Cute beginning to the reintroduction of SWV! Now I’m big on loyalty and Cory does happen to be my friend.  But he was the only one to step in and help when others left and no longer wanted to be bothered. So yeah, I’m loyal to those that look out for me.  Also my gospel career earned me a Stellar, Dove and Grammy nod “as easy as it was.” CHURCH!!!

Now I continue to do SWV not because my money is funny but because those are my girls and I love them. We have made history and I believe we will continue to do so!  BUT, did I want more money back in the day? Sure did! Why? I was singing the majority of everything…my parts and some of everybody else’s part. So it was a lot on me and it seemed no one cared as long as it got done.

On a better note, Wembley was AMAZING!!! The crowd was AMAZING!!! What I didn’t appreciate was Cory sharing my business with the girls. That should’ve come from me when I was ready to share. This is my second cancer scare and I’m just ready to be done and over with it. I’m believing and trusting God for total healing again!  SWV has a lot of issues, trust being #1!  Hopefully we can work through it, learn to trust and unite as sisters!


Welcome to the wonderful world of SWV!  So many times the girls and I have been asked ‘why did we break up?’  The truth is life, emotions, insecurities, hormones and anger all played a part in the demise of Sisters with Voices. As I watched tonight’s episode, I went through a range of emotions.  I laughed, I rolled my eyes and I even cried a little.  I invite you guys to add SWV Reunited to your calendar because tonight was just the tip of the iceberg.

Can you say Wimbley Arena? To start a tour in such a historical arena was such a blessing.  The fans are insane!  I take our performances very seriously.  The girls are attacking me because I wanted to check my phone, give me a break! We had to do radio.  It’s really easy to miss some things while you’re taping a show.  I thought I messed up “Weak” at the radio station BUT after the watching tonight’s episode I realized that it was Ms. Coko who sang my note and not her soprano note!  What, What?!?  I couldn’t stop laughing from embarrassment.  Anyways, that’s neither here nor there but noted!  Lol!

On a serious note, when Cory told us that Coko found a lump in her breasts my heart stopped.  I’m a very emotional person.  To hear that someone you care about could possibly have such an uphill battle destroys me.  The last time she had a cancer struggle she hid it from us for almost 20 years.  I actually found out about her past illness by accident.  That really bothered me to the core because I thought I would be the one person she could relate to since I lost both of my parents to cancer.  Trust me, I DEFINITELY WOULD’VE AND DO UNDERSTAND!


Get a behind the scenes look at the lives of the Lylas from our crew’s perspective with these exclusive details from our producer’s notebook. In these notes written during Aloha, L.A., our crew spent time with the Lylas in the recording studio, their house in Hawaii and during their move to L.A.

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It’s no secret that The LYLAS have a very famous brother. It’s also no secret that they can sing, have a great sense of style and exude confidence. However, there are a few things that you don’t know about them…until now, that is! The girls are sharing some little-known facts, desires and secrets!

Check out some of the most interesting things about The LYLAS and don’t miss the premiere on Friday, November 8th at 9|8c on WE tv.

Jaime, Tiara, Tahiti and Presley uprooted themselves and pushed their relationships to the test in the new series, The LYLAS. The WE tv cameras were there to capture all of the drama – from fights over practice time to tears over an unexpected death – but there are a few things that you wouldn’t know unless you were there. Go behind the scenes with exclusive producer’s notes to find out some of the most interesting facts about the girls and don’t forget to tune in for the premiere on Friday, November 8 at 9|8c.


The music industry is no stranger to sensational girl groups taking over. Although their music styles and personalities may vary, they all share one thing in common; their sisterly (sometimes literally) bond. Take a musical trip through time with all your favorite throwbacks here. But first, look into the history of popular and often legendary female music groups:

1. The Supremes, 1960

The first all-girl group to achieve worldwide commercial success and one of the most well known groups in history.

2. Salt N Pepa, 1985

One of the first all-female rap groups who gave women a voice in hip-hop and brought controversial issues into the popular conversation.

3. SWV, 1990

Also known as Sisters With Voices, this group was one of the most successful gospel/R&B groups of the 90s. You can watch SWV on WE tv in 2014.

