Awww Zaya’s here and she waited for Auntie Tina!!!! Now this what all yall need to know: I’m not ever going to do what Erica did; having all yall (TV world people) with me while I’m giving birth and then jumping right back into work! No ma’am pam – I’m old school so my brand new baby to the world and I are not coming outside for TWO WHOLE MONTHS – LOL!!! So serious though! Man Erica is hardcore – she puts in the work. Yall see how great we looked; got all dressed for the Grammy’s came home straight empty handed – ha!! Great to be nominated though (shole’ wanted to win – LOL). And as usual being “Mary” gets in the way of Tina’s life, but somehow it all worked out. I showed Teddy that he is still all that to me & and gave him my attention, even it was for only one night; hit the Grammy’s and then got the chance to rock out with our fans! I love performing “GO GET IT”!!! Hope y’all love seeing us perform it. 

Amber was sweet as could be… super sweet… but her plans were all over the place and a disaster.

She wanted a wedding that was ‘love’ and ‘peace’, and loved sunflowers, and wanted buddhas, and she wanted it to be Zen and…..
I literally laughed, going, “This girl’s a mess” but she’s a lovely, sweet, and a kind human being. And the one thing that I asked her because I was just so confused was, “So, Amber, what’s your favorite color?” And she said, “Oh my God, I love red.” She had red on, she had red jewelry when I met her and she had red things on her table. And I said, “Red? That’s really interesting. You do know that colors evoke emotion?” Like, you know, with certain colors of your house–when you walk into a room, it makes you react and feel a certain way. So I told her, red is fire and it’s fierce. It’s energetic and makes you just feel like you have a lot of energy.

Long story short, this is my bride who I literally took everything on her table and threw it out because it made no sense. I took red and every single thing about her wedding was red–monochromatic red everywhere. Her bridesmaids were adorable girls and I changed their dresses into beautiful red evening wear. I changed my bride’s dress out of a dress she thought she would wear into a dress where the accent was red. And then for the reception I had her in a short, sexy red dress with red shoes and red jewelry.

Her party, which to me was a great way to say, as the last episode of the season, is that it’s my nod toward the question everybody asks: “What do you see as the future trends for weddings in 2012 and 2013?” I’ve gone on the record before and I go on the record again with this episode that I see bold, vivid, strong colors for weddings in the next two years. In fact I see red as the hot color being used.

With Amber’s wedding, she had red tables, red chairs, red linens, red flowers, a red dance floor, red lighting. Everywhere you turned, it was red. But in such a sexy, elegant way that you literally felt the energy of the room.

This weekend I’m doing stand-up, going to a wedding, and trying to find a new boyfriend for Melissa. Actually, that’s not a weekend; it’s my perfect storm of happiness! Well, maybe not perfect…the economy is still bad, cheesecake is still fattening, and Ryan Gosling still hasn’t returned my calls…but it’s pretty good. When my assistant Sabrina and her husband decided to renew their vows I thought, why not do it in Las Vegas where I’m headlining? We can throw Sabrina a bachelorette party…check out single guys…have everybody come see my show…set Melissa up with somebody…have dinner…maybe see Melissa fall in love again…all the usual Vegas stuff! Melissa just can’t know that I’m setting her up, so I have to be discreet. I know– I’ll have Lynne help me! Because let’s face it, if there’s one thing Lynne’s good at its rounding up guys. Lynne just has to understand that these guys are for Melissa, not her, so they can’t have prison records, back hair, or tattoos. Seriously, I just want my baby to find love again, so if Mr. Right comes along and Melissa really likes him, I guess I could overlook just one small tattoo.

Hey Boom Boom’s!

I want to begin by saying that I really appreciate all of the love AND support that has been given to me continuously. Please believe me when I say that it does not go unappreciated.

Now as you all know, Gabe and I have been dealing with several issues in our marriage for some time now. It seems that my decision making process has been a constant emotional battle. Even after filing for a separation, I didn’t know if I should follow through with a more permanent dissolution. I refuse to bash Gabe because he is still an excellent father and provider for our children, and I owe him and our children that respect. But Gabe has issues that only Gabe can correct, and he made that confession known this episode.

So while he is working on himself, I am doing the same by focusing on my career as a solo artist with my very first single from my solo project “Party or Go Home.” I am very excited about this project, and it is a blessing to have my sisters embrace not only my music, but my decisions as well.

I am continuing to move forward with my life, and this is just the beginning boom booms. I hope you are just as excited as I am!

Love you guys!!!

Trina E. Braxton
Queen Boom Boom

Well, we knew it had to end sometime, and tonight the Braxtons closed out their first season of Braxton Family Values with a bang. Laughter, anger and even a few tears characterized the culmination of this amazing 1st run.

After last week’s tough trip to Maryland left the ladies feeling drained and bewildered, they rehash what happened, still trying to understand why Daddy Braxton stood them up. Traci, being the closest to him, is asked to call and find out what happened (the girls even break into an adorable song about it, haha) but she is just as angry as they are and walks out (is it me or does she do that a lot?) Later, she comes around and reveals that she has spoken to their father and convinced him to come to Atlanta to see them, yet he offers no real excuse for not showing up the first time, other than that he was “with friends” – which the girls are NOT accepting as an explanation.

Moving on, the sisters meet at the recording studio, still trying to put the Braxton album together, but once again Toni is a no-show and they are all are more than annoyed. Traci feels slighted and Tamar still refuses to sing without all five of them present.

The sparks continue when Towanda brings Trina and Tamar to meet with her lawyer, as she plans to separate from Andre. An explosive argument erupts when Tamar puts her two cents in (shocking) and insults Towanda by degrading Andre – we hear some words that usually don’t come from the polished Towanda and Tamar is forced to give an apology, which her sister refuses to accept…do you blame her?

Finally it’s time for the ultimate family reunion as the sisters attend lunch, to which they have invited dad – unbeknownst to poor Evelyn, and when he walks in, the madness ensues almost immediately. Evelyn and her ex go at it like two prize fighters in the ring; instigated even more by Tamar’s ridiculous questions, “Why can’t you be friends?”…they call one another out as liars and scream across the table about dad’s infidelities (or as Evelyn creatively puts it, “He laid it low and spread it wide”! yikes) meanwhile the sisters chime in with their feelings, ultimately defending their mom. Eventually Evelyn has had enough and leaves, remarking that if she stayed “There would be two sad days. The day they buried him and then my trial”…HA…wow!

The next day the ladies talk about what went down and all agree to try to put it behind them, even Evelyn…and that’s why we love them 🙂

And as we near the conclusion (after another MIA Toni at a second recording studio appointment, resulting in Traci walking out AGAIN) all the sisters reveal what their next steps will be: Toni plans to move to LA, Traci wants to move to GA to work on the album (if it ever happens), Trina needs to work on her drinking, Towanda is separating from Andre and Tamar is still focusing on that solo career….what will happen for all of these most fabulous ladies? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Until next season!