Hi! I’m Suzanne, I’m 19 years old and am currently a student.

I signed up for Bridezillas because according to my family, I’m Bitchzilla when I get pissed off. I’m not a super mean person but people are just stupid. I’m an emotional person and life is short so why should I hold in what I feel?

I had trouble choosing my bridesmaids because I had to weed through people I thought were my best friends. When you choose your bridesmaids, I suggest you do so carefully. I chose my sister as my matron of honor so I wouldn’t have to pick a favorite out of my friends and I knew she would be able to get things done. I chose my niece because she and I have been together forever, she couldn’t not be part of my wedding. For my remaining bridesmaids I chose my friends Emily, Cami and Hazel. If you notice I only had 4 bridesmaids in the episode…Cami chose to go to a car show. When planning a wedding you learn who your real friends are.

My family and I are super close. My mom is the cool mom everyone wishes they had. My Dad provides things for us to make fun of on a regular basis, so he’s pretty tight. My sister was almost like a second mom growing up and her daughter was like another sister. Taylor’s family is the exact opposite of mine. They don’t talk or joke around with each other for the most part. I don’t understand how they work. His parents were going to let their daughter wear this hot pink sparkly dress and a tiara to my wedding. IT’S NOT HALLOWEEN! Then they threw a fit because I didn’t want her to have a tiara. It was my wedding, not hers, she wasn’t turning into a queen from princess.

My favorite part of the wedding was when it ended. I hated the whole wedding process. I didn’t want a wedding and I think it’s a waste of time and money. I suggest that you run as far and as fast as possible. I spent 8 months planning our wedding and I don’t remember who came or what we did. Honestly, if I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t have a wedding. Taylor and I would’ve gotten married when he came home for leave last December. The whole planning thing drove me insane. It was what color should this be, how should the chicken be cooked, all these questions that I really didn’t care less about.

You’re probably wondering how someone who doesn’t want a wedding could become a Bridezilla. I wanted it to be perfect for Taylor. He’s the one that wanted a wedding and it was the sweetest thing right, your man wants you to have a beautiful day? No. It’s not. What wasn’t thought of was the fact that he wants it for you, but you have to plan it all and go psycho, then they don’t want you to be psycho… It doesn’t work that way.

Taylor and I didn’t go on a honeymoon because he didn’t have enough leave time. We’re planning on going somewhere later. The Bridezilla crew was awesome and gave me an excuse to be myself without offending people, not that I really care, just gave me the excuse. I’m so glad I did it and would do it a million times over. Although Taylor and I are young and haven’t been married that long, we’re determined to make it. Marriage to your best friend is the only way to go. In the end Taylor got the wedding he wanted, and we both get the marriage that we wanted. Neither one of us want kids and I’m so thankful I found a man who respects that and me!

Meet new Bridezilla, Brittany and her fiancè, Michael! Their love story started with a romantic stalking after she first refused to date him-isn’t that sweet? Britt admits to being a b*tch and they both compare their relationship to being in prison, so it makes perfect sense for them to get married…right?

This bride’s drama starts early when she can’t figure out how to tie a bow to a chair (no really, we swear) and so she gets drunk and screams at her groom instead-angry with him because he has a broken finger, until he apologizes to her. We couldn’t figure that out either!

So, did you miss Suzy? We didn’t. She’s back anyway, dumping drinks on people at her rehearsal dinner, storming out of her venue when she’s supposed to be arranging seating, flipping off her mother and announcing her new wedding theme-which is “F-it!”. Nice. Luckily for her poor family, Taylor finally agrees to buy this princess a ticket back to Washington with him and Suzy is appeased for the time being…until she locks herself in the bathroom the night before her wedding and drops a few more choice words for mom (do you think she’s sad to see Suzy go?).

Brittany is getting ready for her big day too and saving money is of utmost importance! She has an excellent earnings system in place, which includes buying lottery tickets, picking change up off the street and selling blood plasma (again, yes we are serious). When she’s not super-saving though, she is writing vows for her Buddhist ceremony, meeting her bridesmaid for the first time (yeah, they met on a wedding website) and threatening to throw herself into traffic…watch out for that truck…

Oh my goodness, it’s Suzy’s wedding day, we thought it would never arrive (by the way, her photog never showed up so dad had to take all the photos)! The sweetheart starts her morning by promising to rip a tiara from the head of a small child and freaking out on Taylor for oversleeping…maybe he should have stayed in bed all day. The young couple recites beautiful vows (at least Taylor does anyway, Suzy promises she’ll try not to be horrific) and they end the evening by sharing how much they both love Suzy’s ‘ta-tas’…aren’t they delightful?

If you thought this episode was over-the-top, just wait until next week when it seems Michael may have kissed another woman the day before the wedding….uh-oh!

