Bailey comes to Levi and I to tell us how cruel everyone at school is being to her! I just don’t get people. Bailey didn’t even want to tell anyone because she didn’t want people to be the way they are being to her right now. Regardless, I think we all know that some people just need to learn for themselves. She finally just came to the point where she didn’t care if people didn’t believe her, because she and Kyle knew what truly happened that day.

Bailey finds out that our Aunt Debbie will be flying out to take her senior pictures! I was honored to be able to do Bailey’s hair and makeup for her pictures. I want all the practice I can get! She looked so beautiful and I was glad that I got to be a part of it. Her senior pictures also turned out great!

Later on in the episode, I find out a few new things about Bailey’s now ex boyfriend (Ryan). And honestly, I don’t really feel like talking about it because it upsets me so much. Bailey is an amazing girl and she deserves the world. No guy should EVER hurt a girl, period.

In this episode, Todd decides to take me driving, and let’s face it… I’m not the greatest driver!  I love driving, but it’s crucial to learn the rules of the road, along with being at least a decent driver. I totally get sensitive when it comes to driving, and it’s so annoying! I get that way because I know how important driving really is. If you mess up on the road, you could kill someone. That is the thing that really scares me!

When my mom takes me and my triplet brothers driving, it frustrates me because they’re both so good! But that’s just life. Looking back now, I feel silly for even getting emotional about it in the first place! Sometimes in life you just get caught up in the moment, and you bring other emotions from other situations with it, and it ends up being a total disaster!  I am currently improving on driving, but I still think I need more practice 😉

After, I found out that Bailey likes somebody that goes to our school! I was just happy to see her get over Jonny.  Almost every time Bailey likes someone, they end up being douches! And I don’t feel as if it’s her fault really, I just feel like they always take advantage of her and they cross the line. Hopefully this one doesn’t disappoint! I have heard stuff about him, some good and some bad. But I feel like judging someone without knowing someone is unfair unless you have proof.

Bailey and her crush decided to go out on a date, I was thrilled that she was happy!  When he arrived, he gave her flowers. I thought it was sweet, but it was one of those things where you will never know if it was because he liked her, or because the cameras were on.

In this episode, my mom has the idea to go on the “Raw Diet.” I thought that it was a great idea! I think it’s a good idea because it’s healthy, and it would be good for our family. We decided to make some kind of spaghetti that is made out of squash! Then we made a sauce for it, and altogether honestly it’s good! But it tastes weird because it wasn’t hot. It was so cold, and the reason why you can’t heat it up is because when you heat stuff, the enzymes go away. Another meal we made was portobello mushrooms. And that was literally the most disgusting thing for me, it just looked weird and the texture was nasty! But hey…. if you like mushrooms you would love this meal.

Later, we go to a hypnotist show, which was a fundraiser for my mom’s school! It was so hard to sell tickets to high schoolers because we found out that a dance called “MORP” was that night! We later found out that it didn’t matter, it ended up being a total success. It was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen!!! I was dying laughing the whole entire time. I totally believe in hypnotism. It’s not what you think though, hypnotism happens all of the time without you even knowing! The hypnotist gave a great example of self hypnotism, he said,” Have you ever been looking for something, and you just can’t find it? Then later you find out it’s right in front of you?… That is hypnotism believe it or not!

In this episode, my parents decide to teach us a lesson about the real world! They call it, fend for yourself. At first I thought it was pretty unfair because we had to pay for everything! Although, when it was over I understood completely where they were coming from. I really felt more prepared for the future, even if it was only for a short time. I’m surprisingly glad that they made us do this because it comes so fast and you also need to be grateful for what you do have, instead of focusing on what you don’t have!

While Rex was having an asthma attack, I was speechless and I was in panic. If I ever lost my brother, I don’t even know what I would do! While he was in the hospital, I was so thankful to hear that he was going to make it out ok. I felt so relieved. The doctors had said for Rex to take it easy, so he was getting pampered like craaaazy, which was understandable in this case. My mom and Todd didn’t know if our insurance actually covered Rex’s hospital stay…. which was around $25,000.

Bailey, Emily, Heather and I decided to go for a girl’s night out! It was pretty eventful, considering a random 23-year old girl wanted to fight teenagers. Which is totally classy! Anyways, while that girl was walking out, Bailey threw a drink at the door when it shut behind her! Bailey never acts like that, but I think she just got caught up in the moment.

In this episode, Bailey purchases a car without permission from Todd, which isn’t the best idea because Todd knows so much about cars from experience!  When Bailey came home with her car I was impressed! I love Grand Cherokees, but I had no idea if it was going to need work or not. When Todd saw the car I knew something was wrong, but he didn’t want to put her down and tell her that she shouldn’t have bought the car, so he tells her it looks good!

Later on in the episode Todd tells us kids that he has been looking at houses.  My mom doesn’t think it’s a good idea because Dean said they should table the idea of buying a house for now.

More About Whitney RumseyIn this episode, my Aunt Cathy comes to town! We were all really glad she came to visit. Every time someone comes to visit, we have different sleeping arrangements. I don’t mind at all sleeping on the floor, or on the couch, but the only reason why I wanted to sleep in the extra bed, was because I wanted Danielle to know that I’m older than her, and that she can sleep on the couch for once in her life:) Anyways, later on in the week, I find out that Todd is leaving to Missouri, for a possible job! When I heard about it I was really upset because he wouldn’t be gone for a week or so; it would be six months! I really don’t think I could live without my Dad for six months. My heart goes out to the families that don’t get to see their loved ones because they are out fighting for our freedom thank you!). Will he take the job?!?

More About Whitney Rumsey

In episode seven, I decide that I want to call Todd, Dad. The only thing that’s stopping me is that I don’t want to cause any drama in the family. I know that my brothers are still defensive when I talk about my biological dad, so I don’t want them to think that just because I want to call Todd, Dad, that they have to also. It’s also still hard to call Todd Dad because to me, Todd’s name is Todd, not Dad. It’s like calling someone by a different name! But the idea is there:)

Later on in that episode I audition for “Anthem Idol.” I was SO nervous because there were so many judges! Once I walked into the room, I Immediately felt like my voice had just vanished ! So all I wanted to do was to sing, and get it over with, although I was so excited to be there! The second I started singing, I felt as if there was a wall in my throat. I couldn’t sing out, and I also started out too high, and my voice remained shaky throughout the whole performance! Though I still tried to keep my head up. Although it wasn’t my best performance, I know that it was a great experience to have. Now whenever I sing, I don’t feel as nervous, or shy anymore. And that’s why I am thankful that I auditioned.

More About Whitney Rumsey In this episode, our family decided to have a family boot camp! It was so much fun, and it’s great to exercise with your family. Doing this boot camp will also help us with our income, because other people will be paying to participate. You just have to get creative!

Another thing we did in this episode, was a food challenge. The whole purpose of the food challenge was to make a meal for our whole family, on a $20 budget! This challenge was boys against girls, and since it would be an uneven number, I was the judge:). It was a lot of fun because the 2 teams became really competitive! Even Rex got really upset when they lost!