Tamar and Vince share a serious moment by the fire and chat about how Tamar and Vince feel about her upcoming showcase.  T&VQuote: “I think now is the time for us to do a showcase and get people excited, and show people what we’ve been working on so long.”  Tamar and Vince agree this needs to be a blown out showcase where it “hits you in the throat where you are coughing and choking.”  Everything needs to be on 10.  Vince is truly Tamar’s #1 fan, but clearly Tamar is not Miracle’s #1 anything.  T&VQuote: “Did you read his tweets today? He needs to be on punishment.”

Tamar needs the perfect images to promote herself, and this means photos that showcase her image and style.  T&VQuote: “These photos need to define the Tamar look, and set the she/me/her apart from the rest.”  Tamar has spent way too much time getting her songs on point, so she needs all the elements to come together in the ultimate package.  In order to achieve this ultimate package, Tamar puts together the ultimate dream team of Terrell, Larry, Walid and Ashley.  Vince has a clear vision for Tamar’s shoot; he wants Tamar to look classic in order for girl to look up to Tamar and want to be just like her.  T&VQuote: “In order to be a super star, people have to want to look like you.”

To get right and tight for her photo shoot, Tamar hits the gym with a palates new trainer and a new fabulous do!  She hits the machines for A LOT of leg exercises.  T&VQuote: “This is a little personal though!”  It also helps that the instructor is easy on the eyes too.  However, WE don’t know how pleased Vince will be with all of this.  T&VQuote: “I ain’t gonna be able to perform any wifely duties.”

Much like her body, Tamar needs to get her voice in tip top shape… and enter Terence Lee Jones.  T&VQuote: “You snatched!”  Terence is IN LOVE with record, and just needs to make sure Tamar can confidently sing every note.  Terence speaks some truth to Tamar about always being on her vocal game.  T&VQuote: “This is your business.”  Thankfully, unlike many before him Terence is able to get Tamar to actually stand up and sing.  Unfortunately, the vanity is a little too important right now and Tamar will not be sticking her stomach out for the sake of the notes.  Then poor Terence gets kicked out because Tamar has date night with Vince.  Poor man can’t win!  She won’t take his advice and then she shows him the door.

Tamar’s photo shoot is finally here, and she looks FIERCE!  However, Vince’s attention is completely on Miracle at the moment.  He’s missing out, cuz she won!  T&VQuote: “Smoke makes me feel real expensive and stuff!”  Tamar is too much.  Tamar’s look is practically the girl next store every boy dreams of, with a little bit of coy and a whole lotta sex appeal!  Walid really pushes Tamar to the limits when he asks her to pose on top of the marble fireplace.  This is going to be a sick shot if Tamar can overcome her fears long enough to pose.  As if this wasn’t difficult enough, LaShawn has to come in and agree with Tamar.  T&VQuote: “I didn’t know if Spiderman was shooting Fashion Week in New York.  I didn’t know what was going on.  She looked like a burglar in her own home.”  Luckily, Tamar pulls it together long enough for Walid to get some hot shots.  These photos are going to look amazing, and Vince looks extremely happy and proud.

After getting her model on, Tamar meets with Nisan, Gerald, and Nina to discuss choreography and sound.  Tamar does not want her first look to be all R&B.  T&VQuote: “I don’t want ribs and bbq.”  LaShawn is there to make sure Tamar explodes and the show is second to none.  In terms of “movement”, Tamar doesn’t want any ratchetness and envisions just her and two male dancers.  The showcase is really coming together.  T&VQuote: “She is ready.  Y’all better be ready.”

With everything falling into place, Tamar still is on the workout kick.  She meets with Sheila to continue her pre-showcase regiment.  T&VQuote: “It’s all about your will girl.  What are you willing to do?”  This is some bootcamp type shiz… was Sheila in the Army?  WE give Tamar a lot of credit.  She got through this tough workout and her hair still looks fab!

Terence is back to continue Tamar’s vocal work on “Love & War” and we have a feeling the claws are going to come out.  And as if someone rang the Round 1 bell, Tamar and Terence argue about whether or not Terence is playing the song properly.  He even gets up from the piano and starts rattling off his resume!  Even LaShawn gets involved.  T&VQuote: “Now is this the remix?”  Now that they have figured out that Terence was playing the wrong chord, it is time to get down to business… or time for Tamar to walk out!  T&VQuote: “I can’t worry about her diva moments right now.  I can’t let this get in the way of my showcase.  This is the Tamar Show and this must go on.”  At least LaShawn is trying to give some sort of advice to Terence.  However, if someone hires you to help them with vocals wouldn’t it be wrong to just agree with the talent no matter what?  #justsayin

LaShawn shows up at the first showcase practice with Nisan and his band, and he stresses the importance of impressing Tamar.  The last thing LaShawn needs to here is, “Boo! Boo!!!!”  Poor keyboardist “Doogie Howser” is the first one to get the wrath of LaShawn, and the poor kid just ends up “yes, sir”-ing LaShawn to death.  After Tamar arrives, it is time for business… and by business, we mean Tamar listening to the band play before getting up the courage to sing.  Clearly, everyone is feeling the track between the air drum solos and the bobbing heads.  T&VQuote: “I consider myself blessed to have Tamar execute this record, and just make it come to life.  I almost cried.”

