I was born and raised in San Diego, CA and I was asked to go to the Boys and Girls Club and speak to teenage girls about not only what I’ve overcome in my life, but how they can overcome challenges as well. I stayed at my mom’s house when I was there and got to catch up with my family, which was cool because I hadn’t seen them in a while. I got a little nervous before my speech because with me you NEVER know how much I’m going to say so I needed some help by talking to my family to figure out what I should say.  I didn’t want to go overboard with how much I said to the girls so my family definitely helped me with that. Talking to teenage girls is definitely something I see myself doing more. It’s always so nice to go home and catch up.  I’ll never forget where I come from.

When Dr. Drew invited us on his show we couldn’t pass it up because I love Dr. Drew and I always have a blast on his shows. I love his shows because he really asks you questions that everyone wants to know and doesn’t judge you at all. He’s so easy to talk to.  So Hank and I went on but Hank was only asked like 1 of 20 questions, which made Hank wonder why he was on it. I see it as support for him being there but I could also totally see his side.  After that I went to my Love Candy meeting.  I was SO excited for this meeting because we were finally talking my language!  I really wanted to take the next step and add some more fun to my line so this meeting helped do that!  I got to really test out the products and narrow it down to a perfect kit. Getting the samples was awesome so I can see what I like and don’t like about my product line.  I love being really involved and making sure it is exactly what I want.  Everything looked amazing and we’re working our asses off to get you guys the best product! While I was at my meeting for Love Candy, Hank was out with Travelle looking for a space for their workout facility they were looking to open. After seeing the space it looked like a CRAZY amount of work so they needed to really decide if that’s what they wanted to do.  But at the same time it started to feel like things were really starting to come together for us.

I was excited when we moved to the “Little Mermaids” house… I mean the new salon. I thought it would be a great change of energy but it was obvious that the negative energy followed us there.

Nervous at first, Kim made it seem like the new salon was going to be nasty. On the contrary, it was way sexy! But that’s nothing because earlier that week we found out China would be our new manager and we all had some pretty interesting things to say.

Now I don’t really see myself as a hater, but I do speak the truth. So what the hell was Kim thinking? Poor girl was lacking sleep or something ’cause that was going to be a disaster from the start.

Seeing as I was still at the desk I took it upon myself to follow the rules set by Kim as much as possible. Then China, our manager, decided to stroll in 45 minutes late. I’m sorry but we all made it on time. So what’s your excuse? It’s called being professional.

Then it went from bad to worse real quick. Maybe Angela and Terry should have kept their mouths shut because it sparked a whole lot of mess. That’s when I stepped in because apparently everyone thought it was okay to yell on the floor. So I simply said, “You’re being unprofessional,” and that’s when China came at me.

First of all, when anybody gets in your face the first thing you tell them is “Ya best back it up!” LOL. I don’t think it was right for China, Angela and Terry to be arguing on the floor which is why I told her to stop being ghetto. Yup I said it ghetto… China for you to get upset and to be in someone’s face when they tell you to calm down is ridiculous. She probably feels the same but I will never ever let anyone disrespect me or try to intimidate me. You swear I haven’t had to defend myself before. News flash: I’m gay!! I have sass and nobody gets in my face without me saying something.

Looking back at it now I wish I would have handled it differently and learn more tactful ways to communicate.

I did feel bad that China cried because I know being a manager can be hard work so I respect her for that. I just want to move forward and have fun… here’s to more fun at the Kimble Salon.

First things first: my vintage Umbrella jacket was fierce, just saying. Furthermore, I’m so damn tired of having to explain to everyone that I’m not the receptionist. Had I known I would have been at that desk for that long I would have quit. I’m sorry but I have way too much respect for my craft. The whole point of being at Kimble Hair Studio is to learn techniques that I may not already know.

Then I wasn’t invited to Essence Magazine shoot….what the heck? When I found out I was the only person that wasn’t there I felt left out and disappointed. Had I been there I would have been able to relieve some stress for Kim, because photo shoots are my thing.

This was the episode were I was really thinking about leaving the salon cause at this point I was at the reception desk for 2 weeks (which felt like months).

Kim said I was childish and in a way I guess I was, but at this point I really could care less. When your happiness is being compromised you do anything in your power to change it, so I spoke up.
China needs to go away and that’s where I end it….

It was love at first site meeting Lindsy. When she opened the door and saw me standing there, she immediately started screaming. It was surreal because she knew that when she saw me it was going to be good news. Also, Lindsy is one of the happiest people I have ever met. She just sees the positive side in everyone and everything and it has served her well.