4. TLC, 1991

The biggest selling R&B girl group of all time, TLC achieved unprecedented success in the ’90s.

5. The Spice Girls, 1994

This British sensation revolutionized pop music and became the biggest selling all-female group of all time.

6. The Braxtons, 1996

The Braxton sisters made a splash on R&B scene in the ’90s. Their cover of Diana Ross’ song, “The Boss,” was No. 1 on the USA Dance charts. You can watch the Braxtons on WE tv.

7. Destiny’s Child, 1997

This insanely popular girl group rivaled TLC for the biggest selling R&B girl group and gave rise to superstar Beyonce.


8. Mary Mary, 2000

These two sisters are a multi-Grammy winning gospel duo. You can catch Mary Mary on WE tv.

9. The Pussycat Dolls, 2003

This pop and dance girl group have had best selling albums, several No. 1 hits and achieved worldwide fame.

10. Danity Kane, 2005

Formed on P.Diddy’s “Making the Band 3,” this group became the first girl group to debut their first two albums at the top of the charts. They broke up in 2009 but WE were all excited to hear the announcement of their reunion at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

11. The Lylas, 2013

And last but not least, these adorable sisters come from a talented family of singers including pop sensation Bruno Mars. They hope to step out of their brother’s shadow and make their mark on the music world. Follow their rise to success on WE tv this fall!

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WE tv has been (impatiently) awaiting the premiere of The Lylas for what seems like FOREVER, and it seems like our fans feel the same way. With only just under 3 weeks left, fans are starting to really get excited to see Jaime, Tahiti, Presley and Tiara step into the spotlight and out from their famous brother’s shadow. Like Tahiti says… “Love you Bruno but this is about us.” Join in the conversation surrounding #TheLylas and like our official Facebook page.

Can't wait to see #thelylas hope @BrunoMars makes an appearance.

— Alex A Villalobos (@13DoubleAV88) October 16, 2013

@THELYLAS are the most beautiful sisters I have ever seen. Going to be my new show

— Celeste (@DrzCelestial) October 16, 2013

Per my last tweet, gonna be interesting when @THELYLAS show hits the scene. Doing a read on the show. Supporting these beautiful chicks!

— ✨Sonja Marie✨ (@sonjamarieartis) October 16, 2013

Every time I see a commercial for @THELYLAS tv show I get so excited!!!!!!!!!!! @PresHernandez_ @JaimeKailani @tahitilovesu @TIARABELLAAA

— KT Hooligan (@NotesForBruno) October 15, 2013

Just had a dream of @THELYLAS show! And I'm sooooo excited for it!!! Nov.8 Nov.8 Nov.8

— jessica hazen suratt (@jahsss) October 15, 2013




NEW YORK, NY — September 26, 2013 — Jaime, Tiara, Tahiti and Presley – sisters of Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Bruno Mars – leave the sand and surf of Hawaii for the City of Angels to take the music industry by storm in WE tv’s newest docu-series, The LYLAS. Premiering Friday, November 8 at 9pm ET/PT, the sisters prepare to launch their music career, but are soon faced with personal and professional obstacles they didn’t see coming including the untimely death of their mother and major rifts with their management team. Here’s a first look:

Proving that musicality and fame run in the family, this new hour-long series chronicles Bruno Mars’ four sisters as they follow their dreams of superstardom while striving to stay true to themselves and their Hawaiian roots. Tahiti, Tiara and Presley leave their hometown of Honolulu to join sister Jaime in Los Angeles to officially give music a shot. But, behind the soundtrack of their fast-paced lifestyle, The LYLAS are facing a bigger challenge – living and working together for the first time in years. The LYLAS love each other deeply, but will their strong personalities coupled with the pressure to succeed jeopardize their chances of becoming music’s next big sensation?

In the premiere episode, The LYLAS arrive in Los Angeles; however, the transition is not easy for everyone as Tahiti, a mother of two, struggles with leaving her children behind. We see the ladies quickly get down to business joining forces with their management team who arrange a power meeting with famed producer, Dallas Austin. While the ladies are thrilled with the meeting, they quickly discover they don’t see eye-to-eye with management.

