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Rex on Episode 10: At The Table

Rex discusses the activity at the Bruce household following the Bailey incident and why he regrets not taking the situation into his own hands.
Rex Rumsey

Rex Rumsey on Episode 6 – Much Ado about Hoagies

More About Rex RumseyIn this episode the food challenge took place. Thankfully, the boys were on one team and the girls were on the other. This just about guaranteed us a win! The idea of this was to make a “well-balanced meal” for under $20. Unfortunately, our group didn’t get the “healthy” memo. The creation…
Rex Rumsey

Rex Rumsey on Episode 5 – Love Don’t Cost a Thing

More About Rex Rumsey In this episode you can really tell that sitting around is boring us a bit and the parents are eager to go out and have fun. After the family and I were being obnoxious having nothing else to do, the parents decided to go on a hike. My mom and Todd…