After five hilarious episodes of Sinbad: It’s Just Family, the season finale did not disappoint! From home improvement to home building, we get to see everything that we have come to love about the Adkins-these four will do anything for one another and, lucky for us, that usually comes with a full dose of funny.

Starting off, we follow Sinbad as he goes on tour and comes home exhausted and after a sweet father-daughter moment with Paige, finally falls asleep…only to be awakened by Meredith who tells him his beauty rest is over! It seems the garage repair men are on their way and Sinbad needs to greet them…and also find time to fix the plumbing mess that Royce has created in the guesthouse bathroom.

Meanwhile, Paige and Meredith head off to a business meeting, followed by an unexpected volunteer afternoon with Habitat for Humanity (which Paige is none to pleased about at first, seeing as she had secret plans to go apartment hunting instead).

While the ladies are out, Sinbad enlists Royce’s help to fix the bathroom and comedy ensues as he realizes what Royce has done to break the shower, then locks him in the bathroom for a timeout, strange punishment for a guy in his 20’s (Sinbad blames his low blood sugar for the snippy attitude…hmmm) Royce sticks it out however and he and his dad manage to get to work on the plumbing, but not before the pipes begin to ‘explode’ and both of them end up

At the end of the day, Paige and Meredith are happy they were able to help those in need, despite the adjustment to their schedules and Sinbad and Royce look like they may make some progress on the shower situation (fyi-production tells us it’s fixed now). A fabulous way to end this first season of the show – the Adkins are the total package, bringing the love and the laughs every time! Hope you enjoyed the finale; be sure to log in below and tell us what you liked best about the season.

Exclusive comedy from Sinbad!

I’ve often reminisced over the good old times of childhood. Life seemed more fun and carefree. Waking up every morning to my mom’s breakfast of champions was just the kick-start one needed to start their day. To me, those days were long gone. You can understand my excitement when I learned I would be getting part of that memory back.

However, it wouldn’t come without a price. My dad had lost his house over a situation with the IRS, the house Paige and I had been living in prior to the move. This was a difficult time for us as a family to deal with. But what has always been a great quality of ours is we never let ourselves be brought down, no matter what obstacles life sets in front of us. We decided to view this as a point at which to start over, a new beginning for our family. All of us returning under one roof after losing a home, and being able to relive a piece of my childhood is my negative gone positive. It’s turning out to be somewhat of an adjustment for everyone, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m loving it!