NEW YORK, NY – September 9, 2013 – WE tv has renewed its hit original series L.A. Hair for a third season following the strong performance of the recently concluded second season this summer. WE tv has ordered 12 one-hour episodes to debut next year, adding to the network’s growing 2014 slate which also includes the return of Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas and WE tv’s entry into scripted programming with The Divide.

Over its debut season, the show’s sophomore average grew an impressive +66% among W25-54, +40% among W18-49 and +57% among both total viewers and total women . And, throughout the season, L.A. Hair was the fourth most popular reality cable show in primetime, according to Bluefin.

“L.A. Hair is a breakout success for WE tv and we’re excited to bring the show back for a third season,” said Lauren Gellert, senior vice president, original production & development. “The strong growth of this season helped drive WE tv to deliver its most successful summer ever among total viewers and total women, with substantial gains among the key female demos.”

L.A. Hair chronicles the fast-paced, celebrity-studded hair salon owned by stylist Kim Kimble. In addition to dealing with demanding, high-end clientele, Kim oversees a staff of diva stylists, including her mother and older sister, the shop’s newest manager. Kim’s sought after client roster includes Michelle Williams, Faith Evans, Vivica Fox, Fantasia and Debbie Allen among many others.

L.A. Hair is produced for WE tv by Eyeworks USA, and executive produced by JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson and DJ Nurre. Lauren Gellert, senior vice president of original production and development, and Suzanne Murch are the executive producers for WE tv.


About WE tv

WE tv (www.wetv.com) is the women’s network that showcases and celebrates modern women who are bold, independent and taking control of their lives. Whether they are celebrities like Joan Rivers or Toni Braxton, or everyday women, their stories are as relatable as they are entertaining. WE tv’s popular slate of fresh and modern unscripted original series includes the hit shows Braxton Family Values, Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? and Mary Mary, among others. WE tv will debut its first scripted series, The Divide, in 2014. Audiences connect to WE tv online, on demand and via social media. WE tv is owned and operated by AMC Networks Inc. and is available in over 84 million homes on every major cable, satellite and telco provider.

On tonight’s episode of Glam & Gold, Ross feels neglected as Sanya puts her work first and their relationship second. Tyrell finally makes it official with Shari but then denies it days later, causing the whole family to get involved.

Sanya, Sharon and Yollie get candid about Sanya’s trip to NYC in this clip:


Tonight on L.A. Hair, Kim pulls back the curtain on Season 2, highlighting its ups and downs. She reveals never before seen footage and what happened after Angela got fired. Kim also reveals her styling secrets to having red carpet-worthy hair.

Check out this video of China’s fierce makeover:


Sometimes the best thing you can do is to admit that things are not working and move on. Angela and I push each other’s buttons. We have a history of conflict and it finally came to the point where I just realized that trying to force a working relationship was not doing either of us any good. I never wanted Angela to feel as though I was holding her back. Again, I would have never said that Angela couldn’t go to Thailand – that was a wonderful opportunity – all I needed was sufficient notice as her employer to make arrangements for her absence. I realized, however, that the real issue here was that she felt that I was not happy for her to have this opportunity. Having this fundamental misunderstanding of intentions between us showed me that our relationship was simply not healthy and was hurting both of us. This led me to the decision that we should part ways professionally. I do not mean this as a punishment for Angela. I see it as an opportunity for a fresh start and as a way to give her the freedom she needs to grow in this industry. Angela is a talented hairstylist and I know she has many great opportunities coming her way to build her career.



It’s never an easy decision to let someone go, but sometimes it’s the best decision. I know that Kim really wanted to make things work with Angela but, look, she had to make the decision that would be the best for both of them. It’s not as if they didn’t give this relationship a shot. After the drama last season, they decided to try working together again but sometimes you just have to throw in the towel. Kim’s priority is the salon while Angela’s is not. And I don’t mean that as a dig against Angela. She has certain goals for her career and working at the salon may not have been the best way to accomplish those goals. Now she is free to do what she wants and I think both she and Kim will have less stress now. I’m very proud of Kim for the way she handled this situation. I know she was very unhappy about losing her temper with Angela earlier and I’m glad she was able to find it within herself to apologize and move forward calmly. The decision to let Angela go was a tough one but I think everyone will benefit.



Kim Kimble was lucky to show the ultimate momager and queen bee of the Kardashian clan, Kris Jenner, and her cohost, Morris Chestnut, how to have perfect hair every day. Click the photo below to check out our gallery for more BTS photos

It really was so much easier when they were little. I could just tell them to cut it out and what mama says goes. Now it’s a much more delicate operation. This time they both got heated but were able to give each other a little space to cool off and bring it back together to get the photo shoot done. I’m proud of them for getting things back on track. Ultimately, we’re all family and whatever we do is to try and help the salon. I know Leah was just trying to be constructive to help Kim improve her products, but she may have pushed too hard and Kim was a little too sensitive. It’s hard to hear criticism from your family. Leah’s support and/or criticism probably means ten times more to Kim than anyone else’s, so even though that makes the support all the more satisfying, it also makes the criticism that much harder to take. They managed to turn it around, however, and the photo shoot turned out great!


Oh here we go again. Me and Kim, going at it. I admire Kim’s philosophy about hair care and promoting healthy hair so I can get on board with what she’s trying to do with those hair bonnets and shower caps, but I didn’t think they were cute. And sure, fine, I’m just one opinion, but nobody else liked them either. I wanted the criticism to be constructive because I respect Kim and her vision, but I know it’s hard to take that kind of critique from family so you know one things leads to another and then we’re both at each other’s throats. Even though we got into that fight, Kim knows that I have her back and it would have been hypocritical of me to just tell her what she wanted to hear about the caps. I respect her too much and want her to succeed too much to do that. I thought we managed to turn it around though. And the girls looked cute in the photo shoot so FINE, I’ll admit it, the caps aren’t so bad. I might even wear one myself.


My philosophy is that looking cute should not come at the expense of the health of your hair. That’s why I want to develop products, like the hair bonnets, that will let you have both. Women come to the salon and get great looks for their hair but then they don’t protect the hair or have the ability to maintain the style at home. The bonnets were designed to help with this and I think they look cute! I know not everyone agreed with me at first (Leah) but I think I won them over with that photo shoot.

As for the Angela situation, I honestly don’t know why she didn’t just tell me she needed the time off. I want Angela to succeed and grow in her career and if she had come to me beforehand and said she had this great opportunity in Thailand and she needed so many days off, it would have been inconvenient, but we would have pulled together as a team, re-worked the schedule and taken care of her clients, no problem. But how am I supposed to interpret her disappearing without a word? Where was her concern for the other stylists and for the clients? It turned what should have been a relatively simple matter into a very unnecessary headache.

Kim Kimble popped by the WE tv offices late last week for some hugs, photo ops, and to record this special message to all our #LAHair fans!


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These stylists are on thin ice with me. I cannot believe they would disrespect both Kim and Leah by coming into the salon drunk! They pretend like Leah is so demanding, but really, is it expecting too much that they not drink on the job? Save that for after work. When you are at the salon or on a job representing Kim, keep it together and stay professional. This is a business and when you start to interfere with that, we need to have a talk. I will always look out for Kim and Leah so I felt I had to have a conversation with Angela since Kim did not get a chance to talk to her. I still remember her behavior from last season and I want to avoid a repeat of that. If she knows that I have my eye on her, maybe she won’t be so quick to act out.