax on the beach while Kendra is slaving away.  As they toast to a girls weekend, Kendra shows up to break the news to the girls that she has more work to do.  The girls are majorly disappointed, but Kendra assures them it will be fun.  The girls are also super excited for Kendra’s appearance at LIV, and agree to come to the club and party while Kendra hosts.

Back in L.A., Travelle and Hank are hanging at the house doing some grillin’ and talking about Travelle’s new fitness center opportunity.  Travelle doesn’t want to do this alone, so he invites Hank to get involved in the training center.  KOTQuote: “We gotta move on it, like now.”  Hank is honored to be involved in this opportunity, since Travelle is the best of the best when it comes to NFL trainers.

The girls relax before their big night out by getting massages, but are disappointed that Kendra is not joining them.  Jessica is going over the drinking game plan as they relax, and Bethany looks a little worried.  KOTQuote: “Girlfriend, if I had four shots, I would probably not be standing.”

Back at the hotel, Kendra is exhausted from her crazy work schedule.  KOTQuote: “Don’t you dare treat this as a vacation for me!”  Kendra runs through her crazy schedule with Hank, and Hank promises Kendra a girls weekend once she is done with all her promotion.  Kendra is excited for Hank’s new training facility involvement, but the conversation is cut short when hair and makeup arrives.  Jessica and Bethany head to Kendra’s room to hang out while she gets ready.  KOTQuote: “I’m gonna live this bitch up.”  After having a good laugh over Jessica’s saggy boobs, it looks like the girls are just ready ot get down and party.

KOTQuote: “It’s time to get down.  It’s time to party and not give a f*ck.”  The girls arrive to a hyped crowd that is as pumped as they are.  Let the girl’s weekend festivities begin!  The girls waste no time getting their drink on.  The girls kiss their memories goodbye as they load up on shots and mixed drinks.  KOTQuote: “Mission accomplished.  We got Bethany drunk as f*ck.”

Kendra arrives back home in time for Mother’s Day, and Lil’ Hank greets her with a rose.  How sweet is that beautiful little boy?!  KOTQuote: “My son is so sweet and so thoughtful.  And so is his dad.”  Overall, Kendra thinks this weekend was a success between the work she accomplished and the fun she had with the girls.  WE agree… Girl’s weekend was a success!

Do you think Girl’s Weekend was success?  How would you spend your time in Miami; work or play?  Do you think the training opportunity with Travelle is right for Hank?  WE want to hear from you!

Kendra looks for the perfect pre-school for Lil’ Hank (and the perfect pre-school interview appropriate attire) and gets very overwhelmed by the process.

Lil’ Hank is one smart two year old!  KOTQuote: “He is two and a half, going on 21.”  This kid breezes through his colors like a champ, and you can see how proud Hank and Kendra are of him.  Hank thinks Kendra is going to have a hard time with Lil’ Hank going to pre-school.  KOTQuote: “You’re gonna have a heart attack.  You’re gonna be so sad.”  These parents need help finding the perfect pre-school for this little genius!

Kendra takes Lil’ Hank to the park to hang out with Bethany and her daughter, Lexi.  Kendra asks Bethany for her help and pre-school expertise.  Bethany fills Kendra in on applications, deposits and waitlists, and Kendra is SHOCKED.  KOTQuote: “You really have to get started.”  KOTQuote: “This ain’t no club!  This is pre-school!”  Bethany also tells Kendra the interview process is just as much the school interviewing the parents, as it is the parents interviewing the school.  Kendra wonders what she would respond to the question, “What is your profession?” KOTQuote: “I would probably say entrepreneur.  But, how do you spell that?”  Kendra just hopes no one Googles her!

Kendra goes shopping with Jessica for pre-school interview appropriate attire.  KOTQuote: “Wow this is more PTA.  I’m not there yet.”  Kendra wants to make sure she is seen as a powerful mom who can’t be messed with.  KOTQuote: “You’re gonna look fab for your interviews.”  Unfortunately, Hank can’t attend the two interviews Kendra has lined up with two potential pre-schools, but there is no way Hank can give up this role.  This could be his big break!  KOTQuote: “That’s alright babe.”

Kendra goes to the first pre-school and is greeted by Mr. Bob.  Kendra fills out the appropriate paperwork, and is given some literature about the school and its program.  Mr. Bob seems to be giving Kendra the full tour, and not leaving out one detail.  WE hope Kendra can remember all this.