The LYLAS is produced for WE tv by Asylum Entertainment (The Kennedys, Ring of Fire, Natural Born Sellers, Beverly Hills Pawn, Addicted and more) and Executive Produced by Steve Michaels and Jonathan Koch. Executive Producer for WE tv is Suzanne Murch and Senior Vice President of Production & Development, Lauren P. Gellert.

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Vince is still in the hospital for observation after his recent health scare, and Tamar is there to keep him comfortable and on his toes.  Vince is very adamant about being strong and keeping himself busy.  When he was in a coma last year, he faced a lot of muscle loss and issues after being in bed for so long.  He doesn’t want that to happen to him again, so it is important to remain active.  Vince wants to join a gym to get in better physical health, but Tamar knows it also needs to start with nutrition.  Luckily, this couple can remember the importance of laughter at a stressful time like this.  And that laughter is coming from whether or not Tamar and Vince have ever had sex in a hospital.  T&VQuote: “I have never done the nasty in the hospital. How gross is that?”

Tamar meets up with LaShawn in the studio to listen to a new track, “Hot Sugar”.  LaShawn thinks this could be a hot record, and wants Tamar to listen to it and finesse the lyrics.  T&VQuote: “It’s cluttered.  It’s like Hoarders!”  Tamar and LaShawn both seem to be in agreement on what the song needs, but Tamar needs to get back to the hospital to see her man.

It is finally time for Vince to come home, but before he can leave the hospital he needs to pass Tamar’s cleanliness approval.  WE get it, hospitals are gross.  But all those flowers were sent by people who love Vince, so why not surround him by that love at home?  T&VQuote: “It’s gross.  GERMS!”  April and LaShawn plan on coming over to celebrate Vince’s homecoming, but he is still harping on the fact his flowers and sneakers were left behind.  This conversation of course turns into a bigger argument once they get home.  As much as Tamar has been greatly affected by the health issues Vince has had, Vince is the one that has gone through all the tests, pokes, prods, and physical issues.  T&VQuote: “Stop making it about yourself.”   The convo ends with Vince getting up from the table and walking out.

After a great workout with LaShawn and Adnan, Vince joins Tamar for some home cookin’ by our favorite chef, Donnatello.  Vince is really feeling this health kick, trading in his cravings for fried food for cravings for a little physical activity.  T&VQuote: “We were in the running to becoming America’s top fried food couple.”  In hopes of having Tamar stay off his case, Vince does not put up an argument when Tamar suggests getting a bell for Maria.  T&VQuote: “If that’s gonna make her feel good, I’m gonna go buy a bell.  I’m gonna buy 20 bells.”

T&VQuote: “Now that we’ve called it a truce over the stupid flower fight, I thought we would do a little healthy car shopping which is always good for the mind, body, and Tamar.”  Tamar takes the new Range Rover for a test drive with their car salesman, and it looks like Tamar is in love.  T&VQuote: “It’s like a pair of shoes.  You have to change your shoes every day.”  Trying to make everything easier, Vince tries and convinces Tamar to love the white version, but she wants all black everything!

As soon as WE heard Vince, LaShawn, and yoga in the same sentence WE knew this was going to be great.  Not believing their hubbies, April and Tamar head to the yoga studio to make sure the boys are where they are supposed to be.  WE would have been suspicious too!  T&VQuote: “Why couldn’t she be a brunette?”  Between the woman having her hands on Vince, him showing off his drawers due to a pair of baggy shorts, and some spread eagle action, this yoga session is just H.A.M.-tastic!

Tamar joins her childhood friend, Tia for a little girl time and lucky for us Tia has brought old school pics.  It is pretty incredible to hear Tamar has been in abusive relationships because she is such a strong woman.  T&VQuote: “How did I even recover? I had two boyfriends who likes to beat up their girlfriends.”  Tamar knows that putting up with that type of situation was due to low self esteem and low self worth.  Lucky for Tamar, she found a man who treats her right.  This brings Tia to the perfect time to ask Tamar about having children.  T&VQuote: “She has to sip on that.”  Had Tamar known that her life was going to slow down the way it has after Vince spent the time in the hospital, she would have gone through with the full baby plan.  T&VQuote: “After Vince got sick, I knew at that moment that we were meant to be together.”

