I’m Lorraine Cerami, I am 29 years old and I’ll be getting married next October to Mr. Derek Wile, otherwise known as the greatest guy ever.  Our ceremony and reception will take place at the beautiful Berkeley Hotel in Asbury Park New Jersey. My mixed feelings about the state aside, the area is spectacular and the 1920s vibe is my inspiration for the entire event.

Shopping for my dress was the very first wedding related task I tackled.  Hello? It’s the most important retail experience of a girl’s life. A normally highly skilled online shopper, I struck out at Vera. While flipping through my vast new collection of bridal mags, each time I came across an awesome dress it was an Amsale. So I made an appointment. Keep in mind I had not even set my date at this point.

I came to my appointment with a list of demands. No mermaids, no trumpets, no lace, etc. etc. Emily was so sweet and seemed to appreciate my strong opinions and style sense. My budget in place at around $5k narrowed the field as well, and we pulled 6 or so dresses to try on. I know every bride says she put on “the One,” cue tears, etc. This was not the case for me…I died for three of them. THREE! All very different, but all totally gorge. My mom and sisters couldn’t decide either, so we left empty handed.

I had several dreams about the “Callista.” Then I found myself stalking the dress on the Amsale site.  STALK-ING. To the point where it was the background image on my iPhone.  So, I booked my follow-up appointment to visit her. Mom, sister, and sister-in-laws in tow I entertained the new spring line and threw on a few. Eh. And then I slipped myself into my lil’ lady. (Or more like shoved, sample sizes are a stretch for anyone who eats an occasional sandwich.) She was glorious! The former ballerina in me was in love. Emily helped me add a little extra dazzle with a crystal belt and that was that. Wrap it up! Champers all around!

I’m no wallflower, so filming for this series was a delight. My fiancé’s (questionable) obsession with WE was my only hindrance, as I was concerned he would catch a glimpse of me in my dress pre-big day. We’ll have to keep him on a strict ESPN diet when my episode airs. I’m very much looking forward to seeing it, and it’s more than likely that I host a viewing party. I’ll certainly appreciate that a very important part of my wedding process will be captured forever on film. That is, if I don’t look like a total weirdo.