OK, this is the show where you get to meet where I come from.  You meet my father and mother and nephew, etc.

This episode deals with me missing my old house and all the pool parties and jam sessions and especially my sign in front of my house.  The community I lived in had signs in front of everyone’s homes and I had the coolest sign. It said “BAD’S CRIB.”

All I wanted to do was drive into the community and go get my sign. The security guard who was my friend , I thought, wouldn’t let me in.  Ain’t that a trip?  Wow, it didn’t take long to shake me out of their system.  I used to bring them food and invite them to my barbecues… Mannnn!!!!

Speaking of barbecues, I had the grill of life.  I had it built in the backyard near the pool with a view of the kitchen and basketball court (tear in my eye).  There is a meat store near my old crib, Jim’s meats, that has the best meat in the world.  They have jumbo shrimp that makes my momma steal from me.  She takes all my shrimp home.  My brother, Michael, brings his own Tupperware to my house to take food home with him.

Also we have to deal with a critter situation in the pool bathroom…that room had not been opened for 5-10 years.  Wait till you see what is in there.

Oh, we are throwing a barbecue at the new house, gotta put some funk in this house. Oh you gots  to see my band…this is the beginning of something funky.

See you on the tube!

My dad’s old house was infamous for BBQ gatherings.  Friends and family would come over on certain holidays for some good wholesome fun. Shoot, it didn’t even have to be a holiday; sometimes we just powered up the grill for the heck of it and waited to see who showed up.  Since moving in with my mom we haven’t had any type of get together mirroring that, so the only logical course of action was to bring back some of that old house soul. Yup, cookout with the Adkins ya’ll!

I was so excited to get things rolling — well, until I realized I actually had to help setup and stuff. The most daunting task was attempting to clean out the pool house, a pool house that I don’t recall ever being used by anyone. I figured some type of weird fungus, like species had been festering in there. And, of course, my pessimism was proven correct. Well not to its supernatural extent but close enough. We found a huge snake just chilling in the pool house! This was a moment to man up and handle the situation. Some may have said I punked out in that little debacle.  I, on the other hand like to remember it the way that makes me look the most cool. That being said, my dad and I were about to get the situation under control — Adkins men 1, legless lizards 0.

Terrifying snakes aside, getting my dad’s sign back was the most fulfilling part of the day. Through special covert operation, like techniques, and some help from my friend Ryan, I was able to retrieve the last memorabilia from the old house. Witnessing his reaction when we revealed it was a special moment because my dad has done so much for me in my life that it was gratifying to be able to give something back. I think it’s safe to say things are starting to come together as we continue to adjust to living under the same roof.