This showcase is going to be off the chain… so until then!

Should Tamar’s first single be “Hot Sugar” or “Love and War”?  Will she get her dance moves together in time for the showcase?  WE want to hear from you!

At the suggestion of Vince’s doctor, Tamar and Vince head to therapy to sort out their concerns.  Vince’s health problems have taken their toll on the both of them, and the constant fighting and bickering is starting to get worse.  There is only one rule; no one is allowed to interrupt each other.  Tamar explains to the therapist, Sevin that since Vince was hospitalized their lifestyle has changed considerably, as well as their timeline for having a child.  After Tamar speaks, Vince states that the baby issue isn’t even an issue at all.  T&VQuote: “I am cool on that.  That has left the station.”  This causes Tamar to be understandably upset.  Vince wants to act like everything is cool, but then still partakes in the arguments every other day.  Either these two talk out their issues in therapy, or they find a way to deal with all the arguing.  When asked what his biggest issue is with Tamar, he quickly replies, “Your mouth!”  It is clear Tamar’s ways of expressing herself are Vince’s characteristics of acting out of control.  These two just agree to disagree.  T&VQuote: “It’s hard to know what’s hurtful and what isn’t.  And it takes time to figure it out.”

On that positive note, aloha Hawaii!  T&VQuote: “Oh wow! This is gorg!”  Joined by April and LaShawn, these two couples are here for some straight up R&R, and like Tamar said, “not ratchet and ridiculousness.”  As the fab four drive through the scenes of Hawaii, they listen to another track of Tamar’s, “Love and War”.  This is the first time WE have heard a ballot, and Tamar is a truly talented singer.  Vince is just incredibly proud of her, and each time he hears her sing with such vulnerability he falls in love with her all over again.  And after such a touching moment, things just keep getting better and better as Vince is approached by a young fan, and the group stumbles upon one of the many beautiful waterfalls of Hawaii.  T&VQuotes: “It’s damn near breath taking.”

The couples head back to the resort for some lounging and boozing… funners!  But, that was short lived since Vince and LaShawn had to bring up the fact that they met a female dolphin trainer at the airport.  Did we also mention she was blond?

Next stop, a canoe ride in the scorching heat with two non-swimmers… funners?  This is sure to be one hot ass mess when Tamar is the most athletic person on the excursion!  Thankfully, everyone gets it together in time to start paddling and go on the search for turtle dingaling.  This is short lived as well with LaShawn spouting nonsense about a gusty sea report and Vince having to do #2.  Have several!

And soon we are back on the subject of Vince and his preference for blonds.  WE get that he likes blonds, but where are they all coming from?  It’s like a moth to a flame!  T&VQuote: “She wants a piece of my rib!”  This is just all too much.  Vince should just stay clear of any and all women so we don’t have to hear anymore of this nonsense ever again.  Unfortunately, our wish is not granted and we are now on the subject of the “kiss” Tamar received from the canoe instructor… and then how Tamar doesn’t listen (which everyone agrees with).  T&VQuote: “And SHE does not appreciate it.  I’m gonna go HAM Nation on everyone.”  Bless April for trying to bring everyone back to a positive place, but she should have quit while she was ahead.

All I can say is please let some coconut bras and grass skirts lighten this mood.  LaShawn takes it upon himself to get up on stage and perform a little Bruno Mars for the buffet-lovin’ tourists.  April and Tamar make Vince run interception on this mess in the making, but Vince joins right in!   However, if our man gave us a personal shout out, we would just melt.  What a sweetheart!  However, LaShawn is just a plan jokester and he would have gotten major side eye!

As if the canoe trip wasn’t an indication that these men don’t do well with aquatic sports, April and Tamar take them on a snorkeling trip via a boat equipped with floaties and 30 life jackets.  Between Vince’s high blood pressure, LaShawn reverting to his toddler years once he hits water, and April coming clean about her aquaphobia, Tamar is once again the bravest one here.  This is a circus!  T&VQuote: “All I could think of was no bottom… no bottom… You got Nessy the Lockness Monster, Big Foot, unicorns.  You don’t know what’s down there.”  At least LaShawn finally starts enjoying himself… must have been that bribery of French fries and pizza.

