I don’t know what Mitchell or we were thinking packing out our schedule like that.  But hey, we’re Mary Mary. This is how we do.  Then, on top of all, we deal with just being on the road… and we have sound issues and wardrobe malfunctions!  When all is said and done – SOUND MATTERS!  But as is the Mary Mary way, we buckle down and get the job done regardless of circumstances or sound.  Now, Mitch & Goo are going to have to get it together with their struggles. The bottom line for me is that they respect each other and represent Mary Mary well.  But real talk this: little clothes mishap was really sweet sister Erica’s fault. She should’ve got fit ‘til she was all the way fit and made sure she had completed looks. 

Whew, what a whirlwind that week was! 3 MAJOR concerts in a row city to city. Ha! I get a lil tired just remembering that time. LOL! Good thing we are of general sound mind; if not these sound issues would’ve driven us out of our minds. SMH. We didn’t get to have not one full complete or good sound check, whew, but we made it!  Mommy was saving my life; the comfort of being able to have my mom on the road with me to take care of Zaya was every thing to me. So grateful to have her in our lives and always willing and able to jump in and help us whenever we ask her.  Now, the whirlwind styling trip was not in the plans, but when push comes to shove we do what we have to do.  Mitchell & Goo are our never-ending saga. It can be taxing knowing that the two of them have yet to figure each other out, but when all is said and done they both want was is best for us as Mary Mary and are both committed to helping us look and be our best.