Oh, just when you think it can’t get any crazier…another Bridezilla enters the fray! Welcome, Nicole and her groom-to-be, Mike. These two met seven years ago when she was selling items door-to-door and he was ‘lucky’ enough to be home to answer. Nicole says she knew it was meant to be from the start, Mike says he knew when he kept waiting for the relationship to end, and it never did. hmmm. Well, this manipulating bride’s biggest fear is that Mike won’t show up for the wedding and we can see why at their cake tasting when she starts a food fight complete with screaming and yelling-we’d be worried too if we were her.

Maybe not as worried as Suzy should be though, this charmer is back and now we get to watch her wax her hairy legs as her mother and fiancé look on in disgust and she screeches like a child. Of course, this scene devolves into another argument with Taylor as he leaves his newly hairless bride to go hang out with his friends. We can’t imagine why he wouldn’t want to stay there with her. And the drama only continues the next day when the pair goes to get their marriage license and Suzy threatens to jump off a bridge after removing Taylor’s um, “man-hood”…at this rate, she better watch out he doesn’t just push her off himself…just saying.

Back to Nicole who is whining and crying…again…because nobody has shown up for her bachelorette party. Once more, we are just baffled by this, seeing as she is such a delight to be around. After heading out pretty much alone for the night, she then returns to find she has misplaced her engagement ring-for the THIRD TIME….more crying (and searching around in her cleavage…don’t ask) until her future sister-in-law finds the diamond in Nicole’s purse. We are so relieved, how about you?

More fun with Suzy! She is having a nice chat with her mom…and by nice chat, we mean offering to  give her a black eye, imitating her like a 3 year old and dishing out more nastiness than we’ve seen in a while-even from Bridezillas! Taylor looks on with aversion and we’re wondering why he’s hanging around at all.

Same goes for Mike, who is dealing with his lovely bride again. It’s the wedding day and he has cold feet, plus has ‘forgotten’ the marriage license…the groomsmen are sent to retrieve it before the ceremony can commence though (guys, if you’re really Mike’s friends, maybe don’t look TOO hard for it…) and it’s there in time. Thank Goodness. The lovely couple is wed and enjoys a lovely reception, after which Mike tells us he tries to think as little as possible about his new marriage because otherwise he will go crazy. We understand.

Next week we’ll have another show-stopping bride for you in Brittany and Suzy and Taylor say “I-Do”…you WILL NOT wanna miss that.

Finally, another dose of drama from this week’s Bridezillas! Let’s meet Suzy, the 19-yr-old who claims she doesn’t want a wedding, met her fiance Taylor, WAY BACK WHEN…in high school. She was a gem from the start, punching a girl in the face in order to win over her future mate. We smell trouble already. Taylor is a military man and while Suzy waits for his return she focuses her energy on making sure his best man, Corey knows SHE is #1 in Taylor’s life…slapping him in the face, screaming at him and threatening to throw him out of the bridal party, you know, the usual. Wonder why he calls her “b*tchzilla”?

On to the next, we spend some more time with pageant princess, Danni. She is heading to her bikini wax and forcing her poor friend Andy to accompany her…IN THE ROOM. Danni- really, have you no shame? It takes a lot of wine and a lot of screeching, but these two get through it. We’re not sure we’ll forget though. The hairy situations continue when Andy, also Danni’s stylist, attempts a bridal hair trial. He’s in for it when he dares suggest extensions, to which Danni freaks out, drinks more wine and then sulks because her natural beauty isn’t enough…maybe she should start worrying about her inner beauty, just a thought.

Suzy is getting pretty too! She is off to get a facial, while mom watches and brings up seating arrangements for the elders at the wedding. Ever the accommodating lady, Suzy says they can all sit in the back by the bathroom since they are “old gross people who are gonna die soon anyway.” Hope she isn’t expecting to be in any of their wills…Oh but now Taylor is home and Suzy is sure to cheer up! Or not. More fighting is underway when Taylor admits he still hasn’t bought his lovely a ticket back home with him and she responds by flinging a tarantula in his face, which makes sense when you think about it…right? She’s arguing with mom too…and this beastly battle ends with another slap in the face…daughter to mom-YIKES(!). We’d find another place to live if we were you, Suzy.

Alas, it is “the most beautiful bride’s” wedding day! She is able to fit into her dress (finally) but even that doesn’t stop her from yelling at her friends (and our crew) and throwing water bottles at people. She does however manage to creep into a corner and talk to herself…weirdly…and then make it down the aisle to her blissfully (ignorance IS bliss) waiting groom. A charming reception follows, where the happy couple gets happily intoxicated and we get a preview of what to expect from soon-to-be-pregnant Danni…let’s just say that’s not a story we’ll want to hear anytime soon.

Next week things only get better when our newest bride tells us that she plans on getting married with or without her groom…you must tune-in, we’re dying to know just how that would work too.