A few days before Lindsy and Reid’s first wedding, Lindsy attended her Bachelorette party with some friends. She slipped on a spill on the dance floor at a night club and fell and broke her ankle is several places. She had to hobble down the aisle on crutches. However, this was only the beginning because there were several mini disasters with her wedding. Not all of the rental chairs arrived. They intended to honor their loved ones with live butterflies but when they went to release them from the box, they were all dead. She expected a sit-down dinner from her caterer but received a buffet. The Jennings had to cancel their honeymoon because Lindsy had to have surgery on her ankle shortly after the wedding.

Breaking her ankle was only the beginning of Lindsy’s disasters. As sweet as she is, her story proves why wedding planners are so valuable to couples getting married. There are a myriad of details that go into planning a wedding and many of the mishaps could have been avoided by hiring a professional to handle all of the details.

The final reveal on this episode was incredible. Lindsy had big dreams for her wedding and she wanted a beachy, chic, underwater inspired environment with lots of bling. In essence she wanted another mix of 1,000 ideas but I refined them into a well executed masterpiece – Valentine Style!

Lindsy’s broken ankle ruined her experience at her first wedding so I had to make sure that this walk down the aisle was nothing less than magical. Elegant harpists, a 200 + foot walk and a personal love letter ushered Lindsy to her groom. And an amazing walk is not complete without an amazing pair of shoes.

The first wedding was a hodge podge of poorly executed ideas. Lindsy spent the day watching other people have a good time and her mother was running around all day trying to make sure everything was perfect. The new wedding was a seamless blend of Lindsy’s wedding dreams flawlessly executed and she and Reid were able to enjoy their party along with their family and friends without any of them doing any work.

Filming the Jennings episode was a lot of fun but also created some significant design challenges. My big ideas were not easy to execute and it took the entire team to pull them off. There were a couple of times that I thought, “OK I know that something is going to fall apart but in the end, the stars aligned and we were able to create magic once again.”

Dana and Mike are wonderful. I had an immediate personal connection with Dana when I showed up at her front door. I enjoyed giving a ‘Do Over’ to a couple that had been married for 18 years because that kind of commitment and dedication alone deserves a new celebration.

The previous party did not go as planned. Dana’s bridesmaid dresses were made by a friend but they never showed up to the wedding. After waiting for over two hours for them to arrive, Dana’s grandmother suggested that the ladies don the men’s tuxedo shirts during their very conservative ceremony at a local church. The shirts allowed the wedding to go on but not without Dana becoming the ‘butt’ of everyone’s jokes. As a new young bride, Dana was extremely upset that the dresses never showed up and she was not able to get past it. In all of her photos from the wedding she was in tears and subsequently did not develop any of them from her first wedding. Sometimes accepting a favor from a friend is not the best way to get things accomplished for your wedding. Paid professionals tend to be just that.

Her second wedding was a completely different story. The final reveal was stunning. Dana wanted a wedding that was reminiscent of a night at the academy awards so I took them back to ‘old Hollywood’ when glamour and sophistication reigned supreme.

18 year later and Dana was still upset about the missing bridesmaid dresses so I decided to put this memory to bed once and for all. All of the girls and I had a burial for that dreaded bridesmaids dress and sent it up in flames after selecting the new custom gowns that the girls would wear this time around. Also since they did not have any photos from their first wedding, I brought in famed photographer Mike Colon and designed a Vanity Fair set for him to capture memories that they would be proud of.

The first wedding was very conservative and a day filled with tears. The new wedding was a day filled with jubilee and gratitude and 18 years later – this couple was able to share this experience with their three young boys…priceless!

Filming this episode was fulfilling in so many ways. I cheered for them and prayed for them and was equally excited for them to experience the wedding they never had. We are kindred spirits and I felt as though we were assigned to meet in each other’s lives during this special time. The love that Dana and Mike share is contagious and I know they left a little of their love with me and I will forever be grateful.

What can you expect from me in this series? You will see my own interpretation of an ‘old Hollywood’ inspired wedding environment that still bucks tradition giving it a fresh perspective. You will see how flattering it can be when a bride looks outside of the white color wheel when selecting her wedding dress. Also since they had no photos they were proud of, you will see what happens when I create a ‘Vanity Fair’ style photo shoot with them with one of the world’s most prominent wedding photographers.