Won’t He do it? Tamar Braxton is back!

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The Tamar & Vince star returned to her seat on her talk show The Real Wednesday after a health scare sidelined her for weeks. She returned to the show with her mom Evelyn, hubby Vince, and Logan by her side.

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WE told you when Tamar had to drop out of Dancing With the Stars after doctors first thought the singer had pneumonia, but she discovered later it was something much worse; she was suffering from pulmonary embolisms.

On the talk show she also revealed she has a condition called thoracic outlet. She said that doctors were concerned about the pain she had in her chest when she participated in strenuous activities.  She found out that it caused the muscles around her ribs to become enlarged which then blocked the blood from flowing to major veins and arteries. Braxton is on blood thinners and eventually underwent surgery to remove a rib to relieve the pressure.

Tamar’s vascular surgeon and cardiologist were also on the show to discuss her health and successful rib removal surgery. They said she developed thoracic outlet syndrome because she is an athlete and removing the rib helped to remove the obstruction. “Well you know, ‘Dancing With the Stars’ is the most fit I’ve ever been in my life,” Braxton explained. “You know what I’m saying? There’s not a time in my life I could remember eating a Big Mac and it not showing up on me the next day, because I was dancing five to six hours a day!” The doctors then went on to explain that the strenuous dance schedule, in addition to touring, probably put her at an increased risk. “She was probably born with a predisposition, you know, just the way the muscles are. But certainly the more activity you did, I think would have put you at an increased risk for developing the problem,” explained Dr. Allan Tulloch.

Tamar says she is currently healthy but has some difficult days and is grateful for everyone’s support. “You know I’m blessed, number one beyond measure. I didn’t really know I was sick, but you know I’m definitely on the mend.” She went on to say “I’m what you call a pusher, so I’m feeling great, and thank you guys for your prayers and your thoughts.”

WE are glad to hear Tay Tay is feeling better!

Just one month after Tamar spoke out about her husband Vince’s health scare back in 2012 – she revealed that he had had life threatening blood clots – she found herself hospitalized with blood clots of her own. Tamartians everywhere were devastated to learn that her current medical issues have forced Tamar to drop out of Dancing With the Stars.

Tamar missed rehearsals and most of Monday night’s live show as she had been in the hospital with what she initially thought was pneumonia. She left the hospital on Monday against doctors’ orders so as to not let her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, down. Chmerkovskiy took to Instagram to voice his support and love for Tamar while promising to always have her back.

now that's the Tamar i know. the one I call my friend. and after tonight will forever call my family. I love you with all my heart, and will always have your back. #teamvalentay @tamarbraxtonher

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Staying true to his word, Val went to visit Tamar in the hospital where they took the picture that Tamar shared along with a message to her followers.

“With a heavy heart I regret to inform you that my season of #dwts has come to an end along with the rest of my tour dates with @musicbykem. After yesterday’s final #dwts performance I went back to the hospital (after the doctors didn’t want me to leave in the first place) only to find out that I don’t have pneumonia but something way more serious and that is having several P.E.’s (blood clots in both sides of my lungs).”

With a Heavy heart I regret to inform you that my season of #dwts has to come to an end along with the rest of my tour dates with @musicbykem. After yesterday's final #dwts performance I went back to the hospital (after the doctors didn't want me to leave in the first place) only to find out that I don't have pneumonia but something way more serious and that is having several P.E.'s (blood clots in both sides of my lungs) As you all know I will be the first to always encourage anyone to push through any obstacle that comes along one's way. But in this case, my health is my current obstacle. .. And in TRUE #tamartian form I must go about this the exact same way as I would anything else. I woke up to a mirror and saw myself this morning and that makes me the winner because that almost wasn't the case. Take care of yourselves… I love you and thank you ALL for your support❤️ p.s. Big hugs and kisses to my boo @iamvalc for being beyond a friend, brother and the BEST partner EVER

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Tamar went on to say that her health has become her biggest obstacle and the fact that she’s still here makes her a winner. WE have to agree and wish Tamar a speedy recovery!

Last night’s episode of Dancing With the Stars was “Showstoppers” themed and an absolute roller coaster for Tamar and Val fans! Unfortunately, Tamar fell ill and was rushed to the hospital during rehearsals. Tamar and Val made it through dress rehearsal before Tamar’s battle with lingering pneumonia came to a head. Her husband, Vince, took Tamar to the hospital and partner Val was left to wonder if she’d be back in time for the quarterfinals.

As they say, “The show must go on,” and Dancing With the Stars is a live show. According to official show rules, if a teammate is unable to perform live, the judges determine scores based off of dress rehearsal footage. However, if Tamar were unable to make it back in time to perform for the second half of the show, she would be disqualified; similarly to what happened earlier in the season with Kim Zolciak.