It’s the last night in Hawaii, and everyone is looking forward to a romantic, waterfront dinner.  With everything going so great, each couple decides to share their beliefs about their marriage to each other.  Sharing is caring, but sharing is also very dangerous… especially when you are sharing thoughts on money and mistrust.  Once Vince starts to try and express himself, Tamar starts to interrupt him.  And this looks like this may be Vince’s last straw on this trip.  T&VQuote: “You don’t have to be the center of attention, and it doesn’t have to be all about you.”  Tamar tries to explain to Vince they both share and equal amount of love and respect for one another, and it is extremely hurtful when Vince doubts that equality.  It’s obvious Vince’s resentment is over something completely different; when Vince got sick, Tamar took a break from the hospital and went to Philly to visit a friend for a few hours. Hearing Vince express his anger over this is extremely hurtful to Tamar and she can’t do anything but defend herself.  This situation has officially gotten a lot worse between the two of them since their therapy session, and Vince can’t do anything else but leave.

Will Tamar and Vince ever get through this rough patch and move on from all the past hang ups and issues?  What’s your advice to this couple?


Vince is still in the hospital for observation after his recent health scare, and Tamar is there to keep him comfortable and on his toes.  Vince is very adamant about being strong and keeping himself busy.  When he was in a coma last year, he faced a lot of muscle loss and issues after being in bed for so long.  He doesn’t want that to happen to him again, so it is important to remain active.  Vince wants to join a gym to get in better physical health, but Tamar knows it also needs to start with nutrition.  Luckily, this couple can remember the importance of laughter at a stressful time like this.  And that laughter is coming from whether or not Tamar and Vince have ever had sex in a hospital.  T&VQuote: “I have never done the nasty in the hospital. How gross is that?”

Tamar meets up with LaShawn in the studio to listen to a new track, “Hot Sugar”.  LaShawn thinks this could be a hot record, and wants Tamar to listen to it and finesse the lyrics.  T&VQuote: “It’s cluttered.  It’s like Hoarders!”  Tamar and LaShawn both seem to be in agreement on what the song needs, but Tamar needs to get back to the hospital to see her man.

It is finally time for Vince to come home, but before he can leave the hospital he needs to pass Tamar’s cleanliness approval.  WE get it, hospitals are gross.  But all those flowers were sent by people who love Vince, so why not surround him by that love at home?  T&VQuote: “It’s gross.  GERMS!”  April and LaShawn plan on coming over to celebrate Vince’s homecoming, but he is still harping on the fact his flowers and sneakers were left behind.  This conversation of course turns into a bigger argument once they get home.  As much as Tamar has been greatly affected by the health issues Vince has had, Vince is the one that has gone through all the tests, pokes, prods, and physical issues.  T&VQuote: “Stop making it about yourself.”   The convo ends with Vince getting up from the table and walking out.

After a great workout with LaShawn and Adnan, Vince joins Tamar for some home cookin’ by our favorite chef, Donnatello.  Vince is really feeling this health kick, trading in his cravings for fried food for cravings for a little physical activity.  T&VQuote: “We were in the running to becoming America’s top fried food couple.”  In hopes of having Tamar stay off his case, Vince does not put up an argument when Tamar suggests getting a bell for Maria.  T&VQuote: “If that’s gonna make her feel good, I’m gonna go buy a bell.  I’m gonna buy 20 bells.”

T&VQuote: “Now that we’ve called it a truce over the stupid flower fight, I thought we would do a little healthy car shopping which is always good for the mind, body, and Tamar.”  Tamar takes the new Range Rover for a test drive with their car salesman, and it looks like Tamar is in love.  T&VQuote: “It’s like a pair of shoes.  You have to change your shoes every day.”  Trying to make everything easier, Vince tries and convinces Tamar to love the white version, but she wants all black everything!

As soon as WE heard Vince, LaShawn, and yoga in the same sentence WE knew this was going to be great.  Not believing their hubbies, April and Tamar head to the yoga studio to make sure the boys are where they are supposed to be.  WE would have been suspicious too!  T&VQuote: “Why couldn’t she be a brunette?”  Between the woman having her hands on Vince, him showing off his drawers due to a pair of baggy shorts, and some spread eagle action, this yoga session is just H.A.M.-tastic!

