What are the names of SWV’s talented women?

Answer: Coko, Taj and Lelee

What was the name of SWV’s debut album that went double platinum in its first year?

Answer: It’s About Time

What SWV number 1 hit used samples from Michael Jackson’s Human Nature?

Answer: Right Here

What hit song in 1993 established this trio as a force in the R&B world?

Answer: I Am So Into You

What year was SWV nominated for “Best New Artist” at the Grammys?

Answer: 1994

Watch this throwback video of one our favorite SWV songs and be sure to catch Sisters With Voices on WEtv in a new series coming in 2014.


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Terry is right! I was found on Craigslist! I would like to say that we all are crazy in a fun and a unique way at the salon! I own “Freddy Vs. Jason” and I will watch it in honor of Kelly Rowland. It was too bad Anthony and I couldn’t go out for drinks because we had to clean.

Angela: I thought I told you about the hair appointment. You know in life there are always miscommunications.

Dontay: I am glad you fixed her eyebrows! YAY!

Kim: you are the patron saint of hair! I like watching the mother and daughter relationship between Kim and Jasmine – it’s cute! We are all kooky and fun to watch!

When Shannen first told me that “Shannen Says” got the green light to start production and that she wanted me to be a part of it, I was on board!

The thing I was most excited about was spending time with Shannen at her house where I quickly made myself right at home. Made a martini, jumped right into the pool and on to the tennis court with her tennis instructor (my tennis definitely needs brushing up). Shannen and I never get annoyed or tired of being around each other because we are so comfortable around one another and we’re okay with silence. We don’t feel the need to talk every second of the day, especially in the morning!

I was stuck in NY during the big hurricane when I needed to be in Malibu. Shannen was constantly on the phone with me helping me find a way to get put of the hurricane and to LA asap. I missed her engagement party because of this. But Shannen came up with the idea for me to take a train to Philly from NY and fly out from Philly, which I did and I made it as soon as humanly possible.

History: I first met Kurt years before I met Shannen. Kurt and I met on a shoot (like Shannen and Kurt did). I was the Stylist and Kurt was the photographer. Kurt and I continued to work together on numerous Fashion stories for ‘A’ Magazine, bridal campaigns, etc. When Kurt told me I was going to be the Stylist for a Shannen Doherty cover shoot I was excited and scared. Excited because I’ve been a huge fan of 90210 and Heather’s as long as I can remember. Shannen’s character Brenda Walsh has always been my favorite, not to mention somewhat of an inspiration for me to become a Stylist. I remember the episode that Brenda wore a white dress paired with black, rugged combat boots and I thought she was so cool and that look rocked. I was in Junior High-School and right then and there I thought to myself that I wanted a career in Fashion. I was a little nervous to meet Shannen jut because of all the pre-conceived notions by the media. When I walked on set and met her, I was relieved at how sweet and funny she was! Shannen and I literally hit it off instantly the day of that shoot and became closer and closer every day. Shannen and I confide in each other and she truly is one of the best, loyal and caring friends anyone can ask for. I have seen every step of Kurt’s and Shannen’s relationship, I know them both very well and their bond is so beautiful and special. I’ve learned a lot about myself and relationships through Shannen and Kurt and I am very grateful for this.

On this 1st episode: I understand both Shannen’s and Kurt’s sides to ‘Family Day”. I get that Shannen keeps family day really close to her heart and I get that Kurt wants to play football with the guys. However, Kurt does wake up every morning to go surfing and paddle-boarding in Malibu.. so I think one day (Sunday) can be a stay home day! I enjoy spending family day with Rosa, Shannen and Kurt every chance I get!

I hope you all enjoy the show, it is honest and real. I hope I come across as likable and/or funny! I sound a bit monotone, but Shannen says thats whats funny about me lol. I will be live tweeting every Tuesday night, so ask away! @timBitici

Thanks guys!

x Timmy

I had such a good time watching the premiere of “Shannen Says” last night at her house. It was really great to see everyone hanging out, enjoying and rehashing the experience we all shared together. I thought Shannen and Kurt were very true to themselves, and I found the show to be very entertaining, real and struck all the right chords. I can’t wait until next week’s episode and the rest of the season for that matter.

I had just returned from my honeymoon the day before the dinner party that you all saw towards the end of the episode, (I was recently married last June) so I was still in vacation mode, perhaps explaining why I seemed a bit smashed.

Dinner parties like that are always a lot of fun because they are kind of like roasts in a way. You are able to find opportunities to expose some of your friendship’s hidden little secrets. Since so much time has passed you finally feel comfortable letting the “cat out of the bag”, like when I revealed me and Shannen’s old ritual of “doing late-night drive-bys” where we would check and see if our significant others were really at home like they said they were. (And yes, we have been caught a few times too.)

Yayy so happy episode 1 arrived! The ball is rolling for Shannen’s wedding, woohoo. It’s going to be a crazzzzy ride.

Seeing us walk into Geary’s reminded me how much she took on trying to plan this wedding in such a short amount of time. Yikes! I really loved she included me in being a part of picking her wedding registry..Luckily her hyperventilation moment didn’t turn into her passing out in Geary’s, haha…

Decisions, decisions, football vs. wedding planning was an interesting dilemma….good thing she decided to hire a wedding planner!! 🙂

Last and most important, I was very touched and emotional thinking about her feelings around her dad and him not being there through all of this. I know it’s really hard for her….luckily she has many people around her that love her and will walk her through this.

Hey everybody. It’s Erica. Thanks for watching the show, and for reading my first blog!

You might think that as recording artists we’re used to being on camera all the time, but seeing my personal life on TV was definitely out of the norm for me. Let me tell you, it takes a little getting used to!

So, during this episode you saw how hard having to go back to Atlanta was for me, Tina and our families. I know we both say this a lot, but family is one of the most important parts of our lives. When I heard that Tina’s family couldn’t come, it really hurt me as well, which is why I had to take action. When I finally got Teddy to agree (it wasn’t easy – let me tell you) to come, I knew it would be such a big surprise for Tina that we had to keep it a secret. Seeing the show, and watching the days leading up to the Thanksgiving performance, I was reminded of just how unpleased Tina was at the situation, and at me since my family was coming.  Y’all just don’t know how many times I wanted to tell her that she wouldn’t be alone on Thanksgiving, but that just made the surprise all the sweeter.