Before the judges screened the dress rehearsal performance, Val explained how hard Tamar has been working (between concerts and shooting her talk show, The Real) and that she’s been flying all over the country this week, fitting in quick spurts of rehearsal time to learn the tricky contemporary choreography to Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.”

Playing on words, Judge Carrie Ann said, “It’s a wicked shame,” that Tamar wasn’t there to perform live, but still offered up an 8 for the act. Overall, #TeamValenTay scored 22 out of a possible 30 points, but all of the judges agreed that had that performance been in front of a live audience, it would’ve filled the room with energy.

In the second half of the show, the stars were stripped of their partners and danced side-by-side with their competitors. Living true to the industry adage, Tamar made it back in time to perform alongside competitor, Nick Carter – pneumonia and all – because she’s a true performer and knows that, “the show must go on.”

Tamar made post-trip-to-the-ER look chic and tackled a rumba rendition of “Hey Jude,” influenced by the Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil production of, “Love.” With Tamar’s health and the down-to-the-wire arrival time, the odds were stacked against them, but they still earned 27/30 points! This was enough to bump Tamar and Val into a safe spot and they’ll be dancing in the semifinals next week!

WE hope Tamar has a speedy recovery and gets back to her show-stopping self in time for next week’s performance!

After last week’s Halloween performance on Dancing With The Stars, Tamar’s confidence was knocked down a bit. A comment Tamar made about believing in herself was used against her, and partner Val felt that it was evident in the judges’ scores.

In a grueling week of rehearsals, Val helped rebuild Tamar’s confidence by encouraging her and telling her that he believes she’s a great dancer. This week’s theme was a tribute to figures that have inspired the stars, so Tamar danced in honor of her big sister, Toni.  Tamar drew inspiration from her sister and as she and Val prepared a fast-paced ballroom dance known as a Paso Doble to a rendition of Lady Gaga’s, “Born This Way.”

Tamar’s hard work and confidence shone through this week with all three judges offering nothing but compliments! Judge Julianne said, “That was the kind of choreography to showcase what kind of dancer you are…[which is] a great one.” The audience, along with Bruno and Carrie Ann agreed, and Val and Tamar earned 28 out of 30 points landing them in second place for the night.

Tamar and Val will return to the stage next Monday, but they can’t do it without the support of their fans. Make sure you vote and cheer on #TeamValenTay for another round!

The ladies of The Real got a treat Tuesday as Tamar Braxton traded in her dancing shoes for an apron and chef’s hat. The singer and co-host whipped up a batch of her ‘Tantalizing Tacos’ for Taco Tuesday during “Tamar’s Cooking School”.

WE can’t wait to try it! Here’s the recipe if you want to whip up your own batch!



Tay Tay did that! WE are going to be cooking these tonight!

Tamar hit the stage on this week’s Dancing With the Stars feeling as confident as ever. After earning a perfect score last week, Tamar is truly believing in herself! She candidly admitted she thinks she’s the best dancer in the competition, but unfortunately after her and Val’s foxtrot to The Doors, “People Are Strange,” the judges didn’t necessarily agree. On the other hand, the audience thought that Tamar and Val had everything together, down to the spooky funhouse Halloween theme and execution of the difficult choreography. Even Tamar’s mom, Evelyn was in the audience grooving with her entourage to cheer her on!

Team Val and Tay scored 26 out of a possible 30 points this week and need their loyal fans to vote! It’s already the seventh week of the competition and it’s beginning to become difficult to tell the difference between the stars and the professional dancers. Judge Julianne said that Tamar is the most natural mover in the competition and believes that Tamar’s confidence is translating to her performances!

After their performance, Tamar said, “I’m still gunna fake it ‘til I make it.” But WE don’t think she’s faking anything! Make sure you show some real support for #TeamValenTay before next week’s episode!

Watch this week’s performance here:

Last week Tamar and her switch up partner Louis fell towards the bottom of the leader board on Dancing With the Stars, but that didn’t keep her down this week when she reunited with partner Val for “Famous Dance Night.” Tamar wasn’t feeling 100 percent this week and had to take two days off from rehearsal; she was so sick she lost her voice! But, Tamar put her best foot forward (literally) and slayed the dance floor wowing the judges and earning a perfect score of 40 out of 40 for her rendition of pop icon Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation.”

Tamar and Val’s chemistry is on point at this stage in the competition. You can tell how well they’re getting along from this hilarious DubMash posted on Val’s Instagram.