Tamar joins her childhood friend, Tia for a little girl time and lucky for us Tia has brought old school pics.  It is pretty incredible to hear Tamar has been in abusive relationships because she is such a strong woman.  T&VQuote: “How did I even recover? I had two boyfriends who likes to beat up their girlfriends.”  Tamar knows that putting up with that type of situation was due to low self esteem and low self worth.  Lucky for Tamar, she found a man who treats her right.  This brings Tia to the perfect time to ask Tamar about having children.  T&VQuote: “She has to sip on that.”  Had Tamar known that her life was going to slow down the way it has after Vince spent the time in the hospital, she would have gone through with the full baby plan.  T&VQuote: “After Vince got sick, I knew at that moment that we were meant to be together.”

With Vince still on the mend, he has not been 100% back to business as usual so he and Tamar decide to pay Mindless Behavior a visit in the studio before they go on their first big tour.  Vince decides to play Tamar’s demo of “Hot Sugar” for the boys because he really loves the song and loves to support Tamar’s career.  While everyone is feeling the lyrics and the beats, Tamar puts an end to the fun with a quickness because it is not her singing on the track.  Vince tries to explain the reasoning behind not using Tamar’s vocals YET, but she does not want to hear it.  T&VQuote: “I think they really need to stop, take a step back from all the business… cuz someone might end up in the hospital.”

Vince and LaShawn head to the golf course for some physical activity and some laughs.  Vince uses golf as his stress reliever.  T&VQuote: “All you hear is the wind in your ear and no yapping.”  Looks like visualizing is key in Vince’s golf game… now who he is visualizing as the ball is a whole other story.  Vince and LaShawn decide to plan a trip to Hawaii with the ladies.  With Vince’s health issues still being a small problem, it is best to stay a little closer to home.  T&VQuote: “If it gets a little tricky, Hawaii is going to find out it has two volcanoes they didn’t even know was there, V and the T.”

Vince and Tamar head to dinner for date night, bit apparently they had a real bumpy ride on the way to the restaurant.  Tamar had a picture of Vince on Instagram, and it grinded her gears when Vince wouldn’t give up his source.  T&VQuote: “I still don’t know which bitch told him.  And that’s still a problem!”  Tamar doesn’t think Vince fights fair, and gets angry at the fact he always takes it to a nasty place.  It seems like this couple can’t seem to go a day without arguing, and when it ends because Vince has removed himself from the situation (and the location) you know these two are in need of a serious reality check.  T&VQuote: “Seriously, something’s gotta give.  We can’t keep doing this.”

Will Tamar and Vince finally stop fighting once they get to Hawaii?  What is with Tamar and her insecurities about blonds?  WE want to hear from you!

Tamar and Vince have finally moved into their new L.A. pad, so what better way to celebrate then to invite over the Daniels family.  T&VQuote: “That’s amazing.  That looks like Jerusalem out there.”  However, the grand tour is slightly interrupted once they get to the kitchen, where Tamar and Vince start to argue about who was the first to cook what where.  T&VQuote: “We have been married for 3 years, been together for eight years, we ain’t never had bologna in the house.”  One would wonder if this conversation is really about bologna or some deep rooted issue… but WE really think it is just about bologna!  T&VQuote: “Tamar you don’t even cook and you get mad that I want a chef.”  The next stop on the tour is luckily the theater puppet room, and not the fridge to check if there is indeed bologna in there.  At the crowd’s request, Tamar gets up on stage.  T&VQuote: “This one right here I wrote especially for the overweight lover in the house.”  And with the chorus of “Get Your Life” echoing through the room, Vince takes a much needed break from Tamar and the tour.

And what is a new house without a dinner party for all your closest and dearest friends?  We have Tisha Campbell-Martin, Duane Martin, Gwen and Kenny Smith, Brian and Lisa Kelly, and of course Mary J. Blige!  Sounds like one of our parties J.  Tamar and Vince share the many stories of their eight year relationship, including the time Tamar baked him a birthday cake and he took it home to share with his girlfriend.  He tried it!  Vince, no girl just makes you a birthday cake to take home to your girlfriend; she makes you a birthday cake so you can go home and dump your girlfriend because you realized you would rather be with the girl that actually makes you a cake!   Each couple gives Tamar and Vince some advice for a successful marriage, but things seem to get complicated when you are married to your manager.  T&VQuote: “I think the number one challenge of being married to my husband-ger is that he feels like I don’t know when to cut off work and husband time.”  Kendu Isaacs talks about how the key to making a husband-ger relationship work is being humble.  But then that means Tamar would have to admit she’s a diva… not gonna happen!  T&VQuote: “If you love each other, that’s what shows up.  If you don’t, that’s what shows up.”  Well said, Mary J.!