Hank arrives for his first movie roll with plenty of wardrobe choices.  KOTQuote: “I don’t feel like it’s the pressure of the movie I’m thinking about, its more so the pressure from the family and that I put on myself because I want this to be the beginning of my new career; the new Hank.”  WE hope Hank’s nerves don’t get the best of him.

Kendra goes to visit the second school with much more confidence.  She is ready to ask the hard hitting questions and find the perfect fit for Lil’ Hank.  KOTQuote: “I knew what to ask.  I knew what to look for, and what to look at.”  Kendra is very impressed by School #2’s sports program.  KOTQuote: “I want him to play!”

Once Hank arrives home from set, Kendra fills him in on the pre-school process.  KOTQuote: “I felt like I needed to go to school in preparation of putting Lil’ Hank in a pre-school.”  Kendra can’t decide on one school, and she has lined up another interview at a third school.  However, she needs Hank there with her.  KOTQuote: “We’ll develop a plan of action and we’ll do it as a team.”  Kendra and Hank bring Lil’ Hank to the third school in the running, but all Lil’ Hank wants to do is play!  Luckily, there is a room full of goodies for him to play with.  And as for the interview process, Kendra seems to be rockin’ it on her own!  Good job, Kendra!  You’re an awesome mom!

Back at home, Kendra and Hank sit down with some wine and try and make a pre-school decision.  Hank loves the education portion of the schools, which lines up with their old school parenting values.  KOTQuote: “This is a big decision. This is so much pressure.  What are we looking for?”  Out of all three schools, Kendra can only see Lil’ Hank running around and learning at one place.  After some tears and some shared stories they are confident with their decision (as difficult as it may be to let go).

Kendra and Hank bring Lil’ Hank to his first day of pre-school at the Montessori School, and he is so excited to make new friends.  In the end, Kendra and Hank felt more comfortable with their program and their preparation.  KOTQuote: “I can call it a bittersweet time.”  Lil’ Hank is so excited, and it looks like he is really going to be happy with Kendra and Hank’s decision.  KOTQuote: “Team Lil’ Hank!”  KOTQuote: “Team Baskett-cases!”

Do you think Kendra and Hank made the right decisions?  How did Hank do in his interview?  WE want to know what you think!

Welcome to WE tv, Kendra and family!  As Kendra juggles career and mommy duties, Hank tries to work on his hosting career.  In the middle of it all, Kendra goes on a wild girls night out in L.A.!

Hair and makeup is scheduled to arrive any minute and Kendra is still fast asleep!  Thankfully, Baby Hank knows just how to wake up his mama.  How cute is that boy with his long curls?  Cutest baby award definitely goes to him!  Kendra has the Disfunkshion shoot today, and Hank needs to brief her on the tight schedule she is under.  KOTQuote: “Hank has been there domestically which is why he gets more sex than any other married man.”

As Kendra rambles off her lifestyle change (including a workout regiment and diet), even WE are tired and out of breath just listening to her.  But she looks HOT, so kudos to you!  KOTQuote: “I want to be able to look myself in the mirror and say ‘look you did your part today.’”  Kendra has Kira to keep her on track with how she looks and what she says, but it’s clear that is not super important to Kendra.  She says what she thinks, and WE love her for that.

Hank spends some guy time hitting balls at the golf range, and discusses how fortunate he was to have had such a great career in football.  Because of this, there are even more opportunities coming his way.  Being in the final consideration for Oprah’s game show host is just the tip of the iceberg.  Hank truly wants to have an equal partnership with Kendra, and getting his new career on track is a major part of this.

WE are just making this statement now.  Hank Jr.’s nanny, Rosa is going to be our favorite character.  KOTQuote: “He did the poop.”

As Hank breaks the news to Kendra he did not get the hosting gig for Oprah’s game show, Kendra thinks it is great that Hank didn’t get the job because it will strive him to be better.  KOTQuote: “That’s your challenge.  To prove me wrong.  I feel like the hire short mother ******* to host shows.”  Poor Ryan Seacrest!  Does anyone not pick on that man’s height?  I’m 5 feet so anyone is tall to me lol.

Thank God Kendra is not pregnant!  Come on, Hank.  Who buys an ovulation test instead of a pregnancy test?  I’m sure they are clearly labeled to avoid moments like this.

