My name is Kera, I am 23 years old and I am a physical therapy aid/transcriptionist.

What makes me a Bridezilla is my attitude. I get stressed out really easily and that makes me really snappy and I get mean with my sarcasm. Add that in with it being 1 week away from my wedding and you have the perfect recipe for a Bridezilla.

I knew right away who my bridesmaids were going to be.  I wanted my cousin who does not get to be in the wedding, but she was not comfortable with the cameras on her, which is odd seeing as how it was all about me anyways.

My relationship with my in laws is actually great! My mother however, is a different story. I think she has it out for me. It really is like she waits until I am as stressed as possible to start being obnoxious.

My favorite part of my wedding was when I was standing outside the chapel doors and I heard my song to walk down the aisle playing and I knew I was about to see my amazing husband waiting for me to walk down to him smiling in anticipation.

Planning my wedding took an entire year! The whole time we were engaged I would spend hours planning the wedding and the reception. There are soooo many more details then I ever imagined!

I honestly did not stay sane through the last 3 months of the wedding planning. That was when I had to start picking all the songs for the whole reception, the cake style, size and flavors, get the favors, pick the dinner, talk about set up and linens, my bouquet, the girls bouquets and the boys tuxedo’s. It was a lot and by the time the Bridezilla folks came out, I was done talking wedding and planning and dealing with everything, but of course there was tons to do so I put my big girl panties on and did work because nobody was helping me!

The only thing I would have changed about my wedding was how fast I walked down the aisle lol. My song was on for 2 seconds and abruptly ended and for some reason that bothers me. I wanted it to be more grand, but I married the man of my dreams so what can ya do.

We went on a 4 day cruise to Mexico, Ensanada. It was cool, but what we didn’t know about Ensanada when we booked the cruise was that there is nothing to do there! Lol

The first year of marriage so far has been normal. I feel like how we were before all the wedding planning got started and we were amazing to begin with so it went back to that just with a new last name haha.

There are NO children on the horizon. I really do not like kids. They drive me crazy and they are so messy. Ask me again when I am like 28 or so.

Filming the show was so weird! I actually did not fight with random people as much as I wanted to because the crew told me to keep my cool and ignore them. If I was not afraid of a law suit I would have gotten crazy with some bitches who I overheard talking crap about the cameras and what I must think of myself for being on TV.

I was miserable with the cameras being around so much. After a while you forget they are there, but sometimes you CAN’T forget they are there and just want to yell at them to leave, so of course sometimes you do. My Husband, Jason, loved the cameras once it got past the first few days. He admitted to acting like he was at work more then he was so he didn’t have to be around them! But after they left he said he missed them. I said good riddance, thanks for the experience now please never come back lol

I’m Kim, I’m 30 years old and I am an accountant and the owner of “Cupcakes and Confetti Event Planning”

I am a Bridezilla because I am a total control freak. My wedding, a.k.a. “The Kim Show” is something that I invested my all in and everyone that wanted to be a part of it needed to make sure that they understood that I demanded perfection! Two of the extras that I chose to be a part of my production were my best friend Staci and my sister Miesha. While they were the closest people to me they have given me the hardest time. “Kim Show” rule #1: make sure the women in your production know that there is only one star…..YOU!

I had the worst vendor for a hairdresser! She was late one day and didn’t even show up on the wedding day… and she was one of my close friends. “Kim Show” rule #2: while haters are welcome to view the main attraction (so that they can see how it’s really supposed to be done), do not allow them behind the scenes! On the upside, that’s one less phony bitch in my life!

Doing the show was exhausting simply because the people around you try and get some of your shine and lose focus, however, if you’re a true Bridezilla like me, its nothing to put their asses in check.

The highlight of the “Kim Show” was transforming from a bridesmaid eating monster into Marilyn Monroe’s caramel colored, more voluptuous twin Diva of the new age. Looking into my honey’s eyes, knowing that he appreciated what was before him and forgetting that anyone else existed was the highlight of my day…..I love me some him!

We already share 3 brilliant children and couldn’t do better if we tried. Our future holds so much potential and promise and were taking leaps into a fresh and recommitted romance. “Kim Show” rule #3: love and love hard….the rest will figure itself out!

My name is Ruby, I’m a registered nurse and I’m 25 yrs old. I’m a Bridezilla because I always get my way, and I’ll fight every step along the way to get there. I don’t have a problem yelling or cursing anyone out. I tend to be bossy when I’m under stress. Of course I was bound to be a Bridezilla while planning my wedding!

It was only difficult selecting my bridesmaids because everyone wanted to be my bridesmaid, especially my sisters. I had to let them know that my bridesmaids couldn’t be married or over 30, and they of course were pissed at me for it, but oh well, it’s my wedding!

My relationship with my in laws is not ideal. I get along with my mother-in-law, which is a big surprise! I get along with one of my brothers-in-law well, but Bo my other brother-in-law can be annoying. Bo and I get along at times, and other times he’s annoying! He thinks he’s a bad ass but he’s just an attention whore with little man syndrome. As far as my sister in law, she’s trash! She had the nerve to tell me at the end of my wedding that she didn’t feel she needed to say hi or congratulate us!

It took ME a year and 2 months to plan our wedding. I thought I had all the wedding planning under control until maybe 2 weeks before the wedding, that’s when I started panicking. My favorite part of my wedding was when we were being introduced along with my bridal party. I thought it was very unique and fun.

If I could change one thing about my wedding it would be time. I wanted to have more time to enjoy it, but I felt like I was rushing the whole time, because I didn’t want to lose control. The fact that my family didn’t show up is also something I would change. Who wouldn’t want their family to show up on their wedding day?

