Two teachers in love. When I first saw their video in my office I was a little bit concerned that they lacked enthusiasm and excitement. But, the more time I spent with them, I learned they were quirky, kooky and funny. They had the recipe for really enjoying life and having fun. There was an underlying story to Debbie that I always felt sort of played a little bit into the potential sadness of her wedding. Her dad committed suicide four years prior to her wedding and it was talked about but it really was never addressed. The question, “How do we honor him?” never really came up. We did do donations to two foundations (DiDi Hirsh Mental Health Services and Beyond Loss), but to me that is not a celebratory thing for a wedding.

Being teachers their theme was travel and they wanted it to be exotic, so my first meeting with them was spent eating bugs. Many people said to me, “Why are you meeting your bride and groom and eating bugs?” The answer is, “I’m crazy and I wanted to see how crazy and how outside the box they were willing to go.” Together we broke bread, and by that I mean we ate mealworms, crickets and scorpions. Yeah…uh huh… pretty gross. Which by the way, said to me: this is NO boring couple!

Some of the things that I did at the wedding included having a surprise flash mob come out during the first dance of the bride and groom, as well as turning an airport hangar into exotic lands from around the world from Bali to Africa to Spain. Nothing about that wedding was traditional. The ceremony was on the runway…literally on the runway. And then my most incredible, favorite moment of my time spent with them was the reveal of their party. We’ve never done this ever on the show. We revealed the celebration space which was inside the hangar with 130 of their guests and bride and groom all at the same time. It was done by counting to three and the hangar doors came up and it was revealed. Right before the doors went up, Debbie leaned over and thanked me. She said, “Look!” She showed me the handle of her bouquet where she attached a photo of her dad. She became a bit emotional and said, “My dad would have loved to have met you.” Then the doors went up and the room revealed tents, palm trees, flowers, tables, rugs, chairs and the list goes on. BUT what amazed me the most was, of all the things in her vision–and there were a lot–the one thing she noticed first was the smallest thing the furthest away from her. It was a sign I created and the setting was a diner. The sign said “Eat at Kenneth’s Diner’–that was the place that her and her dad went to eat when they needed alone time and she became overwhelmed. Here’s to Debbie and Daniel, may you have an A+ marriage and life.

What Erika didn’t say as much as she said to me was that she didn’t want to share the cultures at the wedding and preferred to just keep it simple with Mexican decor, food and entertainment. She was not willing to compromise by finding a way to incorporate her future husband’s Samoan background. I found it fascinating how little she knew about the Samoan culture and here she is marrying this wonderful guy James, knowing almost nothing about where he came from. I think she thought once I stepped in she would get a full Mexican wedding.

I loved that when I met her, Erika said to me, “I’m not an emotional girl, I don’t cry,” and I found it wonderful that the wedding process brought out her emotional side. I reminded her that she did cry like her mom because she really was excited and happy about the whole process.

The money dance for Erika really was a sore spot even though I gave her lessons on how to do it. I don’t think she thought she really had to go through with it until her mother-in-law, Sharon, took over planning the wedding, at the wedding, without me knowing (which by the way pissed me off) but I took the reigns back from her and said to Erika, this isn’t a question, this is a demand, this is the money dance. And now it’s not for Sharon, it’s for me.

The fun behind-the scenes: it was a freaking hot day, so even though we weren’t in Mexico, it felt like we could’ve been since it was April and almost 100 degrees. You may not have seen it in the show, but let me tell you we felt it in wedding.

Some of the other things you didn’t see behind the scenes were when I took Erika and James into their bridal suite to change into their money dance garb. James had a little too much to drink and wasn’t happy. He was going to do this when he was the one who wanted to do it in the first place and Erika was embracing something she didn’t want to do but was going to do it anyway, so the roles had flipped. James’s aunt came into the bridal suite and started demanding that certain things be put onto Erika. James’s sister came into the bridal suite and started dressing Erika and then they wanted to oil her up because they wanted her body to shine and Erika began to lose her patience. What you didn’t see was a bride and groom that flipped sides, then got aggravated, then got angry at family members, then became angry at my crew because they were trying to shoot this. So I had to take a very hostile bride and groom, put them on a dance floor and ask them to dance the money dance, which for the record, I would have danced because I would have taken the money; that’s the whole point–you dance, and the guests throw you money (it’s a tradition that takes place in the Samoan culture).