Kendra meets with Brian and Kira to discuss upcoming business.  KOTQuote: “I want to take this chance, grab it buy the balls, and suck it up.”  Well put, Kendra!  I love when Kendra tells Brian and Kira about her pregnancy test, but why is Brian confused?  I think someone must not have paid attention in Biology.  However, Brian is right.  With everything Kendra has going on, it is best to concentrate fully on her career.  KOTQuote: “I want to inject my life with steroids.”  Kendra thinks she should have a vibrator for her Love Kit, but with it reaching a broad range of ages, it may be best to avoid THOSE kinds of items.  Kira suggests a massager instead.

OMG it’s Holly!  It is so great to see her on TV again, and she is looking slim and trim too!  KOTQuote: “We have a shared history. It just so happens we dated the same guy at the same time.”  Kendra takes her on a tour of the house, and it’s pure comedy.  I love how Kendra has funny reasons for having horse statues in the house.  They make the room “less serious”.  Holly and Kendra start to talk about careers, and how it is important to control your own career.  KOTQuote: “You’ll never be happy if you listen to everyone else even if it does lead to success.”

Hank pays a visit to Marki Costello to craft his hosting style.  KOTQuote: “These are vagina hands.  You never want to do vagina hands.”  Hank seems to be thinking too much with his delivery, but WE think Marki can give him tips to relax and be himself.  Relating the process to football is a great way to get Hank to focus.  He has been playing football his entire life, and it’s what he is comfortable with.

Hank fills Kendra in on his training with Marki, but they are distracted by Baby Hank’s adorableness!  How can you concentrate when someone that cute so focused on his boogies that he fully stops his mini jeep and concentrates on achieving his goal?  Kendra suggests for Hank to find his “black humor”.  Yeah, we aren’t quite sure what she means either!

Kendra gets ready for a well deserved night at with her friends.  KOTQuote: “I need to have some me time and let loose with my friends.”  As Hank sees Kendra looking great in a LBD, he tries to convince her to stay home and have some quality time with him.  KOTQuote: “I need an estrogen party.  I need to talk about your penis to my girlfriends.”  Kendra insists she will be back in an hour as the girls are just going out for some wine.  Why do I feel like that is going to turn into an all-night affair?  We get to meet Jessica Hall, who is a fellow Playboy lady, JoJo, Jenny McCarthy’s sister/ Kendra’s spraytanner, and Bethany who is Kendra’s conservative friend. WE find out soon Bethany is apparently very competitive when it comes for sex.  This group of girls looks like they have a lot of FUN.

The girls arrive at one of L.A.’s hot spots, Playhouse and there is an angry paparazzi screaming about his civil rights.  Luckily, Kendra is not concerned and gets ready to party!  The girls start off with some champagne, move on to shots, and then continue with more and more shots.  All that put together is the best recipe for disaster I have ever seen.  KOTQuote: “One or two ain’t bad! I don’t get drunk off of two shots.  Well maybe I do.”

Kendra is partying HARD and it looks like this night is not ending.  Thankfully after hours of dancing and partying, Kendra heads home.  Even though she tries to sneak into the house, Hank has perfect hearing.  He is not feeling sorry for Kendra, and refuses to wake up with baby Hank.  Always being persuasive, Kendra tries to convince Hank this night was more beneficial for him because she found out more about herself.  She also was inspired by Bethany and realized she and Hank should be having a lot more sex… like now.  Too bad Hank is not turned on.  KOTQuote: “Not that night.  Nuh uh!”  KOTQuote: “You’re like a nat at a bbq right now.”

Will Kendra find the perfect vibrator to include in her Love Candy kits?  Will Hank get the movie role he auditioned for?  What are you most excited to see this season?  WE want to hear from you!

This season has had its share of ups and downs, love and drama, and wonderful, tear-jerking moments.  Below is a list of my top 10 favorite moments from this season:

  1. Mary Mary ROCK their Go Get It Performance
  2. Tina finds out she is pregnant (again!)
  3. Erica gives birth to baby Zaya
  4. The “Vagine” Monolagues a la Mary Mary
  5. Goo and Mitch (Fights 1-35)
  6. Tina and Erica call off their tour
  7. Teddy and family surprise Tina on Thanksgiving
  8. Jill Scott creates an original lullaby for Zaya
  9. Mary Mary record “Go Get It”
  10. The sisters take a “relaxing” trip to Palm Springs

CLICK HERE to create your own top 10 list from this season.

