I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to go over to Ryan’s house but I couldn’t leave our home alone as it is without wondering if there would be a fight there as well. Everyone was freaking out and all I wanted to do was leave. Turns out I couldn’t go; I was surprised Todd didn’t allow it! At the time that wasn’t the only thing I was worried about. I was considering moving to Georgia to get an easy scholarship to a top college.

Bailey always dates the weirdest guys, so when I found out that she was dating someone I had a pretty good idea that he’d be a loser. However, I had no idea it was Ryan! I knew from the start he was bad news. I knew I had to warn her I just didn’t know how, and I didn’t understand how she didn’t know it herself. I have no clue how serious they are but if I were to give out one piece of advice it would be to stay away from him. He doesn’t even deserve a chance but we’ll see how it goes.

Learning to drive was easy for both Dylan and me. You would think that since Dylan, Whitney and I are triplets we would all share similar trait. However, in driving that isn’t the case. Whitney was a little rough at the start and still hasn’t really come around to it. While practicing, we felt the car acting up. The transmission broke and it left us in a huge money hole. There’s nothing cheap nowadays, especially not car parts. Hopefully it will be an easy fix and everything will be OK, mainly because Whitney needs to practice driving for school.  Since she is going to cosmetology school she will need to learn quickly and no one really knows how that’s going to go over.

The raw diet all started based on Dylan’s health. I didn’t think anyone would think much about making a dramatic change until I saw the bag of groceries full of vegetables. I found out that we were going to be on a raw diet. No meat, and nothing cooked. Not exactly what I was used to but if it was healthy I was willing to make a change. However, after trying it I knew there was no way I can live with only eating raw foods. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, thankfully, it got better! The hypnotist’s show was fantastic! It was so funny and literally made my month! Glad it worked out well.

When I found out that my mom was meeting this woman, I was happy. I thought it would be a good thing for her to connect with someone else that had MS. Since my mom doesn’t talk to us about it often, I felt like she needed to talk to someone else. When the MS walk opportunity was offered I wasn’t going to let my mom deny it. I realized that us kids should get involved and try to help as well so I was happy that we were all gathered to talk about it. Later that night we decide that we need to put our words to action and actually make change in order to help her. We realized surprising her at the race would be the perfect idea and would let her know we were there for her. After it all happened and we saw her at the finish line it was a great moment and refreshing to see her happy and open up to her MS.

The girls are graduating high school this year and like all 18 year olds, they start to find where they stand and see what they can do. However, my mom points out that as long as they live under their supervision, they have to live under their rules. As a result, the parents devise an idea where us kids would have to fend for ourselves, buying whatever we needed with only 20 bucks, for the next couple of days. After spending a good chunk of our money on food, none of us had much left. When Todd saw this, he made his own tax, leaving us with close to nothing. With no more money being able to spend, we realize we can’t stay inside and decide to build a tent. Because the parents were tired they asked me to be their watchman. I said yes, but did make a note that I wouldn’t tell on them anyway. I didn’t want to throw them under the bus and I myself couldn’t turn down free food. The next morning was bad. The parents found out what we were up to and angrily gave us multiple taxes to pay. We all were in debt and did chores to pay it off. They left us with no other choice.

When Cody was here a while back it was a love hate relationship. He could be a real cool kid or he could just as easily be the last person you wanted to talk to. I think it was also the fact that I was too immature to handle having someone older in the house and that’s what caused everything to start. Now that I’m older I’m very excited to see Cody come back and I know it will be a good time. When I saw him I noticed he had a lot of tattoos and piercings. I myself don’t care to have any but I have nothing against them either. Also, he loves going to the shooting range. Since I always wanted to do that as well, I was very excited when he proposed the idea. It truly was a great time.

I know everyone wanted to get the house so I felt bad when I found out we couldn’t. However, I understood that it was okay and the bill was worth it. Later, I came home from baseball and noticed there were cupcakes. I’m always a hungry bear after baseball and cupcakes sounded like just the snack considering we don’t have anything else. Dylan and I ate them not realizing there was a note. We knew we were in trouble and had to find a solution. MILF LOVE was just the one, although I felt bad, that seemed to be the only way out. Thankfully, at dinner everyone seemed to laugh it off as if it were no big deal.

The hospital stay was bitter sweet. The good news was that I was in the hospital and I was going to be okay. However, it’s never fun and truly one of my biggest fears! Everyone was nice though and treated both me and my mom real well. The food there wasn’t the greatest but I can eat just about anything. Thankfully, the juice there was AMAZING! I couldn’t get enough of it. Who would have thought? Overall, it taught me a lesson and I’m just glad to be out.

Dylan is actually a hard working kid. However, that’s only when he wants to work hard or wants to achieve something. On the ball field, he works extremely hard. With Todd, it’s the complete opposite. If I bring Dylan along he might waste my time as well as his own. I don’t want to lose any money.

Dylan also has a little bit of a spending problem. If he wants it, he gets it! If it looks good, he buys it.

I was expecting to make about 10 dollars from this guy. With Dylan’s money as well, I should have walked with 20.

The guy was a total goof. He was definitely a character!

My asthma is typically off and on. It’s easily triggered in certain months and I’m very sensitive to both dirt and grass. Dylan keeps throwing dirt in my face and I can feel it coming, Thankfully, I had my inhaler; although it really didn’t do much.

The asthma attack was a terrible feeling. I have never felt so helpless in my life. I knew it was bad the second I took my first breath into the nebulizer. It gave me no relief.