You have a love/hate with us, fans! You hate when a Will & Grace binge-a-thon causes Saturday nights spent on the couch with a blanket and your cat, but you love seeing your favorite episodes of Roseanne each week. WE can’t help it if we are as obsessed with these classics as you are! However, WE may be slightly more obsessed with your tweets about such feelings. Whether you love us or hate us at a particular moment, your tweets always have us giggling to ourselves. Check out our favorite tweets from our most “passionate” (and hysterical) fans!

WE Won’t Tell Anyone

What!? Of course I haven’t been watching Roseanne for 2 straight days. Pfft. @WEtv

— Katie© (@ML4everKatie) March 2, 2014

WE’re sorry… WE’re taken

Binge along with Karen. @WEtv lets get married. I love you. #will&grace

— Antígeno M ☾ (@leenys_) March 2, 2014

Sorry, Not Sorry

Curse you, @WEtv #Willandgrace #bingeathon for keeping me up all night

— Sober Karen Walker (@UntilAlexandria) March 2, 2014

On Saturdays, WE Watch Will & Grace

I don’t know why I try to watch anything else on Saturday nights. I will always be thankful to @WEtv for the will and grace binge-a-thon

— *Stacey* (@smc213) March 2, 2014

You’re Welcome

Curse you, @WEtv #Willandgrace #bingeathon for keeping me up all night

Because our fans are absolutely incredible, WE are bringing you some extra content for last week’s episode of “Braxtons Family Values.” Towanda takes Trina and Traci to lunch to share the exciting news about “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” but before the girls even get their drinks TrinaQuote: “I really gotta go kee-kee. Don’t talk about me while I’m gone.” Traci Quote: “Don’t worry, we will.” The girls kept their promise! Towanda tells Traci all about when Trina peed in her pants during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. TowandaQuote: “Just close your eyes and imagine someone pouring water on the carpet.” TMI Towanda! Towanda Quote: “Girl… I called everybody and told everybody she’s pissing on herself.”


Get a behind the scenes look at the lives of the Lylas from our crew’s perspective with these exclusive details from our producer’s notebook. In these notes written during Aloha, L.A., our crew spent time with the Lylas in the recording studio, their house in Hawaii and during their move to L.A.

Want more from the premiere episode of The Lylas? Click here to check out a gallery!

These fabulous sisters didn’t miss a beat while doing press in New York for their show this week. They were first greeted with their faces scrolling on the Time Square Marquee, every star’s dream. Then they hit all the stops – The Today Show, Good Day New York, Bethenny, Fox & Friends, Live from the Couch. It was a busy trip but they never dropped those beautiful smiles and their outfits were always on point. After the interviews New York was buzzing with excitement for the premiere on WE tv this Friday at 9pm. Click here to see exclusive photos from their trip.

It’s no secret that The LYLAS have a very famous brother. It’s also no secret that they can sing, have a great sense of style and exude confidence. However, there are a few things that you don’t know about them…until now, that is! The girls are sharing some little-known facts, desires and secrets!

Check out some of the most interesting things about The LYLAS and don’t miss the premiere on Friday, November 8th at 9|8c on WE tv.

Jaime, Tiara, Tahiti and Presley – otherwise known as The Lylas – have been busy this week! Leading up to the show’s premiere, the girls were invited to be “friends” with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, meet the ultimate skinny girl, Bethenny Frankel, have a seat on The Couch with Jodi Applegate and John Elliott.

The anticipation leading up to the big premiere Friday at 9|8c has also grown among fans of the girls! Check out what’s been going down on Twitter and be present for every step of the journey!


It’s that time of year again – Halloween!

This year, some of our WE tv stars have had some very special deliveries and who could resist dressing their new babies up in the cutest Halloween costumes you can find? WE definitely can’t!

David Tutera dressed up his whole gang as characters from The Wizard of Oz while his beautiful daughter, Cielo, played the cutest little Dorothy WE have ever seen!

In true Remy style, there was no way that Melina and Alexia would have anything less than stunning costumes, and not only did they have one adorable outfit, but they had two! Make sure to see them as Minnie Mouse and then as the sweetest ballerinas!

Remy and Rob got in on the action too and went all out! With the four of them all dressed up, the Maaddi’s make one cute little family!

Check out all the photos by clicking here!

What are the names of SWV’s talented women?

Answer: Coko, Taj and Lelee

What was the name of SWV’s debut album that went double platinum in its first year?

Answer: It’s About Time

What SWV number 1 hit used samples from Michael Jackson’s Human Nature?

Answer: Right Here

What hit song in 1993 established this trio as a force in the R&B world?

Answer: I Am So Into You

What year was SWV nominated for “Best New Artist” at the Grammys?

Answer: 1994

Watch this throwback video of one our favorite SWV songs and be sure to catch Sisters With Voices on WEtv in a new series coming in 2014.


Get a glimpse into Tamar and Vince’s lives from our crew’s perspective with these exclusive details from our producer’s notebook. In these notes jotted during Momma Works Hard For Her Coin, our producer spends time on the crazy set of Tamar’s reality show “The Real”.



Here at WE tv, WE are obsessed with the new members of our family, and Logan is NO exception.

Tamar posted the adorable photo of Logan…

And our #Tamartian friends just couldn’t help themselves from making equally adorable (and hysterical!) memes of the little cutie.