The Marys are back and another one is more pregnant than ever!  On top of Tina’s pregnancy and Erica’s recovery from pregnancy, Mitchell has (as always) arranged a very aggressive touring schedule.  I think after Mitchell is done running through the schedule for “Promo Week”, they will run out of fingers to count on.  Even WE are exhausted listening to this schedule.  MMQuote: “We know it’s going to be hectic and we know it’s going to be exhausting, and who better than Mr. Mitchell Solarek to remind us of that.”  Erica will be bringing Zaya on the road with her, however there is no way Mitchell will let that baby’s schedule interfere with the promotion of Mary Mary’s new album.   Luckily, Honey will be there to help out where she can.  Unfortunately, Tina will be away from Teddy and the kids for 8 days… this will be toughMMQuote: “If you’re in the fox hole and you’re a soldier, there are no breaks.”

Regrettably, the relationship between Mitchell and Goo is still extremely strained, but it looks like feelings may be set aside at least during business hours (WE hope).  MMQuote: “Styling Erica and Tina is challenging because they’re real women… I have the responsibility of making sure they look as great as before the pounds were put on.”  It’s important for the sisters to look like “contenders in the business” but between pregnancy and baby weight, WE definitely think it can be challenging.  MMQuote: “Pregnant or not, I still brings it!”  On top of styling the sisters, Goo has maid of honor duties to tend to for Alana’s wedding.  She definitely has a lot of responsibilities on her plate, so it’s imperative this fitting goes well so she can check that off her list.

Hello, Big Apple… Mary Mary has arrived and hit the ground running!  Promo Week is in full swing, but that does not stop Tina from micromanaging the family.  MMQuote: “I have to make sure my presence is felt in my home.  I’d be an idiot not to.”  It is nonstop for these sisters, but they are promotion machines.  WE applaud your hustle, ladies!  However, things can’t always run smoothly and these Marys are having issues with their wardrobe.  MMQuote: “And once again, I’m looking around going ‘Where’s Goo?’”  Erica’s coral colored pants with tan blazer seals her fate of looking like a math teacher, and is definitely not a good look for Trinity Broadcasting Network and their core gospel fans.  MMQuote: “The visual doesn’t match up with the music.”  The crew has one hour to find Erica a new shirt, and Goo is not happy about her phonecall from Mitchell.  But things need to get done, so Erica and Mitchell head to a store to work with a personal shopper.  Luckily the out comes together, and the sisters make it to TBN in time.  Regardless of pregnancy, exhaustion, and the like Mary Mary pulls off an awesome performance and looks great doing it! However, the still have a ways to go.  MMQuote: “Three more cities in three more days?  What did I get myself in to.”

Next stop, Kansas City, MO!  Since things didn’t go as smoothly as expected in NYC, Goo has met up with the sisters to make sure their outfits are on point.  On a positive note, Erica and Goo can talk about Alana’s wedding and her bachelorette party while they work.  MMQuote: “Tina is still on this conservative, mother hen thing where everything is ‘Oh my gosh!’”  Tina does have a great point though… you start off your marriage with all these “extras” and you won’t be able to keep it up.  MMQuote: “At the end of the day, all your man wants is you in a thong, a wifebeater and heels.”  #Preach!  Soon the conversation turns from sex toys to six packs, and ends with Erica telling Tina, MMQuote: “Tina, you’re married.  Will you stop and relax.”

Mary Mary is experiencing tons of technical issues, exhaustion has set in, and it is not the best way to kick off the night.  Add a Krafts service table to die for, and you are writing a recipe for disaster.  MMQuote: “Tina, we are going to continue to look like two tons of fun.”  But, this is proving to be the best time to broach the subject of weight with Tina and Erica, especially while Tina is enjoying herself a cinnamon bun.  MMQuote: “Yeah I know I’m pregnant, and yeah, I know we aren’t size six chicks.”

After that whole conversation, Mitchell decides he wants to address the mistakes made in NYC with Goo.  MMQuotes: “He says he wants my check and I’m like, ‘Oh, he’s a crazy diva.’”  This quickly turns into a screaming match of “he says, she says” and it is one hot ass mess.  MMQuote: “Yeah, thank you me!”  Looks like the problem may be Tina and Erica showing up on time for fittings, but Mitch thinks it reflects badly on her regardless.  MMQuote: “I need to hear from you that you are committed to helping me make sure that it is all finished from start to finish.”  Is this a resolution?  WE can only hope!

Is Zaya not one of the most adorable babies you have ever seen?  Erica is lucky to have Honey on the road with her so she can still get some sleep.  But, poor Tina is definitely missing Teddy and the kids.  MMQuote: “I wish he wasn’t so wonderful to take the kids to the zoo while their mommy is out of town.  Come on, Teddy!  Who does that?”  The homesickness is certainly catching up with Tina, plus with her “hormonal imbalance” it is an emotional time for sure.  To combat Tina’s hormons, Erica has a crazy headache that won’t go away.  Mary Mary is definitely worn down, and with no sound check they have even more to worry about.  MMQuote: “We’re not getting on stage with no sound track.”

Unfortunately, the show must go on with or without sound check.  MMQuote: “I think we just have to take yourself back to the Evangelistic when you were in the choir and just rely on your gut and your natural ability.”  Regardless of a sound check, Mary Mary needs to bring it without excuses.  This audience is up on their feet, enjoying themselves some Mary Mary.  MMQuote: “It’s like you’re going in, going for blood.  I give it all I got.”  When Tina gets off stage, all the exhaustion, aches and pains from pregnancy become real again, and her anti-socialness comes out.

Goo receives a call from Alana demanding her stylish butt come back to L.A..  MMQuote: “I’ve dealt with enough brides to know that anything can tick them off.”  But Alana isn’t playin’, and even threatens to demote Goo from maid of honor.  Goo is about to break between styling the girls, helping Alana with the wedding, planning the bachelorette party, and trying to work with Mitchell.  At least Honey is the voice of reason, and is able to talk some sense into her daughters.  She realizes Goo is overwhelmed and has taken on way too much.  MMQuote: “It’ll come through.  And you’re gonna be alright.”

Tina realizes she has taken off more than she can chew while being seven months pregnant, so she sits sound check out and lets Erica handle it on her own.  However, regardless of how Tina feels she must perform or else Mary Mary would be in breach of contract.  WE really hope Tina’s discomfort subsides in time!

Will Tina rally and perform?  Will Goo get Mary Mary’s wardrobe together?  How in the world will Goo and Erica help Alana plan her wedding with their schedules?  WE want to hear from you!