Tamar heads to the studio to start recording her new album with LaShawn.  T&VQuote: “Right now, my number one priority is for me to get my future platinum hits recorded and out to the Tamartians because it is taking far too long for this album to drop.”  Tamar is all about business, which is why she is putting the baby making on hold so she can fully concentrate.  It’s obvious that Tamar is a perfectionist, but it seems to be getting on LaShawn’s nerves.  WE don’t know whether standing up or sitting down helps anyone’s pitch be up to par, but each of them feel very strongly about their opposing opinions.  T&VQuote: “I’ll be a good girl and I’ll give him some half assed vocals if that’s what the hell he wants.”  LaShawn is incredibly excited with what sounds come out of Tamar’s mouth once she starts to sing, but never to be proven wrong, Tamar insists she is “flat as hell”.  T&VQuote: “Have several.”  And just as it’s starting to flow, Vince walks in.  And boy, is Tamar excited to see him… which is made obvious by her smacking and slurping into the mic.  But that excitement quickly dwindles when Vince hops on the couch and dials his phone.  T&VQuote: “You need to be involved.  That’s how I feel about it.”  When asked for his opinion during the playback, Vince tells Tamar to just focus on what she is doing and leave him out of it.  WE know you’re a busy man, Vince but this is your wife… you can at least give some feedback.

After Vince ignored Tamar at the studio, the two of them go out for lunch to talk about the album.  T&VQuote: “What are the benefits of being married to Vincent V. Herbert if I can’t get the five star treatment?”  Vince assures Tamar that she will have a single out in a couple months, but when Tamar starts joking about making a couple mill for her would be baby daddy, things get awkward.  Clearly, Vince doesn’t want to joke about having a baby with Tamar, and thinks she should be more serious about the whole process.  T&VQuote: “Talking about it is a lot for me because it’s something I care about, but it’s not the time for it now.”  Vince is an expert when it comes to launching big careers (hello, Lady Gaga!) so the sound advice he gives Tamar is really coming from a loving place.  Tamar needs to try a bunch of things until she achieves the right sound for her.  As much as she doesn’t want to wait, patience is key right now.  T&VQuote: “It’s like I’m a brand new artist all over again.”  Unluckily for Vince, Tamar brings up the idea of hiring a drag version of herself to be her assistant.  T&VQuote: “It will be too much to have two Tamars in the house. I don’t think me and Miracle will be able to survive that.”  Fast forward to the interviews…

Tamar rips through the candidates like Goldie Locks; this one is too little, this one likes dogs too much, this one is too heavy metal, this one is just right! With that, Tamar’s possible assistant, Daniel escorts her on a shopping spree.  Lucky for Daniel, Tamar is not in the mood to try on or look for any items, so she leaves that up to Daniel.  T&VQuote: “If Daniel has any psychic abilities they must be getting warmed up because this hear is not gonna wear.”  Daniel squeezes himself into a pretty pink dress and a high waisted belt so Tay Tay can get a feel for her new outfit.  Tamar is feeling the outfit, but not feeling Daniel.  T&VQuote: “He’s just a little too much for my taste.  I did more work than he did trying to get him to put the damn dresses on.  This is not gonna work out for me.”

Here we go again… Vince joins Tamar in the studio while she works with Harvey Mason, Jr.  Hopefully, they will have a smash record for Tamar.  His client list consists of Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, and Toni Braxton.  Tamar and Vince settle in to listen to what Harvey has been working on, and Tamar is hoping for some hood rat ratchetness material.  After hearing the track Harvey has prepared, Tamar heads into the booth to make it sing.  After laying down some verses, Tamar decides to Tamar-ify it a bit but starts to question herself when Vince says it sounds “cool”.  T&VQuote: “Why can’t he ever get excited like I’m excited.”  Vince doesn’t want to step on Harvey’s toes and give Tamar advice.  He is there to be a supportive husband, and supportive husbands don’t give the type of critiques Tamar is looking for.  T&VQuote: “You said you wanted Harvey to produce your record.  You didn’t say nothing about Vincent Herbert producing your record.”  This conversation quickly escalates into an argument, and ends with Vince leaving.

Thankfully, this couple has friends like LaShawn and April to bring things into the perspective.  LaShawn hears both sides of the argument, allowing both Tamar and Vince to speak their peace.  After listening, April and LaShawn see many similarities between Tamar and Vince and themselves as a couple after three years of marriage.  With that experience, LaShawn is able to communicate Vince’s views to Tamar without her getting defensive.  It seems like Tamar is a bit insecure in the studio, and having Vince’s positive input is really important.

Will Tamar and Vince ever work peacefully together?  Does Miracle really run the house?  What are you excited to see in season 1?  WE want to hear from you!