What did you think of the Go Get It debut performance?  What are you most looking forward to next season?  Who can’t wait for season 2?  WE want to know what you think!

The sisters enter a very rocky part of their relationship, and struggle to agree on anything.  In the meantime, Warryn works on the sisters’ new track, and Mama Campbell plans Erica’s baby shower.

The sisters are at Fever Studios with Warryn recording a new single to present to Sony Records.  MMQuote: “I want to still keep that momentum going and make some more records.”  It is very important that the sisters keep the fans interested in their music since Erica will be giving birth soon, and Tina has a baby on the way.  MMQuote: “I want this joint to be monumental on the dance floor.”  Enter Ma$e.  WE all remember him as the rapper who rode with Diddy and Bad Boy Records, and then left the limelight to become a preacher, so WE are glad to see him back in action.  MMQuote: “He found God, or should I say God found him.  So, it makes perfect sense for us to get in the studio with him and create some hot music.”  As soon as Ma$e gets on the mic, his flow is on point and WE know the sisters will have a hit on their hands (but, this better happen soon with only 10 days left until their Sony meeting).  However, Tina doesn’t agree the sisters should rush to release a hit, MMQuote: “I think it’s smart to delay the record” and this results in another argument.  Even with Ma$e backing up Warryn and Erica, Tina is still not listening.  MMQuote: “She is who she is.  I can either accept it or deal with it, or we just won’t be a group anymore.”  MMQuote: “Erica and Tina have got to figure this out, because if they don’t I am not sure what the outcome is going to be.”

Sandra (Warryn’s mom), Goo and Alana head to Hotcakes Bakery to discuss all things sweet for Erica’s upcoming baby shower.  Everyone loves the cake tasting, especially Goo.  MMQuote: “Oh my God, yes!  That sounded like something else.”  WE love Goo!

Back at Fever Studios, Alana visits Tina and Erica to talk about the baby shower.  Unfortunately, it looks like Tina wasn’t aware that she was not planning the baby shower.  MMQuote: “We’re gonna let you live.”  MMQuote: “You don’t want a last minute, thrown together baby shower is what you’re saying?”  It would be nice if Erica acted like she would have at least wanted Tina to organize the shower, but WE’ll let that slide.

Tina meets up with Honey to discuss all the pressure she is under.  MMQuote: “I feel like I’m busy keeping up with my life, not living it.”  Honey thinks that Tina’s need for perfection is really becoming a problem, MMQuote: “She goes overboard a lot of times with some issues, and I know she hates it herself.”  When Honey suggests getting more help around the house, Tina immediately goes on the defensive.  WE understand she doesn’t want someone else raising her children, but sometimes a little help goes a long way.  MMQuote: “Real talk!  You was home, mama.  You did this.”  Tina’s value comes from what she does at home, not on the stage, so it is very difficult for her to sacrifice her time at home for her career.  MMQuote: “I feel frickin overwhelmed all the time.”  Honey raised 14 kids and refused to stop, so she knows Tina can handle this.  MMQuote: “You’re the greatest, girl!”  With her behavior starting to effect her kids actions and frustrations, Tina realizes she may need to go to a therapist for some help.

Erica and Honey spend the day together, and while they are having some mother-daughter time, Honey decides to fill Erica in on the conversation she had with Tina.  MMQuote: “Sometimes I feel like, is this not really supposed to be?  Maybe it’s time for me to move on from this group.”  Honey thinks the girls need to work out their own issues with a third party, and Erica is not into the idea.  Erica thinks Tina needs to come to some realizations about herself before they have any conversation.  However, Honey does not think the blame should be put completely on Tina.  MMQuote: “There are two sides to every story.  Two sides and then the real side.”  Erica thinks her and Tina need to come to some resolve, even if that means no more Mary Mary.

Tina takes the kids for frozen yogurt, and hopes to talk to Laiah about her frustrations with perfectionism.  MMQuote: “She is really hard on herself for an eight year old.  She’s her mama’s child.”  Tina wants Laiah to realize she does not to be 100% perfect all the time.  MMQuote: “I want you to work on telling yourself that you can, rather than get frustrated that you can’t.”

