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Todd on Episode 10: At The Table

Todd reflects on his meeting with Ryan's parents and expresses his disappointment about their behavior. He also talks about helping a neighbor move and how it reminded him of their prior struggles.
Todd Bruce

Todd Bruce on Episode 8 – Kansas City Blues

More About Todd BruceIn this episode you will find that Laura is very much about keeping the family together and making sure that nothing comes between us growing closer together. Cathy, Laura’s sister, shows up and it’s always nice to see our relatives. Again in this episode we all take a little time out to…
Todd Bruce

Todd Bruce on Episode 7 – Call Me Dad

More About Todd BruceThis is an emotional episode for me. It pulls at my emotions on several levels. First with the girls thinking about college the thought of them moving out of the house and heading off to school is bitter sweet. It is embarrassing that I won’t be able to contribute to the college…
Todd Bruce

Todd Bruce on Episode 6 – Much Ado about Hoagies

More About Todd BruceAll I can say about this episode is that Laura is a very dedicated and hard working woman. She gets up early every day and runs so she can keep the MS at bay and keep her energy up. As you can see, being a mother there is always some kind of…