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Erica: Road Warriors

"Do I have the right to be selfish and think about what’s best for my voice and career and leave my sister hanging, or do I put me to the side and be there for my sister even more???"

Tina: Road Warriors

"But the truth is in these past year, filled with loss and despair in so many areas, Mary Mary has been keeping me going."

Tina: Australian Tour

"I’m not so sure I can trust Teddy when I'm with him, but trusting him 1/2 way around the world is a whole extra challenge…"

Erica: Australian Tour

"I was hoping that coming to Australia/New Zealand for the first time ever as Mary Mary – would be a good distraction for Tina from all that she is dealing with at home with Teddy and their marriage. "

Erica: Holding the Fort

"Goo & Tae Tae used to sing background for Mary Mary but this weekend they gonna sing upfront and fill in for Tina... I love having sisters."

Tina: Changes

"I wanna heal, grow and move on in love with my husband, but my heart is broken."