Ryan and Trista had to face the truth on this episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Check out what they had to say about the drama on this week’s episode.

As one who believes in constructive criticism, I was looking forward to hearing the comments from my housemates during the gas chamber drill…in a way. Only knowing them for a few days, I couldn’t guess what they would say or how they would say it, but I assumed that everyone would be respectful, and they were. You could tell that it was incredibly difficult for each one of us, as we all have truly bonded in the short time we’ve spent together, but we all gave it our all and dove head first into the gas chamber.

As the 7th person to go out of 10, I had PLENTY of time to figure out whom I would give my masks to and what I would say but the entire time we stood there, my mind was struggling. I knew that (like pretty much everyone else) Ryan would get my first mask. Then, as a mother who couldn’t bear to think about not being around for her children, as well as not wanting to say goodbye to Ryan since I had given him a mask, I had to keep the second mask for myself.

The third mask was the hard part. It was between Gretchen, Jenni, Roger, and Kevin. It came down to me standing in front of each of these people to make a decision and came down to whether or not I could come up with anything constructive to say.

I ended up choosing Roger and have to admit that I copped out. He’s a big, strong, hardworking man, and if the human population was being killed off by deadly gas, I think his strength and dedication and heart would be an incredible asset.

What struck me the most about that drill though, were all the kindnesses being spoken about Ryan. As his biggest fan and supporter, I am the first to sing his praises, but it makes me SOOOO happy to hear others do the same!

Progress is being made through both the exercises and the subsequent conversations with the rest of the folks. My only worry is that we have so much time left here that I don’t want to jeopardize the friendships forming by smothering them due to the inability to escape? Trista and I have been getting along really well too. Our understanding of each other is becoming clearer. The ability to recognize and address issues is easier. I am even more aware than ever of the role my wife plays in making me who I am as a person, husband, father and friend. My goal now is to make sure she knows how much I appreciate it…

Meeting the other reality stars was quite an adventure for #thefairytale. Hear what they had to say about all the drama on tonight’s episode.

Ryan and I came here to learn about how to take our relationship from a very happy place to an even happier place, and if the quality time and laughter alone is any indication of future success, then I have no doubt we’ll get there, and stay there, for decades to come. And just to clarify, I’ve never doubted that we wouldn’t naturally enhance our happiness level over the years, as has been the case in our 10 years together so far, but being here, I’ve realized so much:

– How important it is to dedicate time and effort to your marriage, even if you’ve been happily married for 10 years.

– How powerful Jim and Elizabeth’s workshops can be.

– How much I love meeting new people and making new friends.

– How proud I am of the man my husband is and how blessed I am to have him in my life.

At this point, I’m in the process of “peeling back the onion” in an effort to access issues that may be holding me back from expressing myself fully on an emotional level. It seems that vulnerability and fear are limitations to emotional growth in Trista and I’s relationship, and thus overcoming those elements has been a focus so far.

We believe we have a good relationship. Because of that we, or more specifically I, have been reluctant to take risks that may compromise that perception. What I have begun to realize over the course of the past day or so is that I will need to accept some risk and be willing to expose emotions if I truly want to improve myself and my relationship. This may mean causing some pain and discomfort on a personal level that will effect how we feel about the state of our marriage, however, it will allow room for the improved foundation necessary to take our marriage to the next level.

Summer and Ryan

Let’s go backwards on this one because the end result of Summer and Ryan’s ceremony turned out to be one of my favorite in all the MFW episodes I have done throughout all five seasons. Her wedding was spectacular, beautiful and one of my favorites in all that I’ve executed. The reason I want to tell the story backwards on this one is because from the moment I met them up until two days before the wedding, I had no idea how to handle this bride. She was a bride who did not know how to express her thoughts or feelings; she was extremely reserved even though her appearance seemed to say the opposite. She was a bride that pent up a lot of emotions while her groom, Ryan, was the complete opposite. I realized during a weekend meeting with the two of them that I was more focused on the groom than the bride because Ryan had the ability to share his thoughts, express what he wanted for the wedding and was very vocal and extremely outgoing, whereas Summer was completely the opposite. It wasn’t until Ryan, the groom, shared with me while we were out playing pool with my dad who was visiting that I really needed to pay attention to Summer. I embraced it and I started to ask her questions. What she said she wanted was not what she really meant. Her explanation of what baroque was, which was her original concept, was not baroque. She had used the wrong word for her visual explanation. She wanted a simple, beautiful, classic, romantic, dramatic wedding with whites, crystals, pinks and very light and airy; baroque is dark, heavy, bronze, gold and burgandy and that wasn’t what she wanted, so it was a good thing that her groom basically forced me and sort of helped me understand his bride better and when I did, she ultimately wound up getting the wedding of her dreams.

They were a great couple. One of those very few couples you feel blessed and honored to be in the presence of because they’re so in love and deserved to have this amazing wedding. When I watched them walk down the aisle, I knew they were in it for a lifetime.