With Vince still on the mend, he has not been 100% back to business as usual so he and Tamar decide to pay Mindless Behavior a visit in the studio before they go on their first big tour.  Vince decides to play Tamar’s demo of “Hot Sugar” for the boys because he really loves the song and loves to support Tamar’s career.  While everyone is feeling the lyrics and the beats, Tamar puts an end to the fun with a quickness because it is not her singing on the track.  Vince tries to explain the reasoning behind not using Tamar’s vocals YET, but she does not want to hear it.  T&VQuote: “I think they really need to stop, take a step back from all the business… cuz someone might end up in the hospital.”

Vince and LaShawn head to the golf course for some physical activity and some laughs.  Vince uses golf as his stress reliever.  T&VQuote: “All you hear is the wind in your ear and no yapping.”  Looks like visualizing is key in Vince’s golf game… now who he is visualizing as the ball is a whole other story.  Vince and LaShawn decide to plan a trip to Hawaii with the ladies.  With Vince’s health issues still being a small problem, it is best to stay a little closer to home.  T&VQuote: “If it gets a little tricky, Hawaii is going to find out it has two volcanoes they didn’t even know was there, V and the T.”

Vince and Tamar head to dinner for date night, bit apparently they had a real bumpy ride on the way to the restaurant.  Tamar had a picture of Vince on Instagram, and it grinded her gears when Vince wouldn’t give up his source.  T&VQuote: “I still don’t know which bitch told him.  And that’s still a problem!”  Tamar doesn’t think Vince fights fair, and gets angry at the fact he always takes it to a nasty place.  It seems like this couple can’t seem to go a day without arguing, and when it ends because Vince has removed himself from the situation (and the location) you know these two are in need of a serious reality check.  T&VQuote: “Seriously, something’s gotta give.  We can’t keep doing this.”

Will Tamar and Vince finally stop fighting once they get to Hawaii?  What is with Tamar and her insecurities about blonds?  WE want to hear from you!

First off, can we have Donatello appear in our kitchen everyone morning to cook us breakfast?  And he also plays with your pets?  Where can we sign up?  T&VQuote: “Miracle… can you please stop sweating him?”  But we don’t know what to “aww” at more… Miracle playing with Tamar or poor Donatello when he realized Vince can’t have turkey.  Thankfully, Tamar and Vince realize there is a learning curve and they are soon on to arguing about how many slices of tomatoes Vince can have.  T&VQuote: “I’m just trying to keep my husband from winding up in the hospital again or worse.  Is that so bad?”  Tomatoes soon lead to booze, which is apparently something Tamar has been thoroughly enjoying lately.  This couple can’t even get through breakfast without an argument, so how are they going to give relationship advice at Essence?  However, Tamar feels like her superfans will most likely just blame it all on Vince.  T&VQuote: “I have Tamartians, Vince.”  T&VQuote: “I don’t know the Tamartians.  I just know The Tamar, she, me, her… I don’t know who she is.  I don’t know who the martians are.  Hope they never come to my door cuz I’ll be scared and nervous and confused.”

Tamar and Vince head over to the studio to meet up with Harvey and get a taste of the single, “Get Your Life”.  T&VQuote: “You know, I can’t even think of a word to describe how HOT my music is.  I’m gonna have to make up a whole new language to describe it.”  Tamar is “straight snappin’” and everyone in the studio is definitely a huge fan of the song.  Tamar wants this single to debut ASAP, but Vince wants to make sure the timing is right.  T&VQuote: “It’s very typical for artists to want to get their work out as fast as possible, but I want to take my time and make sure we do the right thing.”  Tamar wants a younger person’s opinion, so Damon goes to get his 14 year old daughter, Shawnna.  T&VQuote: “If she doesn’t like it, then it’s not hot.”  Shawnna looks like she loves the song and wants to drop it like it’s hot along with Tamar.  T&VQuote: “It’s something I can dance to.”  Apparently, Tamar feels the same way because she says she almost knocked her hair piece off while getting down.  T&VQuote: “Pump your brakes.  We got you… dot com.”

