From the moment I first met Wanda I knew this was a wedding that just had to be saved. Wanda was so sweet and soft spoken that I felt a little badly getting rid of things that she had clearly labored over, but I wasn’t about to be shy about doing whatever necessary to give her the over-the-top wedding she had always dreamed of.

What I loved most about Wanda was that she put a lot of thought into the details of her wedding and wasn’t afraid to step outside the box and to make the day truly her own. She really wanted it to be unique, personal and above all a good time with her family and friends.

For me, personalization is the most important aspect to include in any event, not mentioning it’s one of the biggest wedding trends this year! Modern brides are constantly finding fun and unique ways to put their personalities into their event and really make the day reflective of their personal style. From changing up the order of events, hosting at a unique location or incorporating a meaningful theme, the important thing to remember is that it’s your day and should reflect you.

While I changed A LOT of Wanda’s original wedding plan, she didn’t need a full overhaul. She just needed a little help clarifying her vision and figuring out how to translate it into a white-hot event that would really wow her guests. I threw in a few surprises for her along the way to help transform the bride herself into the confident, elegant hostess she wanted to be on her wedding day.

Watch Sunday, Oct. 26 to see Wanda’s amazing transformation and how we were able to change her New Jersey reception into a chic, South Beach inspired soiree!