Well, I warned you last week, even though the ladies are supposed to be planning a 60th birthday party for their mom, there is just too much drama going on for anyone to focus!

Let’s start from the beginning shall we? The girls all head to LA for the warm weather celebration (production had to halt in Atlanta, due to a freak snowstorm!) at Tamar’s but they are barely unpacked before Traci makes a comment about Tamar’s marriage and the claws come out! Before we know it, Traci is cursing and storming off, Tamar is crying because nobody defends her and the rest of the sisters stare on in disbelief that the two gals are still fighting like this after so many years…

The next day, Toni announces that she wants to move to LA, so she takes her sisters to look at some houses….that she can’t afford (even the almighty Tamar admits that the property is nicer then her own!), which is no fun for anyone.

The stress is mounting, so Towanda decides to ‘relieve the tension’ by setting up a drawing class for the girls, which includes sketching a less than perfectly fit (I’m being really nice here) naked male model…and we get a bit of TMI when Toni tells us just how underwhelmed she is by his ‘masculinity’…ew.

MOVING ON…the class doesn’t do it’s job, so Traci and Tamar are still going at it and after Tamar tells Traci she can take her apology and shove it, it looks like a reconciliation is nowhere in sight. Tell me – is this more “Tamar bull-youknowhat.com” or is Traci really wrong this time? hmmm…

Eventually it’s time for Evelyn’s birthday…Trina and Traci buy dog gifts for their mom (seriously?) and Tamar’s cheesy Luau theme is not cutting the mustard, so Toni calls in a party planner to redesign everything. The party goes off fairly well, despite the strange gifts, and mom is thrilled to hear her daughters perform a song for her at the end of the night.

Wrapping it up, Tamar and Traci finally decide to talk it out and Traci’s revelation that her sick son’s illness has had her on edge, results in understanding and genuine apologies from both sides…and this is why we love these ladies 🙂 They may yell, fight, and scream but at the end of the day, they still really care about one another.

This week was pretty crazy, but you won’t want to miss next Tuesday when Ms. Toni gets an offer to pose for Playboy! Will she do it? You’ll have to wait and see….

Circus tricks, firing weapons, combat fighting and the blues: what do all of these things have in common? Well just ask the Adkins of Sinbad: It’s Just Family. After living under the same roof starts to take it’s toll on the gang, they each look to their own creative devices to help take down their stress levels.

In surprising fashion, quiet Meredith finds release from her tension by heading to the shooting range and enjoys it so much, she purchases her own gun! (Sinbad- you better not make her angry…haha) Royce is also feeling the pinch and turns to his Hapkido sensei for more advanced combat training, but not before his Dad asks him to teach Royce a lesson by REALLY taking him to the mat and making rethink his ‘professional fighter’ aspirations.

And it’s not over yet-Paige is suffering from major writer’s block and convinces the family to join her for trapeze lessons! I think you’d all agree that Sinbad and a trapeze are a scary mix…lastly Sinbad himself looks to break his ‘funk’ by tapping into his musical side and performing on stage for the fam (including Royce’s new girlfriend-although I’m told by insiders that he is NOW single 😉 so no worries ladies) as the character, “Memphis Red”…you have to see it to truly appreciate it! What did you guys of the performance?

Overall another week of the always expected ‘funny’ from this fabulous family…make sure you watch next Tuesday when Sinbad attempts to handle the house plumbing himself…yeah, it’s not good…!

Watch more exclusive comedy from Sinbad right now!

The ladies are heading to Moscow on Braxton Family Values! Toni’s big concert in Russia sends the sisters across the globe, but not before Tamar bails out as her background singer, leaving Trina and Towanda to take the trip instead. Needless to say, Toni is not happy with her baby sister’s selfish attitude (we later find out Tamar lied about why she needed to stay in the states…) and things only get worse when the girls arrive in Moscow, but their bags do not…uh-oh…PLUS production tells me that 5,000 people were also holding a protest in front of the Kremlin and the entire production team almost didn’t make through security!

This leaves poor Towanda jumping through hoops to find the lost luggage, while Trina is busy taking her fair share of vodka shots and Tamar is home fighting with Vince about her career (and donning herself in feathers and fishnets…again.)

Good luck prevails eventually when the bags arrive just an hour before the show and the ladies pull off a fabulous concert…despite one strange fan who decides to literally whisk Toni off of her feet on stage, I don’t know about you but I was really relieved when she landed on her feet!

Concert over, Trina HUNGover, Towanda over it in general, the Braxtons head back to Atlanta just in time
for Towanda to find out she and her family are being evicted…ouch!

Hard to say who had the toughest time this week, but I’m guessing you guys won’t think it was Tamar 😉

Be sure to tune-in again next Tuesday when Vince tries to convince ALL the sisters to create an album together…what will Toni say about that…hmmm

WOW. Drama, drama, drama! From from Tamar’s house rules (mandatory exercise?!) to a Trina confrontation, this episode of Braxton Family Values showcased everything we love about these sometimes over-the-top sisters.

Staying with Tamar proved to be more than the girls had bargained for, when she forces Toni to go spray tanning, schedules her lovely mom for Botox and then signs up poor Traci for charm school…sisterly love, Tamar-style…

But as we have come to appreciate from these fab ladies, any and all annoyance is forgiven when Toni bravely announces to the world and her family that she is suffering from Lupus-and the Braxtons come together to support one another once again. One thing we also see here is a new side of the traditionally tough talking Tamar, as she genuinely breaks down upon hearing of Toni’s sickness. Maybe she’s not so selfish after all; what do you guys think…?

Such a fun and inspiring episode (highlighted of course by the sisters’ booty shake dance, haha)- the producers tell us that it was an extremely tough decision for Ms. Toni to go public with her illness on the show, but we are glad she did, as her strength is so uplifting- go Toni!

Now if you loved this week, just WAIT until next Tuesday when the girls head to Russia and SOMEONE reveals they are a sex addict…you won’t want to miss this one!

Tamar’s House Rules
(and Vincent’s too!)

1.No Eating in the bedrooms. ONLY in the kitchen.
2.Clean up after YOURSELVES!!!
3.The maid is for ME! Iron and wash your OWN clothes and dishes.
4.No singing in the house. Unless I ask you to harmonize.
5.Wash your hands and take your shoes off when entering MY house. Slippers are provided by the door! (Wash after each use)
6.When the house phone rings answer by saying, ‘Hello. Tamar is the queen of the house. May I help you?’
7.No visitors unless pre-approved by Tamar.
8.No one is allowed in Tamar’s closet unless she is present.
9.Make your bed and clean your room every morning before leaving.
10.No sitting on my bed, couches or chairs wearing jeans, outside clothes or any other bleeding material!

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