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Erica: Holding the Fort

"Goo & Tae Tae used to sing background for Mary Mary but this weekend they gonna sing upfront and fill in for Tina... I love having sisters."

Tina: Changes

"I wanna heal, grow and move on in love with my husband, but my heart is broken."

Erica: Cover Girls

"This is such a rough and heartbreaking time for my little sister I hurt for her and with her and there’s nothing I can really do but be there for her."

Tina: Cover Girls

"I find out from Teddy that the truth I shared with the magazine was NOT the entire truth."

Big Up For Tina’s Beanies

Who knew that out of all the hot topics buzzing about Twitter last night during the all-new episode of Mary Mary, Tina’s variety of hats would be at the top of the list! As Tina worked through her issues with Mitch, Teddy’s infidelities, and everything in between, she was caught sporting two bold beanie options.…