What I learned from the moment I met them to the moment I left them was that you had two strong-headed personalities in this wedding with the bride and groom. Every time I gave a little to one of the cultures, the other seemed a little taken aback. However, in the end, everyone ended up getting everything they wanted, but I’m still not happy that Sharon took over the wedding for 10 minutes. The food was incredible, the entertainment was fantastic and you felt the combination of both cultures at the wedding.

She was a challenge, and not a bad way by any means, it’s just that when I had met her and found out who she was as a girl, I saw that it didn’t quite match what she wanted for her wedding, which was “shabby chic.”

She had a tragic thing happen to her at the very young age of four–her mom was murdered, which is talked about in the show. And I realized that what she was really striving to do, event though she didn’t know herself, was that the things she wanted for her wedding were all things that made you feel comfortable as if you were at home. I think that subconsciously she lost that at an early age and she wanted that to inspire this new chapter of her life. So while she wanted “shabby chic,” I retitled it “Candice chic,” and the things that I created for her were all the eclectic elements of a very casual and comfortable home which still made for a very beautiful wedding.

One of the amazing moments for me was when she walked towards me in her dress and I handed her a bouquet of–no flowers–but an eclectic collaboration of items: vintage broaches, pins and pearls, and it even included a little picture frame of her mom which she had shown me on her table when I met her… and she just broke down. You saw that simple little thing, that trinket that made the difference to her entire day… her big day.

Candice and Ken, her fiance, were an absolutely adorable couple. One of my surprises for them was that I decided we would go zip lining because I wanted them to step outside the arena of planning of their wedding and to just enjoy the moment. I tend to do things for my brides that I think are necessary for them, and in the behind-the-scenes, I didn’t realize until we were standing at the edge how absolutely frightening it was for ME! I still think it’s so funny how when I got there, I was like, “Oh no…what did I get myself into…” So Ken jumped, Candice Marie jumped, and then I was the one to second guess myself and thought, “Can I do this?,” but I did it–and I did it for them.

This is the girl who lost over 140 pounds because she had suffered a stroke in her mid-20s. Whenever I even think of her, all I can do is smile. I have never seen a girl who has such a joy for living. She has got the best, most positive and most sincere energy which I think you’ll see when you watch the show. She just literally LOVES life! Perhaps because she almost lost hers, but she most definitely appreciates life like few I’ve met. It’s almost like I have nothing to say about her wedding because it is so secondary compared to the experience I had with her. She loved to smile, she loved to dance, make jokes; she enjoyed the crew, the crew enjoyed her… everything about her was fun! And yet, she was still able to stop and get emotional about the things that were happening for her. One of my favorite moments on our show was watching her watch the fireworks over her head when we surprised her with them, and it was such a magical moment.

Ah, yes. Danica was the only bride I ever met where I loved everything on her table. She’s a tomboy, but a tomboy who crafted really well. She had incredible stuff! She wanted a picnic barbecue, which I thought was kind of crazy for a wedding, but it made sense when I realized that she was actually avoiding anything wedding related–including never even getting a DRESS!

I learned her mom had died of breast cancer five years before, and the loss had truly traumatized her. She felt that whenever she thought “wedding,” she thought she needed her mom, so she wasn’t able to deal with any of the wedding details. And I’ll never forget this: as soon as I came to her home and met her she was so overwhelmed by me just being there because she felt that her mom had sent me to plan her wedding. I felt very responsible, in a good way, but also in a challenging way, to make sure her wedding was what her mom would have wanted. So I asked a lot of questions, like, what was her mom’s favorite color: red–so red was seen everywhere. She even had a second dress she wore for the reception that was red. It’s almost like we brought such presence of her mom to the forefront that Danica truly felt like she was there. So, she did have a picnic barbecue, but she had a picnic barbecue that felt like a wedding. (fun behind-the-scenes note: we even shot it on a Universal Studios set!)

The beauty of it all was that, you’re watching this tomboy try to execute her wedding, and it doesn’t feel right, but when I had her try on a wedding dress, which was the first one she had ever tried–and I say this in the show–it was like the birth of a bride happened. It was magical.

And at the end of the wedding, Danica gave to me a quilt that was sewn by her mom’s sister, her aunt. They gave it to me because her mother would give her quilts and say, put this quilt around you, it was made out of love and it’s like I’m giving you a big hug. So they gave it to me, telling me this, saying how much they appreciated what I did for them.

This was a really, really incredible wedding.

Hello Everyone!

