OK, this is the show where you get to meet where I come from.  You meet my father and mother and nephew, etc.

This episode deals with me missing my old house and all the pool parties and jam sessions and especially my sign in front of my house.  The community I lived in had signs in front of everyone’s homes and I had the coolest sign. It said “BAD’S CRIB.”

All I wanted to do was drive into the community and go get my sign. The security guard who was my friend , I thought, wouldn’t let me in.  Ain’t that a trip?  Wow, it didn’t take long to shake me out of their system.  I used to bring them food and invite them to my barbecues… Mannnn!!!!

Speaking of barbecues, I had the grill of life.  I had it built in the backyard near the pool with a view of the kitchen and basketball court (tear in my eye).  There is a meat store near my old crib, Jim’s meats, that has the best meat in the world.  They have jumbo shrimp that makes my momma steal from me.  She takes all my shrimp home.  My brother, Michael, brings his own Tupperware to my house to take food home with him.

Also we have to deal with a critter situation in the pool bathroom…that room had not been opened for 5-10 years.  Wait till you see what is in there.

Oh, we are throwing a barbecue at the new house, gotta put some funk in this house. Oh you gots  to see my band…this is the beginning of something funky.

See you on the tube!

I’ve always tried to maintain a more serious outlook when it comes to health. Eating healthy and staying active has become an integral part of my daily regimen. I will admit I was more on the heavier side during my teen years, mainly due to my terrible excuse for knees. After both knee surgeries I took it upon myself to create a plan to prevent myself from getting any heavier. Today that plan consists of lifting weights, martial arts, and maintaining a healthy diet.

Staying on any regular workout plan is fairly difficult for my father. It’s not that he doesn’t want to do the work or is lazy but due to his constant traveling, he is never in one place long enough to perform any type of active routine. However, the rare times he has breaks, the gym is the first place you will find him. Same applies towards his eating habits, while at home he will stay true to a healthy diet. When he’s on the move, the amount of healthy food options becomes quite scarce. Anyone living the nomadic life will understand the difficulties which come with such a lifestyle.

Now lucky for us, our dad has had a little time off so we decided to make the best of it. We became concerned when our dad’s high blood pressure came to our attention. But instead of freaking out over it, we decided to solve the issue Adkins style. We went shopping and got ourselves some healthier food.  Paige called Chef Sam Bell to come cook for us, now that was a nice treat I must say. He showed us a way of making the meals we like while keeping them healthy, it was the craziest thing. He did come off a little aggressive at first but I guess it was only tough love. After that we had ourselves a nice family workout and just to be adventurous, we took a hip hop class. In the end my dad got his blood pressure down so yeah, mission accomplished. Oh and one more thing – I would just like to point out that I am not a strong dancer so I ask that everyone refrain from judging me off my performance if at all possible. You will have my deepest appreciation.  Thanks.

Okay, I know what you are thinking, “A rummage sale in 2011?”

At first,  I thought the same thing, then I analyzed the whole situation and realized that if I were to try and sell all the stuff online; yeah, I would definitely make more money, well except for the stuff only a true pack rat would love; like an old cheese grill…. yuck!)  But after selling all that stuff I would be committed to packing it up and shipping it.  TOO MUCH WORK! So rummage sale it is. What you don’t sell you have somebody come get and haul away.

Truth be told, I don’t mind giving most of that stuff away, just leave my drums, guitars and CD’s alone… oh yeah, and an occasional cassette tape here and there. Non-negotiable!

Now this was supposed to be a family shared experience meaning they were supposed to give up some stuff also, but no, I am the one giving up his life.  Did you see my wife trip when I brought out all those clothes that she never wears or can’t wear that was hanging up in her closet?  She was selling my Gibson.

Let me say that again.

She was attempting to sell my Gibson guitar and all my CD’s.  Thank God I am a cool levelheaded individual and handled the situation calmly, well as calmly as an adult living with ADD can do.  Let’s not even talk about how my daughter, sold me, yes SOLD ME, to a couple for dinner. Although I must admit, it was fun watching a young couple fight.

Oh, did I tell you that my son, Royce, sold one of my guitars on eBay and that I had to buy it back.  People, I should be in a mental institution by now.

See you next week for more craziness from this family…


Okay I am not going to bore you with all the details of what happened to me in the last year(s) or so.  If you tune in and watch the first episode you will find out everything. Here is a short synopsis of my wife’s and my history:

Dated for 5 years, married for 7, divorced for 10, back together for nine (Oh, this month is our anniversary month).

Although we have been back together for 9 years, we had a different kind of home situation. You see, I kept the house that I bought while we were divorced. It was only 15 minutes away and provided the perfect situation. We didn’t have to fight over color of walls, furniture arrangements or where to put my stuff, because; all of MY stuff was at MY house.  Soooooo, when the IRS sold my house, oh that is a whole other story, I had to move in with my wife. Yeah sounds crazy, but it is also intriguing isn’t it?  I had to get rid of 80-90% of what I owned and put the rest into storage. By the way, they just had a flood at my storage place in the unit with the albums. Yes, they were destroyed!   We are having a funeral for my albums next week, everyone who digs wax is invited. &^%$#@!  Okay back to the story.  I bring a few boxes to my wife’s house and boy all hell breaks loose. Now I want you to keep in mind that my son and daughter had been living in the IRS house also (that’s what we will call it from this point forward). I gave Royce my very large master bedroom and my daughter had the guesthouse. Hey it was all cool, I still had plenty of space for me to come and chill out at the recording studio in the converted barn or in my spacious office in the house.  Life was good.

Moment of silence

What’s past is past and it is time to move forward.  All 4 of us are going to have to find a way to make this work until Paige and Royce move out into their own spots, which we/they are working on right now. Who knows, I might even need to find an extra spot for myself.  Could be cheaper than paying storage…. hey I am getting way ahead of myself.

Well that’s all I got for now. See ya next week.

Funk master