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Their performance was flawless down to the set design, costumes and choreography. The judges were extra impressed noting that when performing with a large group of backup dancers, it’s much easier for mistakes to stand out, except Tamar didn’t make a single mistake! Bruno mentioned that Tamar took a total knock last week, but she came back with a knock out performance and will make it on to the next round!

Remember, the judges’ scores can only take Tamar and Val so far; fan votes are everything in this competition. If you’re a Tamartian, don’t forget to vote for #TeamValenTay and show your support for your girl next Monday on Dancing With the Stars!

It was #ManCrushMonday on The Real and filling in for Tamar was her own man crush, hubby Vince Herbert. Vince got a taste of what Tamar does every day as he found himself talking to the cast of “Being Mary Jane”, watching a fashion show, and even comforting Tamera after she had her turn on the “I Woke Up Like This” segment.

WE love seeing Tamar’s style on the show and think Vince’s look was on point in a navy blazer over a button down with blue jeans.

Yes! my baby daddy is filling in for me on #TheReal!! I hear he’s really acting up

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And Tamar wasn’t the only one gushing today. Vince took the opportunity to pay tribute to his wife while on the show. WE thought Vince did a great job and especially loved seeing him show off his moves with the rest of the co-hosts! Tamar must be proud!

Throw everything you think you know about Tamar Braxton on Dancing With the Stars out the window. The theme of the week was “The Switch Up” which proved to create a slew of new obstacles the cast. However, Tamar slayed that dance floor, new partner, double the length of choreography, and fast-tempo samba!

Enjoy the show guys!! @TamarBraxtonHer @DancingABC @DWTSAllAccess #DWTS #DWTS21 #dancingwiththestars

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This week, she danced with Louis while her original partner Val cheered them on from the sky deck. Tamar and Louis danced a challenging samba to Queen Bey’s “End of Time.” Judge Carrie Ann said that out of all of the women left in the competition, Tamar constantly owns the dance floor because she’s a top performer! Watch last night’s performance here:

The samba is a taxing style of dance with a lot of hip and foot action. Tamar made it look easy, although her balance was a little wobbly according to the judges. The tips for next week were for her to dig her heels in a little harder and find her center. But with leading scores like Tamar’s been earning, WE aren’t worried that she won’t make it through next week’s impending elimination!

This week’s score of 29 out of a possible 40 points are added to Tamar and Val’s score of 27 out of 30 from last week, along with fan votes to determine if they’ll move on to dance another day! Don’t forget to vote and cheer on #TeamValenTay before next Monday!

What better way to honor your bestie than to “Rock Out” in honor of her?

It was an honor to present my girl @tamarbraxtonher with the #RockOutWithMe “Build Her” award at the #ROWMDC Event, for being a great example & inspiration to all women building their empires. When women come together in a positive way it blesses me to no end. But when I see African American women come together in a way that blesses others there’s an extraordinary power that fills the room just by the unity alone. Women need other women no matter how you cut it, and we need to be honest about that need so that we all may grow together. There’s power in numbers but there’s an even greater power when we are connected by our display to support and celebrate each other while we can smell the roses. When one of us wins we all win, it’s only becomes a lie when you allow your own poisonous thoughts to trick you into thinking different. #ROWMDC surpassed my expectations from beginning to end!!! I give all the glory to God for blessing me with the ability to create this campaign and to have some incredible participation along the way. Although this was the last event this year my team and I will continue on our quest to unite women so we can kick off 2016 like we never left! Stay tuned but more importantly stay united and make a positive difference ladies! Xo #ROWMDC #RockOutWithMe #RockOutWithMeDC #WomenUnited #Unity #Love #Respect #WomenEmpowerment #WomenNeedWomen#IronSharpensIron #AprilDaniels #TamarBraxton #WeTv #TamarAndVince

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That’s just what Tamar Braxton’s best friend April Daniels did over the weekend. The founder of the ‘Rock Out With Me’ Campaign partnered with Howard University and Ebony Magazine to wrap up the last leg of her multi-city empowerment tour. During the event, Daniels honored Tamar Braxton with the ‘Rock Out With Me BuildHer’ Award.

April thanked Tamar for providing her a platform on Tamar & Vince which enabled her to launch the campaign to unite women everywhere. She went on to praise Tamar for being a great example to women everywhere building their empires.

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Tamar, full of emotion, accepted the award and reminded the audience to not stop reaching for their goals. She talked about how she didn’t give up on her dreams and thanked April for her empowerment movement.

A video posted by April Daniels – ROWM Campaign™ (@rockoutwithme_) on Oct 3, 2015 at 2:47pm PDT

WE love it!