My name is Christina, formerly known as David’s “Goth Bride”. I’m 25 years old and currently a manager at a children’s clothing store. Getting on the show was actually surprisingly easy. One night Eric and I were laying on our couch watching TV while enjoying a couple glasses of wine. I decided I wanted to watch “My Fair Wedding” and I said “Wouldn’t it be crazy if we could get on this show?!” We both just dismissed it as if it were something impossible. The very next day I was online and decided to check out the website just to see if David was even looking for brides and sure enough …. HE WAS! He needed brides in Los Angeles. I felt like it was more than a coincidence, I felt like it was fate. I was supposed to see that.

I have to say that my vision for my wedding was a little different than most brides. I wasn’t the little girl who dreamed of her wedding and who had it all planned. I was the little girl who dreamed that she would be independent and not need anyone, much like the black widow. Although I didn’t dream of it as little girl that didn’t mean that I didn’t know what I wanted. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted. Down to the silverware! It was just a matter of how I was going to make it happen. My budget was a joke. Eric and I were just going to have a candlelit goth dinner with as many guests as we could fit in our little apartment. Just getting the My Fair Wedding crew in our apartment was a challenge imagine trying to have a dinner there?! My apartment wasn’t even big enough to have all my family there. I think that was the most devastating thing about my original plan.

David gave me a wedding that seriously leaves me speechless every time I think of it. It seems almost like a dream. Even when I was there walking down the aisle I felt like I was dreaming. That dream almost turned into a nightmare when I almost fell walking down the aisle. Rose petals on a sleek black aisle + A girl who never wears heels= Disaster. Luckily my mom is a strong woman in more ways than one.

David didn’t give me the skulls or spiders that I begged for but I don’t blame him it really must have been a hard concept for him, let alone anyone, to understand. I wanted a wedding that the darkest craziest rock star would have. The crazier the better I used to say. Giving up control was definitely the absolute hardest thing about being on the show. I am a total control freak! Anyone who knows me personally knows that. I definitely wigged out a couple times while filming. Shed some tears and they weren’t tears of joy. I loved David’s vision but he didn’t understand me as well as he seemed to understand all his other brides. He said I was his biggest challenge. I didn’t make it easy for him and for that I’m sorry but in reality I was just being me.

I did have my Bridezilla moments. I refused to airbrush my tattoos. He said that airbrushing my tattoos would give it “more a feel of a wedding”. Seriously? I thought that that was David telling me that I wouldn’t fit in his vision as I was. That he had to change me into what he felt I should look like. I’m not going to lie… what he said really hurt my feelings. My tattoos are a part of me and I felt like he said I wasn’t good enough for him. When I watch the other shows and see what a connection David had with his other brides I can’t help but feel that David didn’t spend enough time with me during the “consultation” part of his wedding planning. I’m a bit more complicated so I felt I needed more time with him to give him more understanding of who I am and why I love the things I do.

I really love that I was worry free on my wedding day! David took all the stress for me and that’s why I forgive him.

I got my amazing wedding that I wished for. Thank you all for taking the time to know me 🙂


My name is Regina, I’m 26 years old and I am an administrative assistant. My mom was the one who applied on behalf of Chris and I, so it was a total shock when she said that they responded and needed more information from us, and that we were chosen! Since I was little, I always wanted a big traditional wedding that was romantic and magical with all these extravagant things. Chris and I have been engaged for almost 4 years during which we tried saving to make a wedding happen, but life, its lessons, and struggles got in our way.

After the loss of our little boy, Chris and I found a new meaning of life, and a love like no other, for our son, and within one other. With that, we decided that we wanted a marriage, more than wedding. All the things that I wanted became so unnecessary, and all I truly wanted was to be his wife. So when planning our wedding this time around, it wasn’t exactly what I had dreamed of. The style and feel of the wedding now, was more simple, safe and intimate. The guest list was only for 30 family members and the decorations we wanted were centered around dragonflies. I love dragonflies and wanted just that, along with my favorite color, green. My wedding dress was not one that I thought I would wear, but bought it because it was within my budget; it fit the “small” occasion and the chapel. The hardest thing for me was making the wedding reception, a reception, and not a backyard party. We planned to go to the chapel and then return to the house for drinks and cake (with our 30 guests). And with that it was hard to dress up the backyard to look more elegant, rather than making it look like the reception that Steve Martin envisioned in the movie “Father of the Bride” (minus the food of course).

