My name is Reham AKA Remy, and I am 28 years old. I used to be a social worker but quit to be able to move to New Jersey where my husband currently lives. I’m currently not doing much other than being the queen of the house. I am a Bridezilla because I know what I want and I know how to get it, no matter what. I demand and expect everything, and I don’t care who pays for it. I get my way and no one tells me what to do, and that’s what makes me a Bridezilla.

It was somewhat difficult to select my bridesmaids since I only wanted 6 and I had to add 2 more because I have been friends with all of them for years. It was difficult to pick and choose so I went with 8, which was a lot to handle.
I have a very good relationship with my parents and my in-laws. I get a long great with everyone and they learned a long time ago that I am demanding and hardheaded and they just don’t stand in my way. Therefore, it is a harmonious relationship.

My favorite part of my wedding day was the first dance. Rob and I did a killer entrance dance that was part English, part Arabic and it was tons of fun.  It took me 6 month to plan my wedding. It was crazy and everything was quite a mess. We changed venues twice and the church about 3 times. It was not a fun process planning this wedding.

If there was one thing to change about my wedding day it would be the fact that I invited people just because I had to according to my parents, but I really hated seeing them there and the fact that I paid for them to be there made it even more annoying. So if I would do it again I would only invite the people I truly wanted to see there and that are genuinely happy for me.

Rob and I went to Cozumel, Mexico for 10 days for our honeymoon. It was the most amazing place ever. Cozumel is very pretty and quite romantic. We had a great time and we will def go back soon but with bug spray this time since mosquitoes are the national bug, or at least I thought so.

Marriage so far has been fun. No babies on the horizon as of yet, but we will be working on them by next year.

Filming the show was tons of fun up until the day before. I think the day before my wedding I was an emotional mess. I had no idea how to finish what needed to be finished and I was also trying to have some fun with my friends and family and having a camera in my face did not help. Overall I had a great time sharing my day with family and friends and of course all the audience.

I hope everyone watching the show understands that getting married is very stressful and putting final details on things isn’t easy. There was so much to do and limited time to do it, so if I seemed like a control freak, psycho, insane person on the show that was because I wanted everything to be perfect for my day, and I was not about to let anyone or anything stop me from doing so. It takes a perfectionist like myself to understand that. Overall I am a sweet girl with just a very expensive taste… and there’s nothing wrong with that 🙂