Hello everyone! My name is Diamond Bankouadagba, I am 27-years-old and I am a Claim’s Assistant.

Where do I even begin to express how magical our wedding was – thanks to David Tutera!  David went above and beyond to ensure our special day would be filled with magical moments that would be cherished forever.  Late’ and I have lived the fairy tale romance and dreamed of a ceremony to represent our unique relationship.  David certainly took our desires and requests to heart – making the entire event feel like a fairy tale. I felt like a mermaid princess under sea from the moment he took charge. From the yacht experience to the surprise brunch with my bridesmaids with the seals surrounding, our worries and distractions faded away as he set our spirits at ease.  We were relaxed and carefree throughout the experience and beyond!  The days spent with David could not have been more perfect. 

As I entered the room and opened my eyes, I walked the blue floor and saw majestic, emerald evergreen trees and water waves, amazing centerpieces and my handsome Prince beside me looking like an African American James Bond – LOL! It was breath-taking!  The bouquet and necklace that were designed for me were exquisite.  The bridesmaids bouquets were stunning; the bright colors expressed the passion and love between Late’ and I so well.
Our special treatment didn’t end with the ceremony. David offered us the whole experience complete with a photo shoot and cameras during the ceremony (we felt like celebrities). The variety of food was to die for, and the open bar was amazing. The extra care David took and the time he spent on every detail was very evident as the time flowed smoothly. 

Thank you, WE tv and David, for allowing us to personalize our wedding and for being flexible with our sentimental requests (13 bridesmaids).  Even in our most extravagant dreams, we could not have imagined such a romantic and more perfect day!  Not only was David the Dream Maker for our wedding, but he also helped set the stage for our lives together by accenting spontaneity, fun, romance, wilderness, and adventure – as well as a spiritual connection with God, nature and each other. 

Thank you so much for your passionate dedication to keeping the flames of love and romance bright for all couples around the world!  Late’ and I will happily “sing your praises from the mountain tops” because we appreciate what you did for us and you believe in the power of True Love and living out your dreams. David, you are my Fairy God Father, and Late’ and I are truly blessed to have had you as a part of such a memorable day in our lives. I can’t express enough how grateful we are.


Wow, when you have a name like Diamond, you have to live up to that name! And when your groom’s named Laté (pronounced like the drink), you have to live up to that kind of a name, too. So when I met them and spent that first day with them, I knew I had been thrown into some really great, high energy. I laughed a lot with Diamond. She had a big personality and a big heart she wore on her sleeve. She was very real and there was nothing she hid about who she was or what was going on in her life. Her theme was “Under the Sea,” and I had a hard time with it because I didn’t understand why you’d have that for a wedding. But to make it work, I started our time together off at the beach for inspiration.

I ending up doing something with Diamond that I’d never done before. Diamond was never proposed to–because she has such a confident and out-spoken personality, one day she and Laté were out shopping. He came back with a bag and she kept asking him what was in the bag, so the poor guy took out the ring and offered it to her as a promise ring. And I said to Diamond, “I think you might have blown his moment; you forced him to give you the ring and he wasn’t ready to do the proposal.” So she cheated herself out of a proposal. I had kept that story in mind when planning her wedding because I think the proposal is one of the most important moments in people’s lives.

Fast forward to a couple of days later, we returned to the beach. I set a moment up where I had gotten a ring from my David Tutera Bridal Jewelry collection from Sears and gave it to Laté and told him that he “needs to give it to his bride–her name is Diamond and she needs to have sparkling diamonds.” What he didn’t know was that during my earlier stroll along the water with Diamond, I had asked her if she wanted to take a little more control over things… I tried to sort of feed her this opportunity that slipped by and said, “Maybe you could make it happen for you and Laté?” She looked at me and she said, “Are you asking me to propose to Laté?” And I said, “Yeah, I think that might be a great idea, but you know, you need to do it on your own time or maybe if a good time happens…” And as I finished my sentence, we stumbled across a beautiful heart in the sand which was made out of rose petals. Laté came around the corner, stood in the center of the heart with Diamond, I took ten steps backwards and she got on her knee and proposed to him with the ring that he gave her! It was phenomenal! He was blown away, she sobbed. It was like this modern day fairy tale. I know there are girls who say that the girl is supposed to be proposed to by the man–I get it–but in this circumstance and situation, it was great and they were both very excited.

And they got an Under the Sea wedding. Every time I was with Diamond, we were either by the sea, on the sea (we were on a yacht when we changed her gown), and then when I designed the wedding, it felt like you were under the sea. It felt ethereal, peaceful, colorful, serene, yet filled with tons of energy.