Can you believe we are now at show five….wow the trip is almost over, unlessss they decide to pick us up? It has been a great ride with the family. This show was a breakthrough for us in many ways.

It was time for my family to get through some mental blocks and pick up some hobbies.  Well, I didn’t foresee my wife going to a gun range and falling in love with shooting and maybe killing me one day (hey, I watch the crime channels so I know what can happen with a gun in a house with married people).

My son decides that he wants to travel the world and fight people to the death (I have to check my house for drugs). I have to find a way to stop this before my son gets maimed somewhere out there in the world.

Ahh, how about Paige? Well she is having some writer’s block, and that always makes my family nervous because in order to write again she has to some crazy death defying “thing” to get her creativity back.  The last time this happened we all had to jump out of airplanes at 17 thousand feet with a parachute strapped to our backs.  Well this time she decides she wants us all to fly on the trapeze like we are a cirque du soleil family.

My knees are just getting better after knee replacements and now I have to fly through the air and land in a net that no normal person can walk on. Although we learned a lot from out trapeze guru, Ray.  He gave us many Rayism’s, like how my wife has control issues.  Now that was funny. Although, in the future, Paige needs to learn how to work out these creative issues by herself.   Thank God my uncle (I think he is my uncle) Memphis Red, showed up and played some blues and funk for the family.   Oh yeah, it is going to be crazy.

Till next time,