Erica and Tina decide to have a relaxing evening and concentrate on just being sisters, but Erica can’t help but bring up the conversation she had with Honey.  Tina explains that her conversation with Honey was strictly about her, and had nothing to do with Mary Mary.  Erica says she gets frustrated with Tina because, MMQuote: “We have differences of opinions in how we want to work.”  Tina admits she feels pressured to agree to certain commitments.  MMQuote: “Does that mean I do more solo stuff?”  Tina doesn’t want Mary Mary to break up, but if that is what has to happen, than that’s it.  These sisters need to be on the same page!  Luckily, Erica agrees to go to therapy to try and make this right.

Tina and Erica finally go to therapy.  MMQuote: “I’m not surprised we are here.” When the therapist asks why the sisters are at therapy, Tina and Erica discuss how they have different views on situations and different work styles.  Tina does not feel that time off will cause you to become irrelevant, but Erica obviously disagrees.  It’s clear the sisters have completely different work ethics, and Erica’s work ethic is to be working 24/7.  The sisters either need to get over their problems, or move on.  MMQuote: “If I can’t sprinkle it with sugar and spice, it will be sprinkled with salt and it’s going to be sour.”  The sisters do feel that their sisterly relationship is the most important, and it is easy to see they want to continue their journey together.  Tina and Erica realize the way Erica feels about work is the same way Tina feels about parenting; since God gave them their blessings, they need not say no.  The sisters are able to use the strength and drive they learned in Englewood, CA to move forward.  The sisters need to go back to their roots!

As the sisters drive around Englewood, they are able to remember the good memories they had and how far they have come.  MMQuote: “I didn’t expect to feel all the things that I felt.  I didn’t expect to remember and connect back to all the things that helped us build and make us who we are.  But I did.”  As the sisters visit their old church, they remember the dedication they learned there.  MMQuote: “Family man.  Family.”  All these memories make the sisters realize they need to fight to stay together and stay committed.

It’s shower day and it’s carousel themed.  Erica arrives with the family in toe.  MMQuote: “Mama Campbell outdid herself.”  WE agree, Erica.  Zaya is very lucky to have a grandma who can arrange that kind of party to welcome her into the world (and Erica is lucky to have that kind of mother-in-law!).  Tina takes advantage of this special occasion, and begins to announce her pregnancy. MMQuote: “No one’s stealing her shine.  These are all my people.  These are all my friends.”  Tina is right… it’s the secret she keeps on telling.  But, I’m sure if WE had good news like that to share, we wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret either!  Mama Campbell comes up with a very clever (and appropriate) shower game.  Each group must create a song about Zaya, and perform for the whole party.  This is hysterical!  Unfortunately, not everyone in attendance can create hits like Mary Mary, but all the renditions are awesome!  We would not expect anything less than the attendees at a Mary Mary shower. MMQuote: “Brilliant! I loved it.”

As always, Mary Mary is back in the studios finalizing their single with Ma$e, but Warryn is concerned he can’t quite get it right.  Something is missing.  MMQuote: “This is dope.  That’s dope. But everything together is not flowing.”  With this single and “Go Get it” not finalized, Warryn still doesn’t know which single he will give to Mitchell to present to Sony in New York.

Will Warryn finish “Go Get It” in time to present to Sony?  Will the sisters finally move past all the arguing to become a stronger, more unified Mary Mary?  Will Goo and Mitchell ever put aside their differences to co-exist on Team Mary Mary?  Let us know your thoughts!

With Tina breaking the pregnancy news to all the VIPs in her life, the fate of Mary Mary and their demanding schedule hang in the balance.  Goo introduces Justin to Erica and Tina, and Warryn takes Erica on a baby-moon.

Tina and Erica get home from the sisters weekend and break the news to the family.  The news is not met with all cheers and joyfulness.   MMQuote: “There can be some pretty serious consequences from her being pregnant and her being gone from her fans so long.”  At this point, Honey seems to be the only one truly excited about the news.  MMQuote: “I was so tickled when she told me.”

Tina is apprehensive to tell Teddy about the pregnancy, as she feels it will make her feel worse about the pregnancy.  MMQuote: “My biggest fear about telling Teddy was he would feel what I felt.”  The news takes Teddy by surprise.  MMQuote: “I’m shocked. I wasn’t ready for that. We’re gonna have 5 kids… and that’s just a lot.”  Talking about the overwhelming tasks that come with parenting, Teddy makes Tina realize that God would not keep giving them children without the help they will need to be great parents.  With Teddy refusing to think about the magnitude of the pregnancy, Tina seems to be the only one overly concerned.  MMQuote: I’m pregnant and I’m emotional.  Just let me have my moment.”

