WE would think that the buzz in social around the second season of Marriage Boot Camp would be all about the anticipation. However, it seems like the main focus of all the tweets revolve around the Twitter scuffle between the queens of Season 1 and the newbies from Season 2. Remy took to Twitter to stake her claim over the Marriage Boot Camp empire, but was quickly thrown into a back and forth tweet war with Gloria and Sofia from the new season. Even though she was (obvi!) able to hold her own, Porsha, Rob, and fans quickly came to her defense and made it a point of putting the new #BootCamp ladies in their place (or attempting to anyway). Below are just a few of our favorite gems from this all-out feud, but WE would recommend following along on Twitter so you don’t miss a beat.


U gotta luv the copy cats. Watch&learn little girls of #Bzbootcamp2. U can't beat the master at her own game but u sure can try. #takenotes

— Remy Maaddi (@DivaZillaRemy) November 12, 2013

@DivaZillaRemy .? O ok we'll I wish you all the luck, you can't be referring to me seeing as I have never seen your episode.

— naturallyme (@actnaturall) November 12, 2013

@DivaZillaRemy You know you're going to watch! But I have no idea what game you're talking about…

— Sofia Sulligan (@bridezillasofia) November 12, 2013

Wow delusional #Bridezillas starving for attention. Folo my lead girls & maybe u'll be half as popular but now when u bark, no one listens.

— Remy Maaddi (@DivaZillaRemy) November 13, 2013

My girl @DivaZillaRemy never bothers anybody so don't mess with her!#mybff

— Bridezilla Porsha (@PorshaHolt) November 13, 2013

Interesting how a nobody tries to become a somebody by attacking @DivaZillaRemy. Clueless ppl out there. We set the standard. Folo along.

— Rob Maaddi (@RobMaaddi) November 13, 2013

@DivaZillaRemy I have NO idea who these girls are tweeting you like they are above you. Umm…think again, girls. You got nothing on Remy!

— Sarah (@SarahhRUSH) November 12, 2013

I wonder what makes @RobMaaddi think he and @DivaZillaRemy is any more relevent than Anyone one else in this world pic.twitter.com/DMsSmnMhoC

— naturallyme (@actnaturall) November 15, 2013

The wedding is not a place to have a stripper and I made a commitment and a promise to myself, all brides out there and the guests, that if Bobbie Burlesque stripped at this wedding, it was my swan song and time to retire. I clearly scared the stripper out of Bobbie. I had to take the reigns, be in control and make him see that I was not going to allow it. He was rude, ungrateful and obnoxious and I’m glad I did that because I protected not only my brand, my future brides and ensured my guests would feel comfortable at this wedding, but also Sophia and Anthony.

It’s really hard to embrace a concept you don’t believe in. Learning about burlesque and that it’s not stripping (when in reality it is) and just another fancy way of taking your clothes off, was hard for me to understand. This couple fought me every which way; Sophia liked nothing I picked; she hated all of the fashion I had her try on. She didn’t like the bridesmaids dresses I picked for the girls, she didn’t like the style of the burlesque dancers I had perform on the stage. She just was not a happy person. If it was black, it was white; if it was white, it was black. But ultimately my goal was still to give her the wedding that she wanted. The crystal chandeliers hanging from every element of the rafters of the stage at the LA Theatre was the glamour that was needed. The color of the burgundy and reds and blacks and whites added the sophistication that was necessary. To me it was still important to have the energy she wanted but the sophistication that she needed. The final moment that was my most concerning of the day was when I knew I had to present to her the dress that literally was being seamed together moments before I handed it to her which was the custom, full-length red, fitted, A-line silhouette dress with crystals (mind you, Swarovski crystals) and I didn’t know if she would like it. Turns out, she did like it, Bobbie hated it, but I didn’t care about Bobbie, I only cared about Sophia, and she walked down the aisle. Now, I have to say I don’t think a bride should wear red or as much makeup as Sophia did or that a bride should have a burlesque theme: so do I agree with what I did? I did what I did because she wanted it, but I wouldn’t do it again for somebody if they asked for it.

What was most shocking at the wedding was the heartfelt gratitude that Sophia expressed as she thanked me at the end of the night. Quite frankly, I wasn’t expecting it, but I was so glad to hear it. It showed a side I hadn’t seen and was hoping to see. This was the icing on the cake and made me so glad to have been a part of her wedding.