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David Thornton on No Voice, No Choice

After 20 years of marriage, and his own career, David has learned what glamorous ideas people have about 'this lifestyle' don't always match up with the reality of the life itself.

Help Your Favorite Nonprofit That Supports Women: Be a YouTube Video Volunteer

Each month, YouTube’s Video Volunteers program chooses a theme (e.g. health, human rights, climate change), and asks you to make a video about your favorite organization working on that issue. When I posted about the YouTube Video Volunteers program last fall, they were asking for videos about animal welfare organizations. This month, they are looking…

Love Making Videos? Become a YouTube Video Volunteer

Earlier this month, the YouTube Video Volunteers program asked people to create Puppy and Kitty Videos for Good on behalf of their favorite animal welfare organization. According to the CitizenTube post, Today, Animals Take Center Stage on the Homepage, over 100 users submitted videos. The YouTube community voted for their favorites, and the top three…