My name is Johanne, I am 34 years old and I am a student / entrepreneur. Ever since I was a little girl entering a room only to command it, outwitting and winning the hearts of all those around me and remaining 3 steps ahead when necessary has always just come naturally to me. Some women are born to be mothers and homemakers; I was born to be an executive, a moneymaker, a Diva and an enterprising person.

I am a spoiled, bitchy, out-spoken, opinionated, educated, and stubborn Alpha female who both enjoys and deserves the finer things in life, and will settle for nothing less. I am easily irritated with ignorance or stupidity and I tend to be very black and white or matter of fact about things. With these just being a few of my personality traits the term “Bridezilla” is a part of my everyday life not just on my wedding day. On the other side of that, I am a true blue Pisces and I love as hard as I hate, giving the last I have.

They say, “Three’s a charm”, let us hope whoever “they” are, ring correct because after 11 years, a few kids, and a relationship like a rollercoaster ride, I decided to make our family official and marry Ed.

June of 2010, our wedding plans were moving as planned and then of course, the other shoe fell, a hurdle appeared for us to jump first. I had cervical cancer that required surgery/treatment. With about 2.5 months to the wedding day I thought we were going to postpone it or forget about it all together until I received an e-mail from the casting producer of September Films inquiring about our wedding day. I responded to the e-mail and despite it all, today I am cancer free and far from graciously, the wedding of our dreams developed.

Re-uniting my husband with his estranged father of 22 years, dancing down the aisle with my daddy, and including our children in the pouring of the sand during our unity ceremony were the most memorable moments from my wedding.

If I could change anything about the wedding, I would not have the people that tried to turn my wedding day into a circus for their 5 minutes of fame, and I would have loved to go on a honeymoon.

The film crew around did not bother me, it was fun; I would forget they were there. I remained true to who I was on and off camera. What really got on my nerves were all the drunk, phony, people playing up for the cameras.

I don’t get it, I don’t care whether you agree with me, like me or can’t stand me; I am who I am, I’m going to continue to be who I was born to be regardless what may or may not be said by those I know or those I don’t.

My advice to other brides would be don’t use your wedding as an excuse to be someone that you are not, like using pregnancy as reason to get fat. Always stay true to who you know you are, regardless of the circumstances. Try to remember that presentation, delivery, and execution is everything no matter what it may pertain to, therefore you don’t always have to be “ghetto” to get what you want. Finally yet importantly, regardless of what you may do, may not do, or may forget to do, your wedding is going to be the way that it is supposed to be so breathe and enjoy it; simple is sometimes better.

My name is Cristal. I am 24 years old and am an appraisal coordinator here in Milwaukee, WI. I have been planning my wedding day since the day I was born and have always envisioned it being a huge wedding with lots of friends and family and most importantly with me in a fabulous dress. Over the years I may have changed a few details here and there of what I thought would be perfect to include in my wedding; like what the first song would be and what the colors would be, but the one thing that stayed true was that I would be the focus of everyone’s attention, and that my wedding day would be no matter what, the best day of my life.

When you first get engaged you think that planning a wedding for real will be the easiest and most fun thing you could possibly do….but then you and your fiance don’t agree on which colors to choose, or you don’t want to get chair covers because you think they look tacky, but hate the price tag that comes with the Chiavari chairs that you really adore. It’s all the little details like whether to spend the extra money on matching table number holders or what font to print the programs in that just end up driving you and everyone around you insane. At the end of the day though, once all the details are figured out (or pushed aside for no one to see) the small stuff doesn’t matter. Everything you stressed and fought about all dwindles and blurs together and in those 24 hours no one even notices any of that…Seriously, all they notice is you-the bride and groom.

So when people ask did everything go right on your wedding day? Was it perfect? No. Nothing went right, nothing went as planned, and the day went too fast to even try to fix the mistakes. My wedding day and everything leading up to it was everything but perfect-it was a chaotic mess, and you can imagine that with the Bridezillas film crew stress and emotions were multiplied by 1,000,000 if not more. But at the end of the day my wedding consisted of me walking down that aisle to the man I love and adore…the man who respects, appreciates, and accepts me for the woman I am.

I’m Daphne, I’m 20, and I’m a self employed college student. I’m a sarcastic, confused, and soft hearted bitch so most people don’t understand me. Not to mention, I always want my way, even though I don’t know what I want half of the time!

When I chose my bridal party, I apparently didn’t think it through because I ended up kicking out over half of them the week before the wedding. I don’t think they quite understood the term “bride’s-maid”. Just do what I tell you to do and I’ll be happy. I started out with 7 bridesmaids and by my wedding day, I had 3 bridesmaids. Not to mention one of them was a replacement! I basically shoved my hand so far up my replacement’s bridesmaid’s butt, I made her my own hand puppet. She did EVERYTHING I told her to do!

My family has always supported everything I’ve ever done and I love them more than anything in the world and it means so much to me that they love Drew unconditionally as well. I actually told Drew I wanted to take my maiden last name because my family is so kick ass!

My in-laws on the other hand… heh. I have nothing to say about them. They not only hurt me the week before the wedding but hurt Drew a lot, which isn’t cool with me. During the ceremony and reception (which his family refused to attend) we were surrounded by so many people that love and support us that we didn’t even notice they weren’t there. I think they meant to hurt us, but only ended up hurting themselves by missing out.

I absolutely loved my dramatic dress! Besides not being able to sit or hardly walk, it was perfect. But, my favorite part of our wedding was saying our vows because it made our relationship forever and it was really touching to me.

I had 7 months to plan our wedding but when I got to South Dakota I felt like I had to plan a whole wedding in one week! I had never seen the venue, cake, flowers and I didn’t even know what my guests were going to be eating! It was a hot mess!

To be completely honest, I felt like I kept my composure until the day before the wedding. I had a few ‘zilla moments but I hit my absolute breaking point that Friday. I went from being a controlling bitch to breaking down completely. I never wanted or expected things to go that far.

If I could change anything about my wedding, I’d go to South Dakota at least a month early because I didn’t enjoy any of the planning or get to spend any quality time with my family, who I only get to see maybe twice a year.

Drew and I went to Disney World for our honeymoon! It was so much fun! We wanted to go out and do something out of the ordinary for our honeymoon! I don’t understand why people spend so much money to go some where to spend all day in bed and do nothing – you can do that at home for free.

There are a lot of people doubting our marriage but we have something that no one else will ever understand and I think that’s what makes it so special. It’s like we have our own little secret.  A sailor and his princess… something you’ll never understand.

We are still in the talking stages of when we’ll have children but I feel like it’ll be real soon. I think our children will be so damn cute!

By the end of the first day of filming, I was thinking “What the hell did I get myself into?!” I’ve never felt so privately invaded in my life! It was almost worse than the military. Haha, not really. But seriously, it didn’t seem real for so long but by mid-week we started to really embrace all of it and enjoy it. I loved sharing our special day with an audience and would do it over and over again. I know I had some embarrassing moments but anyone who has been a bride would understand how I felt. I’m just more open to expressing myself than some people.

My husband is a military policeman in an expeditionary unit that is scheduled to deploy overseas next year. We both knew about this before we got married but it’s still hard to accept sometimes. I know the military, inside and out so I understand why he can’t call for days or weeks and that he has to leave for long periods of time, but it doesn’t make it any easier. I am so proud of him and feel honored to be his wife. I want to be a better person when I’m with him and I’m so glad we got to share our love story with so many people before he leaves.