My name Is Rochelle, I’m 18 and I’m a nanny. I considered myself a Bridezilla because I always wanted what I wanted when I wanted it, and if I didn’t get it I’d throw my little fit and just HATE the world. I hated when people didn’t do as I pleased or when they were too lazy to even do stuff that I wanted. If it’s my wedding, then it’s my way.

Choosing my bridesmaids wasn’t really difficult. I have always only had a minimal number of girlfriends and I just so happened to choose the ones I’m closest to and that would look good in a dress next to me.

Relationships, ah, me and my mom are usually fairly close, she’s my go to gal when I needed serious advice, I love her to death and I’d be lost without her. All arguments aside, she’s my hero! My in-laws….haven’t really gotten to know them too well, they live in Indiana and I’ve been there once for less than a week and hardly spoke to them. When it came to wedding planning I didn’t really speak to them more just because of the occasion. It’s not really bad nor good, it’s just there.

My most favorite part of the wedding day was having the doors in the chapel open up and seeing my wonderful most handsome-est groom EVER! It was love at first sight all over again. Planning the whole wedding was done in 5 months, by my amazing mother! She did an amazing job with decorations and knowing what I’d like, flowers, seating, food, decorations, etc. Throughout the whole wedding planning, I was pretty sane but the moment I wasn’t there for the planning I had gone crazy and was super stressed out and terrified that I wouldn’t get what I asked for. With the actual wedding, I wouldn’t have changed a thing, I loved everything about it!

We didn’t have time to go on a honeymoon, my husband had to be back at work that Wednesday after the wedding. 🙁 My first year of marriage is such a blessing. It’s in the process of only getting better. I’m so in love and wouldn’t change a single thing about my life and where it’s headed. However, no children, YET! Gotta finish school and have fun together first!

Filming my wedding for the show was a stressful experience. It was fun but it would have been better for anything other than my wedding!! It was just unnecessary added stress. In all honesty, I really am a sweetheart deep down but when things don’t go my way of course I’m gonna complain about it, who doesn’t?? I felt horrible for being so rude to people making this day possible but I just needed it to be perfect and thought if I was just nice about it, I wouldn’t get my way. I like getting my way and will do what I need to get it! I’m the sweetest b**** you’ll probably ever meet.