What struck me the most about Seria when we first met was how naturally gorgeous and graceful she was; and she didn’t even know it! To inspire her inner beauty I took Seria across Manhattan to some of the finest places in the city from the Plaza Hotel to La Petite Coquette, one of New York’s premiere lingerie boutiques.

Changing over the d├ęcor for Seria’s wedding posed a different challenge than the others in that the locations she had chosen for her ceremony and reception had special meaning to her and she didn’t want them changed. Without changing the venue I had to be extra creative in order to turn Seria and Raheim’s wedding into the paradise she had always dreamed about; one that is stylish, glamorous and includes her signature color, of course!

Seria’s wedding showcases one of the most common mistakes brides make after selecting a theme or color scheme: going overboard! Seria’s favorite color is turquoise which is a beautiful color, but for a wedding such a bright shade is best used in moderation. Despite obstacles like plastic flowers, a cramped venue and some explicit undergarments–Seria’s wedding was an amazing event.

One of my favorite things about Seria’s wedding was her music choices for the processional and recessional of the ceremony. Using instrumental versions of more popular songs is a fun way to put your personality into one of the more traditional aspects of a wedding. The result was so moving you will not want to miss it. Tune in to see Seria’s incredible transformation and how I was able to makeover a Brooklyn event hall into a stylish wedding that everyone will remember!