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WE Tells All: Mary Mary, Season 1 Recap

This season has had its share of ups and downs, love and drama, and wonderful, tear-jerking moments. Below is a list of my top 10 favorite moments from this season.

WE Tells All: Mary Mary, Oh Baby!

With Tina breaking the pregnancy news to all the VIPs in her life, the fate of Mary Mary and their demanding schedule hang in the balance. Goo introduces Justin to Erica and Tina, and Warryn takes Erica on a baby-moon.

WE Tells All: Mary Mary, Road Kill

While the sisters get ready to embark on a 10 city, 18 day tour, Erica starts to realize the stress she is putting on herself and her unborn baby. Between the stress of the tour and her concern for her sister, Tina attempts to make strides to regain her fit and trim body.