When David came along, he made magic appear and transformed our wedding and reception, while allowing me to add 70 more people to the guest list to share this day with us! He came in and lifted all the stress and responsibilities off of my shoulders! And what amazed me, and made me feel wonderful, was that he seemed to genuinely want to do that for me. With that feeling of comfort and gratitude, it was so hard to pick from the choices David presented me with. I was just so grateful, trusting and appreciative of him using all of his brilliant creativity on me, that if he told me to walk out in a potato sack because it would be beautiful and fit what he was transforming for me, I would have. He didn’t pick random things out of a hat and throw them at me, he listened to me, got to know me and produced things that I never thought existed and made our wedding phenomenal; with tons of flowers, candles and dragonflies!

Our family and friends continue to talk about the wedding; how beautiful it was, and how much love was in the room that day! I enjoyed and will forever treasure every minute, every surprise, and every conversation that David and I engaged in! The whole experience with David was so fun and exciting that it flew by, as did the wedding! We got to laugh, hug, dance, eat, drink, take pictures and enjoy our loved ones, and it was all because of David! He made our wedding beautiful, magical, and memorable, for us and all of our guests!

Oh boy, so it was quite a challenge for me to embrace a gothic style wedding. I’ve spent my career perfecting the white wedding all brides want… well not this one. She literally wanted everything in black! Everything needed to be dark, and not just dark in color, but have a dark feeling to it all. So not my style…

The bride herself was covered in tattoos, wore a lot a black eye liner, had jet black hair, only and always wore black, and even when I met her daughter, Julia — an ADORABLE little seven-year-old girl – and she said to me at one point, “Ooh, mommy’s not going to like that, it’s not black.”

I learned she was dark for a reason, though. It was when we had a moment together that I found out that this was a girl who didn’t fit in at school. She tried to hang out with the popular kids, but she got shunned away so she turned to the dark side–visually–by going goth. Being goth made her stand out and she felt that this gave her a personality that she otherwise wasn’t being noticed for. I was 70% of the way into planning this girl’s wedding when I found that goth wasn’t the theme, it was a reason; something she became so comfortable with, so I had to embrace it. One of the things I say to all of my brides is that you have to tell a story as a bride, and as a groom. Her story was that Goth was who she was. It was how she saw herself.

So, committed to make my bride’s dream a reality, we had to embrace it as a whole. We brought in various deep tones of red. I used black magic roses, burgundy roses, red roses… and there’s a flower called bleeding amaranthus that is a really unusual, “dripping” burgundy flower that is very romantic. And I have to say, I found a very couture dress from Paris that was black, white and gray for her to wear. The room was designed with a very sort of deep, dark, but yet romantic feeling. And that was the key word for me. “Romance” replaced the word “dark.” The color scheme remained deep, but it definitely was a very romantic wedding.

Folshi, as we all called her, was fun and feisty! She had a love for fashion. Her mom owned a little boutique, so she was basically raised in it. It was odd to me because while her ideas for her wedding were a disaster, when you looked at and talked to her, Folshi was this wonderful, well-put-together girl. And when she stepped out in this gorgeous Vera Wang gown and Louis Vuitton shoes, I thought, “Wait a minute… why does she have a great gown and great shoes?” The reason was, she had saved all her money up for a pair of shoes and a dress and had no money for anything else! So she had nothing! Oh boy, what a disaster! But of that, what I recognized was that she had a real sense of style, she just didn’t know how to execute a whole wedding.

She was the first bride in the show’s history that we did a competition having students from the Los Angeles Fashion Institute (FIDM) to custom-make three different bridesmaids dresses! We did a fashion show and she picked her bridesmaids dresses from it. Three talented students created them from scratch just for her. I really wanted her to feel like she was a designer for her very own wedding.

One huge surprise for me later on was that at her wedding and during her vows, she was sobbing, and thanked her groom for picking her because she had always thought that she was the ugly duckling. So everything that I did for her and the wedding, which normally makes my brides feel beautiful, had made her feel gorgeous. It was really wonderful to watch her start to see herself as the beautiful girl she was. She had felt like she didn’t have much confidence in her beauty even though she was beautiful, but why it had surprised me was that I was SO enamored by her inner beauty that I didn’t realize anything else. I hope viewers see what I saw.

There’s the phrase we all know, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” and I think a major problem with our society is that we judge people by how pretty they are or for not being pretty enough, when the only genuine beauty we have lies on the inside.

Hi, My name is Folshunna Grace, better know as Folshi. I am 26 years old, I work as a pharmacy technician at UCLA Medical Center, with plans to run my mother’s shoe store starting next year! I am beyond excited because as you can tell by my episode, I am in love with everything fashion! My husband Kory was actually the one to suggest I apply for the show. I am in love with My Fair Wedding, I have been a huge fan from the beginning but I didn’t think there was any way I would be picked. I literally just applied out on a limb because he told me I should. Not expecting to be seen or heard at all. He encouraged me to apply because we really needed help with our vision and wasn’t sure if we could pull off our wedding successfully without help.

