I’m glad that on this week’s episode of Bridezillas we saw a couple that had balance. Ashanti played Donald Trump and fired all of her bridesmaids because they refused to sign bridal party contracts. Her groom Geoff was a laid back guy who acknowledged Ashanti’s outrageous ways…he accepted her for whom she was. The thing I loved about Ashanti, yes I said “love,” was that she acknowledged her craziness. Every woman has that tipping point where they can no longer function with day-to-day decisions such as choosing what shoes to wear on your wedding day. Wedding planning just does that. I understand that it can be one of the most difficult moments in a woman’s life and you don’t want to make that decision on your own without a solid support group like we saw with Ashanti.

Unlike past Bridezillas I’ve seen, Ashanti tried her best to hide her angry side from Geoff. It showed how much she cared about her relationship. As a man I’m glad she found alternatives to take that anger out on everyone else! It may not have been the right thing to do, but I’m proud that Ashanti had respect for her soon to be husband. Everyone around Ashanti understood that she was a drama queen. The contracts were a little out of the ordinary, but what do you do expect when you’re not able to pay the professionals because you‘re on a tight budget? Friends should take over those professional responsibilities because they are “loyal friends.” Perfectly understandable! Especially in LA…hometown of flaky friends who would probably get “stuck in traffic” or get into a “car accident while driving their grandmother’s car” anyway.

If you have a different opinion of Ashanti, let me ask you this…what man wouldn’t like a woman who is a clumsy pole dancer? Or a woman who gets buzzed at the nail salon with her girlfriends? Sounds like a keeper to me!