Goo’s boyfriend Justin is coming in from Atlanta, and they will go on a triple date with Erica and Tina.  Wanting to always look fresh, Goo goes shopping with Alana to find the perfect outfit.  Alana and Goo both know Justin will be peppered with a slew of questions from all four family members.  MMQuote: “Erica and Tina are going to come at him hard and he may think he’s doomed.  But he’s not.”  Goo is a little concerned though, especially with what Teddy and Warryn will say.  However, Goo thinks this will definitely show what type of man Justin is.  If he breaks a sweat, she may not want to be with someone like that.

While discussing the pregnancy and how it relates to the sisters’ careers, Honey sheds some light on the main issues.  MMQuote: “These pregnancies are bumping heads and its causing all types of confusion right now.”  Tina doesn’t believe that not committing to every opportunity is going to affect their career, but Erica sees it differently. MMQuote: “It hasn’t been 11 years so we can do what we can. We’ll do the most, and we’ll push the most, and we’ll drive the most.”  Erica just wants Tina to recognize that this will affect the planning of their tour and other appearances.

With Justin getting ready to come to LA, Goo asks if Justin is prepared for his visit.  Being a little confused with what Goo means, she describes her family like a pack of guard dogs.  MMQuote: “My family ain’t no easy win.  I know you got it, but I just want to prepare you.”  If Justin wasn’t nervous enough, he will definitely be pushed over the edge after this conversation.  Goo feels like Justin could be the man she spends the rest of her life with, so it is extra important Tina and Erica get to know him the way she has, and be quiet!

With Erica being pregnant with her third child, Warryn wants to take time to relax and focus just on Erica.  He’s a self proclaimed Mr. Romance, and will get something together to “wow” Erica.

Even though Tina is having some sisterly time at Erica’s house, work and Mitch always seems to work themselves into the schedule.  MMQuote: “If business comes up, and he knows we’re together, he’s gonna call.”  Treiva seems to be cracking the whip along with Mitch and insists the sister have this call.  MMQuote: “My worst fear has come to life. They offered us a performance spot today!”  It is amazing for the sisters to get this type of request, and they are ELATED!    However, the Grammy’s are happening on Erica’s due date, so there are some serious concerns.  Tina and Erica need to get back to Mitch with whether or not they think Mary Mary will be able to perform.

Warryn goes to Jason of Beverly Hills to get Erica a gift for having their third child.  Hopefully Warryn can hold it together and pick a great gift while being distracted by shiny objects.  Warryn finally finds the perfect push gift, and knows Erica will be 100% surprised.

MMQuote: “So we’re getting ready to go out to dinner and meet Justin, aka ‘GooGoo’s boo’.  And we’re gonna see if this dude is good enough to be with GooGoo.”  Warryn agrees with Teddy’s sentiment, and wants to make sure this person is right for Goo.  As the couple shows up to dinner, we are afraid to watch the buzzards circle. MMQuote: “You got to suss him out.  See what he’s like…. Do you have some shift eyes? Do you know how to shake somebody’s hand?  Are you scary?”  With Teddy being concerned about Justin’s “untrustworthy perfect eyebrows”, we are not sure how this is going to play out.  As the sisters and brother-in-laws play 21 questions, Tina asks the most important question in our opinions, MMQuote: “Were you a hoe?”  Oh, this is getting GOOD!  But, we want to congratulate Justin on a job well done with this interrogation.   However, you may have wanted to not mention the part about uprooting Goo from her family, and moving her to Atlanta.  This has gone from good to bad in about 5 minutes, but at least the subject was changed to Steve Urkel glasses and men of God.  You may have redeemed yourself, Justin!  MMQuote: “You did good, GooGoo!  You did good!”  MMQuote: “Let’s toast this man.  He’s a good man.”

Erica decides that she needs to explore options of how to naturally induce labor… like castor oil.  Yuck!  With the discussions of primrose, cervix massaging, and the imitation of horses, WE just feel all sorts of uncomfortable.