The initial vision for our wedding was a mixture of the fashion sense of Marie Antoinette, as well as Alice in Wonderland. I had a lot going on. I have always loved both movies as a child as well as fashion so I thought this would be the perfect wedding themes to put together. I originally wanted dark colors mixed with feminine spring colors. I wanted it to be dark yet romantic at the same time. I have a thing for mixing hard with soft materials in the way I dress so I thought this would work well on my wedding day too.

Our budget was around $30,000. I was more concerned with having the perfect wedding gown and shoes regardless of price then anything else. That’s really where I went wrong. Not thinking everything through thoroughly before making purchases. At the last minute I was so afraid we wouldn’t even have the wedding I’ve always wanted because of my poor choices in planning. David came just in time as I was giving up hope. He understood where I was coming from but made it a thousand times better than anything I could have done myself. The colors were changed from having anything dark to just spring colors altogether. We ended up sticking to the fashion out of all 3 initial themes, which made the most sense since its what describes me best.

The most difficult part of it all was letting go. I worry so much and try to perfect everything myself! Having to actually have someone take over and me not know exactly what was going to happen was very, very hard for me. A bit overwhelming but in the end I knew David understood what i wanted. I had to learn to trust him and just have faith! At first, I was a bit concerned with the decision to change the Bridesmaids dresses. They were all Vera Wang as well, I thought I made a good decision in dresses maybe a bad choice in colors but those dresses were gorgeous. I noticed the flowers David chose for me (during the 3 choices of my table settings) were roses…. I happen to hate roses but the specially made and grown ones were gorgeous! So I didn’t say anything, I love everything that’s unique and those roses definitely were!

Having David on my big day was a load of help. I honestly think if he wasn’t there and I was still planning there’s no way it would have ran that smoothly. It was a bit overwhelming having to closely my eyes everywhere I went at the venue but i knew something great we coming. I was less stressed because of his help but at the same time very anxious. That’s why I cried so much, I could not take all the things he did for me. It was beautiful! A day I will never ever forget in my life.

I would never describe myself as a Bridezilla. I do not believe in treating people horrible because one day is “my” day especially when they have all worked so hard towards this big day alongside myself. I admit I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I’ll speak up if I feel something isn’t how I like it but I would never go out of my way to be a big brat just because. That’s just not in my character at all. My family and friends kept teasing me about being a “star” with all the cameras around. Everyone was so excited and happy for me because they knew this would be a great day. They encouraged me a lot, just told me not to worry and enjoy it all.

I did wear my dream dress! I was so happy David did not change it. It was like that dress was made for me. I was going to get another dress that was great too but when I saw the dress I end up buying on a mannequin, I changed my mind. I knew when I saw it, it was THE dress. It was unique in every way, fit my body type and just was ME!

My favorite part of the show was meeting everyone in the crew as well as the reception party at the end of the wedding. I had such a great experience meeting everyone. I felt at home the whole time while we were filming. It was like being with a group of old friends all the time. The reception was perfect because of how amazing the view was as well as the beautiful decor. I loved how the room changed colors over night. The pretty disco floor. All of that was just great! The flowers, the way the bridesmaids dresses matched with mine perfectly, I love it all.

I love David! From the minute he walked through the door I knew we would be great friends. His personality was so much fun, we bonded from the beginning! The jokes we told, just hanging out on set behind the scenes, it was great. At the end of the process I was so sad because i thought that he may forget me, but I know we will keep in touch. Hes a great friend I hope to keep forever. I am ever so thankful for having him in my life and giving me a life changing wedding. I really appreciate it and love him!

The filming was fun. I really hated the “hurry up and wait” part but I knew something good would be coming to me so I waited it out. Mark was the best person to have accompanying me while the crew was setting up. It was odd at first doing the interviews but after a while i just got used to it and it came naturally, I really liked it.

My fondest memories from my wedding day was walking down the aisle with my parents to meet Kory at the altar. After all that anxious waiting, I was so overwhelmed with joy I couldn’t contain myself. The 360′ view of Los Angeles, the beautiful decorations, having my family and friends there, it was all so nice. The reception, partying with David on the dance floor, after all the stressful planning before this, was one of the greatest moments of the night yet the saddest because I knew it was all over. I wish I would do this every month haha! My friends and family asked if we could get married every weekend because it was the best wedding they have ever been to!

Warmest Regards,