Before leaving for Essence, Tamar and Vince stop off to get a status on her “Get Your Life” and “.com” shirts she will be selling in New Orleans.  T&VQuote: “That’s what my Tamartian friends say the most.  I mean every day, somebody needs to get their life!”  Tamar and Vince carefully select placement of the graphics on the tshirt guru’s chest with a 12 inch ruler, discuss ink colors, and to bling or not to bling.  T&VQuotes: “My shirts are gonna be the shit.”

Hellooooo Nawlins and the Essence Music Festival!  T&VQuote: “For real, I’m excited to see my Tamartian friends.”  Essence is PACKED with Tamar and Vince Fans, and the WE tv booth is insane.  You even see our giveaway winners planking with the couple.  WE can tell you firsthand how crazy it was since we were down in New Orleans with the rest of the WE tv family during the event.  And we were there when Tamar got a few tummy rumbles and needed to run to the bathroom.  It was MAYHEMT&VQuote: “What if I shart on stage!?  She pooped!”  With the agonizing moans coming from the green room, WE knew Tamar needed to take care of business.  T&VQuote: “#1 I have to pee like Seabiscuit.  #2 I feel like I have the Hershey squirts.”  But Tamar ran to the bathroom in those six inch Giuseppes like a pro!  WE would have fallen flat on our faces.  T&VQuote: “Sometimes you gotta hold your little poop.”  Luckily, Tamar makes it back in time to discuss relationships and marriage.  Tamar and Vince truly love each other, and can share the importance of being friends, as well as husband and wife.  And trust, Tamar does not let Vince forget for one second that he had a girlfriend when she was feeling him… and that he was in the “process” of breaking up with her.  T&VQuote: “I broke up with the young lady, fell in love with Tamar, and here’s Miracle.”

The line was INSANE at Garb Boutique on Magazine Street, but would you expect anything different from Tamar’s loyal Tamartians?  But what was truly a site was LaShawn selling Tamar’s tshirt like it was his job.  T&VQuote: “You would never think he sold 200 million albums, and got two Grammys, and is one of the biggest and hottest song writers in the world.”  LaShawn and Vince are from New Jersey, which according to LaShawn is the home of the hustler… so that explains it!  T&VQuote: “Was I sweating?  YES!  Were my Louis Vuitton sneakers finished? YES!”

It’s now Day 2 at EMF, and Tamar and Vince are fresh off another fight.  T&VQuote: “So today, she is just going to sit, and be pretty, and gorgeous, and smile.”  But, it’s only a matter of time until the conversation turns from fried chicken to Vince’s whereabouts the night before.  T&VQuote: “I was there watching TV, and Tamar was snoring.”  After Vince walks away from the conversation, he gets on stage at the WE tv Q&A solo leaving Tamar alone in the green room.  T&VQuote: “I’m gonna have this Q&A, but when we get home I’m gonna check that ass, boo.”

Vince and Tamar go out to dinner with April and LaShawn post EMF and post argument.  As the couples rehash the occurrences of the trip, Tamar’s memory seems a bit fuzzy.  She can’t remember April stepping in mud, April complaining about stepping in mud, or getting a late night snack.  But WE must side with Tamar… after a few Voodoos and Hurricanes, you will spend your night pleasantly blacked out!

Tamar and Vince arrive back in L.A., and are quick to hit up the studio with Damon again to rework a verse in Tamar’s single, “Get Your Life”.  T&VQuote: “I haven’t listened to it in a few days, and I’m not feeling it at all!”  Tamar reworks a verse and changes the tempo, but that is still not cutting it.  SHE is not happy.  Tamar feels like it all seems a bit forced, but she is willing to step back for a bit, let Damon work his magic, and listen to it later on.

Back at Casa Herbert, Miracle is in hot water when Tamar notices all the little treats he has been leaving all over the carpet.  T&VQuote: “I know who the real poop culprit is.”  Vince tries his best to convince Tamar this is an isolated incident, and that Toni’s dog, Bentley has been the culprit in instances past.  She’s not buying it.  As the two sit down to eat, Tamar notices Vince is in visible pain.  Vince woke up with a pain in his back, and Tamar thinks it is best to go to the hospital and get him checked out.  T&VQuote: “It is not on my schedule to lose my man today.”