All I know is that I would’ve had a fit if Erica and fooled around and had Zaya while I was gone!! I missed WOZIE’s birth while taping Sunday Best Finale; and I meant I was missing Zaya’s arrival. So to fix all that I had a talk with Zaya and the good Lord and as you see they both listened. Hahaha!! Hearing my husband say he’s not as happy as he has been in the past doesn’t worry me, but let’s me know I have to make him a priority and remind him that he is my dude!!! Marriage is about putting in work, and Teddy & I are committed to doing that and committed to each other. Part of the work is asking the questions, really listening to the answer, and taking action on the things that are needed and or missing. 

Hey boom boom’s!

By now, many of you know that Gabe and I have been separated for the past few months. While our marital life seems to be unfolding before my very eyes, I can’t help but wonder if there is such a thing as being too honest! It has been extremely difficult for me these past few weeks. I’ve been hurt, embarrassed, and let’s not forget: JUDGED.

During this time in my life, a great deal of you have been very supportive, and I appreciate all of you. With the incredibly vulnerable state my marriage is in, I’m not sure if it can withstand any more trauma. It’s decision making time. Please keep me in your prayers as you always do.

Much love to you all.