We went to Cancun for our honeymoon and it was great! We did some excursions and did fun stuff, I wish we could have stayed longer. So far our marriage has been awesome, we are doing better than ever and so in love. No babies yet, not for another 2-3 years, we want to enjoy each other first.

Filming for the show was definitely stressful, I wanted to make sure I looked perfect and would stress about how I may look or what I was doing. After a few days, I wasn’t too stressed anymore about the cameras. I actually miss the cameras. I think it was fun to share my wedding process with the audience and it served as a venting process for me. I would vent to the cameras about everything. I do feel some guilt that I treated my vendors, my sisters, my husband, and my bridesmaids badly. I was being such a bitch to everybody and I do feel bad about that. I hope everyone can forgive my poor self. I was a BRIDEZILLA, and that means I wasn’t myself, I was a monster, I couldn’t help it!

My name is Tricia. I’m 19 years old and a nursing student. Planning my wedding was an absolute hell. With a two month time crunch, drama with everyone around me, and vendors being complete morons, it’s lucky I made it to my wedding and everything went off great.

I knew I wanted a huge wedding party so I had to make sure I had five bridesmaids that would all be skinny. This backfired because then I looked fat in my pictures next to a bunch of twigs. My mom was a huge obstacle to deal with during the wedding planning and the invitation list from my in-laws never ended, so I didn’t get what I originally wanted.

When Jesse and I booked the Grand in August, we realized the wedding was coming in a few months, January. We were like “oh my god, how do we pull this off so quick?” Doing all my wedding planning was absolute hell. Almost all my vendors were an hour away and I was driving two hours each day in traffic for two months just to set everything up. I was going absolutely bonkers trying to get 50 million things to come together for six hours of my life and no friends or vendors were reliable at all.

If I could change one thing about my wedding, it’d definitely be how many people didn’t show. I also wished I remembered more of it! Oh and a word of advice, don’t use a veil that covers your face. We spent so much money and so many people flaked which caused a lot of schisms in the family.

Jesse and I haven’t gone on a honeymoon yet. We might not in fact. Trying to recover from a $20,000 wedding and buying a house at the same time leaves little money for anything extravagant. We wanted to go on an Alaskan cruise but we ended up doing a ton of mini honeymoons like monster jam and road trips.

The first stretch of marriage is hell. Expectations get higher and higher. I don’t know who came up with this “newlywed phase” crap. When the bills hit and life keeps moving, you don’t have that much time to smell the roses.

I can’t wait to have children! Our friends think it’ll happen in the next six months. Jesse wants to wait, but I control the baby making.

It was absolute hell filming the show. I thought I was going to drive my car right off a cliff. Good experience, but out of all the weeks to ruin in your life, the week before your wedding isn’t a good choice. Even after the cameras left Jesse and I were getting into screaming matches and I’m still paying for hitting him in the head and going to a club.

It was super fun to share this with an audience because there is no faking the crap that goes on before weddings. This is all real crap that people threw at me. I hope they can learn from my mistakes. Yellow is not white! Even though I’ve repeatedly said I wouldn’t do it again, I’d love to…but I think Jesse would leave me if we did. I’m lucky we even got married. For the record, I’m not that crazy, everyone else is, it’s all about making me happy…oh and behind closed doors I’m getting hell for that week.

The Bridezillas week was hell and a good learning experience, but I’m afraid to watch my own episode because the wounds are too fresh. Oh and I recommend going to Vegas for a wedding; short and sweet…cut out the bull.

Hi, my name is Danyelle. I am 28 years old and a full time student. The traits that make me a Bridezilla is that I’m very bossy, demanding, and always must have my way no matter what at whatever cost.  A Bridezilla does not have to explain herself; she just needs to do whatever it takes to make sure her wedding day is PERFECT! The process of selecting my bridesmaids was not difficult, but I had a difficult time choosing my maid of honor. I was dealing with two individuals with very strong personalities who both thought that they should get the job. I ended up with two maids of honor just so I wouldn’t have to hear either of them complain the entire time. They bumped heads a few times, but I quickly put them in their places.

My relationship with my family and in-laws I would say is very pleasant right now.  I know most brides do not get along with their in-laws, but I just happen to love mine.

I enjoyed my wedding day to the fullest, but the best part about it was when it was all over. I was able to get back to my normal self, well almost normal self.  It took ME one year to plan my wedding and it was not fun. I did EVERYTHING by myself. I lost my mind most of the time and I was very stressed out all of the time. I literally wanted to kill everybody I came into contact with. I had never been under that much stress and pressure.

My wedding was perfect as far as I am concerned. I wish the day would have lasted a while longer. It went by very fast and I hardly remember any of it. If I could change anything about my wedding, it would be to have a wedding planner. I think that having help when planning a wedding would ease the stress of any bride. We have enough to worry about.

After the wedding was over with I felt like a weight was lifted off of me. We have yet to take our honeymoon trip because my husband is in the military. We will be going in August, but he will not tell me where. It’s going to be a surprise –  FYI, I don’t like surprises. So hopefully we go somewhere that I want to go. I’m sure that he will do a good job. He is an excellent husband and I am very lucky to have him. They say the first year of marriage is the hardest, but I am ready to take on any challenge as long as it’s with him. My marriage is everything that I expected it to be and more.

I have not decided if I want any more children. We have two already, a 4 year old boy and 5 year old girl. We do not have a child together and my husband wants one. Maybe next year we can try, but I really do not want have to have another child. Children are fun, but I think two is more than enough. We shall see!!!

Filming for the show Bridezillas was so much fun. It was my first time experiencing something like that. It was kind of weird having the cameras follow me around all day, but I enjoyed every moment that they captured. They caught me when I was happy, sad, and upset. It’s going to be very interesting to see myself and how upset I could really get. I would definitely do it again if I had the chance.