The sisters have another business meeting with Mitchell, and Tina is FINALLY ready to tell Mitchell she is pregnant.  MMQuote: “If he responds the wrong way, there is gonna be problems with this professional relationship.”  Mitch looks like he saw a ghost when Tina finally breaks the news to him.  MMQuote: “I am freaking miserable right now.  My husband and I weren’t planning on having another baby.”  Mitch is a bit overwhelmed and cannot believe what he is hearing.  With touring not being the only part of Mary Mary’s plan, there is hope that they can still get through it.  As a silver lining, Erica has decided to commit to perform at the Grammy’s as she will induce her labor in a healthy manner.

Warryn takes Erica aboard a yacht for her baby-moon, and it looks like this is going to be a romantic time for the couple.  MMQuote: “Warryn is the best.  This man does it right.”  But with the seas looking a bit rough, this romantic baby-moon may get a bit rocky.  Warryn cracks up when poor Erica practically does a backwards summersault off of her chair and onto the boat deck.  MMQuote: “I know I have something special that will eventually turn this night around for the better.”  To mark the many years Erica and Warryn have been together, Warryn presents Erica with a gorgeous “will you stay with me?” ring. We think it is so sweet when Erica serenades Warryn.  It is obvious how much love this couple has between them.  The conversation quickly turns to work, and the subject of Tina’s pregnancy.  MMQuote: “She has serious trust issues.”  The main concern is the fear of saying no to more and more events, and this will affect the future of Mary Mary.  When Erica brings up the idea of inducing, Warryn is not a fan of the idea because of the health risks for Erica and the baby.  MMQuote: “As the father of that child and her husband, I am definitely putting both feet down.”  Erica feels the ultimate decision is hers since it is her body.

At Tina and Teddy’s house, the couple sits all the kids down to announce they are having a baby.  All four kids are super excited.  MMQuote: “If it’s a boy, I want to call it noodle.”

Will Tina not be able to deal with the additional stress of another child?  Will all this baby mama drama lead to the breakup of Mary Mary?  Let us know what you think!

