Tamar And Vince: For The Record

Friday, September 27, 2013

Tamar And Vince: For The Record

Can WE just say, welcome to #TamarandVince, Terrell!  We are glad to see you giving Miss Tay Tay some fierceness right back!  TVQuote: “He’s definitely on Team Too Much!”

Of course Tamar can’t go on any trip without going shopping for some fly pieces to wear, so Terrell and Diandre take Tamar on a spree pre-NYC.  However, Diandre and Terrell seem to think they’re shopping for post-Love-On-Top with the bustier they picked out.  TVQuote: “She’s almost cooked.”  TVQuote: “This is not fantasy fat girl shopping.”

#TamarandVince are in our home town, New York City, and Tamar is getting ready… something.  Terrell and Tamar’s photographer, Rob are convinced these photos will be used for Tamar’s album cover.  But Vince is sticking to his story that these are publicity shots.  Regardless, it must be pretty important since Tamar is squeezing her feet into those tiny Louboutins.  #PainIsBeauty  TVQuote: “They look like plums… and Vienna sausages.”

These sessions with this labor expert make us scurrred lol.  And Tamar can’t have any drugs?! TVQuote: “You’ll be alright.”  And WE have never heard of having a catheter during labor.  TVQuote: “I can’t even hold the spit in my mouth.  This is ridiculous!”

Now, renting a room for these nanny interviews is a GREAT idea! You can’t have strangers knowing where you live!  Poor European Mia never had a chance when she mentioned she had a bazillion cats!  TVQuote: “There’s only room for one cat in this house and that’s this pussy cat.”  Berea, Berea, Berea.  She was watching kids before she was supposed to be watching kids… don’t call the cops!  TVQuote: “Who goes on an interview like that? Ratchet.”   And then there was Chesley.  TVQuote: “You gotta watch these chicks because they’re slicker than piss.”