As Evelyn’s pending nuptials creep closer and closer, the girls start to become a bit skeptical about whether Mommy and Doc will actually tie the knot.  In non-wedding news, Traci tries to convince her dad to be an investor in her Baltimore hair salon.
Before Toni leaves the sisters to deal with Mommy and the wedding planning while she travels on business, she takes Evelyn out to lunch to fish for any “issues” Evelyn may have. Mama E seems stressed and anxious, even alluding to the fact that she may need a cocktail!  BFVQuote: “If you don’t ask, I won’t tell.  This thing is about to drive me to drink!”  That does not sound like the calm and collected Evelyn we all know and love.  What gives?
Meanwhile, Trina, Traci and Towanda get together to discuss the details for Evelyn’s wedding.  Towanda pegs Mommy for more of a traditional woman, but would she consider jumping the broom? Trina definitely has her own opinions on the subject, stating that jumping the broom doesn’t necessarily dictate your marriage is going to work out.  BFVQuote: “You think a broom would have made all the difference in the world?”
Traci flies back to Maryland to meet with her “potential investor,” aka Daddy, but it turns out to be more than she bargained for.  Michael refuses to commit without a secure location, a business plan, and overall confidence in Traci.  It seems like Michael is a bit hesitant to trust his daughter with his money. Why can’t anyone seem to give Traci some credit? She is constantly met with are reservations and disbelief.  In Traci WE trust! Except for the name, Beu-leve! (Girl, you can come up with something better than that!)
Back in LA, Miracle seems to be trying Tamar’s patience.  While Tamar tries to set some ground rules for the new puppy, Vince is taking the calm, nurturing approach. As Tamar runs around trying to find a safe location for the weewee pads, poor Miracle can’t hold it and ends up going on the tile floor. Tamar decides to put Miracle in check, BFVQuote: “That ain’t hot and you know what? Everyone gonna call you the funky dog”.   However, it is clear this dog has a mind of his own.  Like mama, like baby!
Traci is still trying her best to get Michael to invest in the salon, but he is not convinced. BFVQuote: “You can bat your eyes all you want. You can boogaloo down Broadway, but I don’t give up money like that.” By the end of the trip, Traci realizes she needs a more solid game plan!
With Traci, Trina, Towanda and Tamar back in the ATL zip code, wedding planning resumes and they find themselves shopping for Evelyn’s wedding dress… again!  Evelyn decided to play a joke on the girls, and try on sexy little number she would NEVER wear. While waiting for Mommy to come out, the girls discuss whether they think this wedding will actually happen. BFVQuote: “If you don’t know what you want at your wedding, does that mean you don’t really know if you want to get married?” WE say that’s a good question, Tamar! But what overshadows this process is the apparently horrific smell that seems to be permeating throughout the bridal salon. BFVQuote: “What I smell, is 1970’s Soul Train after 30 people done did the snake on the floor for real!”  When the sisters accuse Tamar of possibly being pregnant due to her key sense of smell, she shoots that down with her version of Baby Making 101.  You have to plant a few seeds to make a baby; grinding just won’t do it.  Thanks, Tamar.  Noted!
The light-hearted mood doesn’t last long.  The girls try and have a real talk with Mommy to see if she is truly into this wedding, but you can see she is just about over this whole thing.  Once Evelyn gets sassy about the bridesmaid color she finally chose (BLUSSSSHHHHH for all who forgot), the girls seem to be more confused.  This is supposed to be fun, not a fun snatcher!
After that heated outing with Evelyn, the girls go back to Towanda’s house to discuss what just happened.  Still on Tamar’s case, the girls point out that Tamar has a little tummy coming over the top of her jeans.  Listen, whether it’s your salt intake, the fact that you just got off the plan, or the fact that you have been indulging, WE still think you look great, Tamar!  After deciding they will all come together to perform at Evelyn and Doc’s wedding (and check their attitudes at the door), the girls do their best impression of a powder puff huddle and chant “No egos, no fighting”… Ready? Break!  WE’ll believe it when we see it!
Are we the only ones who felt awkward during the dinner with Evelyn and Doc?  It seemed super clear that Evelyn is having second thoughts, especially when she lays into doc for not having his groomsmen chosen.  Do they even have a venue yet? Or flowers? Groomsmen are the least of their worries.  With the conversation switching to elopement, I just wanted to close my eyes.  Doc did not look happy with that suggestion.  Oh boy, troubled couple at Table 3!
I really wasn’t sure with how this rehearsal was going to work out, especially when you couldn’t see Tamar’s reaction through those dark lenses she was rockin’ (she looked fierce, tho!).  I’m still unsure if a church is the right place for “stank.” Especially a stank version of “The Lord’s Prayer,”but maybe Tamar just used the wrong adjective.  After Towanda brings everyone (Tamar!) back to reality, the sisters come together to pull off the best rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer” I have ever heard.  I agree, Trina… you guys are awesome!  Another thing the sisters come together on is the fact that they don’t think Mommy is going to go through with tying the knot.  Reasons listed below:
1.     She has made no decisions on her own about ANYTHING
2.    Doc hasn’t even made his list yet
3.    No engagement ring… BOOM!
Fast forward to a borage of wedding planners, wedding questions, and wedding samples, OH MY! Even I’m exhausted, and I’m not the one making the decisions.
Towanda and Evelyn go out to lunch alone to try and relax, but again Evelyn wants a drink! What is going on?  All of a sudden, BFVQuote: “Poof! No wedding!” Wait? What? Why? What? Evelyn can’t even seem to answers those simple questions.
Your thoughts… why didn’t Evelyn say something sooner? How do you think Doc is going to react? Is it too soon for the sisters to say “I told you so!”?

The last episode of filming was very memorable for both Bryan and I. It was the first filming in Florida that we really felt like we were home. The kids were loving it, the weather was warming up so we were able to make it to the beach, and Bryan and I were really starting to feel like a team for the first time in 3 years.

We were so excited about getting to meet with our counselor Dr. Deb Mandel for a second time. We had really learned a lot from her the first session, and were ready to invest some more time and energy into our marriage. She had a way of really digging into the root of the issue and teaching us a practical way to resolve conflict. We left feeling refreshed and renewed!

The last week of filming overall was very good, we had a lot of fun, and implemented some changes that were only going to make our life in Florida better than it already was! It was fun to see where Bryan and I had come from and where we were going, and we both like the direction that we are heading. Life can be really messy, but we have both realized if we take an active part in confronting issues head on, listen to one another, and actively try to make things better little by little everyday, we will be much happier in the long run. We are so thankful that God gave us the courage and energy to embrace our journey and all of its experiences (both good and bad). Overall, we are humbled and blessed!